Tuesday, 26 September 2017

How to remove Custom URL from Blogspot Site ?

Active users of blogspot must have this question on their mind and its quite important for a reason due to its importance as adding or removing custom domain directly impact the blogspot page. Custom URL not only simplifies the identity of the blog page but also attracts the reader with few tweaks and tricks. Custom URLs do boost traffic and contributes to add more numbers due to its simplification in identity, tats why for small startups who can't afford to invest money on servers or websites they can easily have one blog account with custom URL in to have a dream website.

Now this space is about removing Custom URL from Blogspot Site, have already discussed changing Blogspot URL with Custom URL. There are two thing which is quite important in migration part and its - 1st, It will directly impact the traffic on the page if taking this point w.r.t current topic then it will hit the page more negatively as the reader of the page may be accessing it with old address hence its importantly necessary to guide readers to start accessing the page with by default address w.e.f one fixed date. 2nd, Currently Blogspot is not providing secure connection to any Custom Domain pages, they may with domains purchased from Google but not from any Third - Party Registrar. 

Social media junkie who wants to try on having something like "Official Page" can try a combination of Blogspot page + Custom Domain with one key area to look is that whether they got a potential to cover the financial part to hold custom domain or not which comes with certain investment on buying or even in renewing from different - different registrar. Its quite easy to remove Custom URL from the site as Blogspot provides the flexibility keep in mind that changing to custom url or to default url will directly impact the page view and not at all preferable if having active ads on it.

How to remove Custom URL from Blogspot Site ?

Well as mentioned above its quite easy and flexible to make a change:

1.  In landing page of Blogger you will see Settings, by clicking into it you will get Basic with lots of categories in the screen.

2. Under Publishing, Blog Address related stuff will let you change the URL.

3. Click on the cross along side your Custom URL.

4. A confirmation URL will pop up before to go ahead.

5. And its all set to your by Default Blogspot URL.

This is how you can revert it back, hope this space resolves some queries!

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