Saturday, 12 January 2019

[Archive Blog (1/5/2017)] What you will not miss if not having IRCTC EWallet !!

Many people who do have a account of IRCTC may don't know about IRCTC has their own version of EWallet too because either they never felt the importance of it, nor the Wallet is friendly like other brand's EWallets. Basically EWallet is present for those users who used to book tickets quite frequently and since IRCTC EWallet is paid hence the amount for them may be negligible only. It charges you Rs. 5 per transaction where most of the Bank charges Rs. 10 for Netbanking. Although in today's era IRCTC EWallet looks to be too common but basically it was launched during the end of 2013 and those days it was quite a innovative product although ever since it never developed the way it should and never expanded as a "Brand" Mode.

IRCTC EWallet started as a paid platform and is paid ever since although the pricing kept on revising. When IRCTC EWallet launched, it used to charge Rs. 250 for a registration as a one time payment now it reduced to Rs. 50 though Rs. 5 per transaction is still applicable as mention where payment through other Wallets are for free, secondarily you can get some offers with different brands but can't to be expect with IRCTC. EWallets are basically a online Wallet System where you can load money to buy some stuffs from selected sites and to get a easy refunds on it but with IRCTC EWallet which is only be used to book railway tickets and since the refund in online payments are always back to source hence refund will be done in your Wallet only. Yes that amount can be used to book another ticket but there is no option to get a refund back in bank account.

There is not redemption allowed with booking via IRCTC E Wallet. IRCTC EWallet also required PAN details for registration to bring accountability in every transaction which means that not everyone can own the account unless not have a PAN. Another issue with EWallet and this is the big one that it remain offline during TATKAL booking hours when you requires it a most to have a seamless transaction, in that case it only benefits you if you're frequent traveler and buy tickets as per schedule. Its only major advantage is to save you from a bad time since if you're maintaining a only online bank account and for some reason if its troubles you when you requires the most while booking a ticket then EWallet is a savior for you.

Disclaimer: This post is meant for personal views and not to promote or discourage any brand and its usage.

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