Sunday, 2 April 2017

WWE Wrestlemania 33 Prediction

Its quite a tricky thing to predict that what WWE going to offer in Wrestlemania 33! As most of the thing nowhere days are not as per the Fans, specially after launching of WWE Network Fans of Old School Wrestling are disappointed, WWE is now looking for contents they don't wants to end the fun straight away they want their fans to stick around with WWE for whatever the want.

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Before WWE has a plan for Smackdown Women Championship Match in Kick Off show since their stakes are quite high in Raw Women Championship Match and with this we might see Nia Jax to be the next RAW Women Champion as well and then in upcoming days we might see feud between Nia and Charlotte for the title, indeed we may witness Rock to make a appearance as well in the Show with that.

Now Nia is Maternal Cousin of The Rock, he's also a Paternal Cousin of Roman Reigns and Uncle of Jimmy Uso with whom Naomi got married who is also in title hunt, looking to reclaim her Smackdown Women Championship in her Home Town we might see Wrestlemania to "Glow" and tats why Smackdown Women Championship is now in Main PPV rather then Kick Off as announced earlier. But we may see Naomi to drop the title again in the following Smackdown Live who knows it !

Since Cruiserweight Division is more like filling the air time of Monday Night RAW it doesn't matter the outcome of the Match since there is no one in the Division who actually in compare to Austin Aries and its totally upto Austin Aries till how long he wants to be the face of 205 Live, hence best wishes to him if he's the new "King of No Ones".

Now since André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is happening in Kick Off Show hence its again a not to expect match otherwise like Baron Corbin last year Shinsuke Nakamura could have a opportunity to make a grand debut in a Main Roster but lets see what WWE has planned for this Match and for Nakamura.

RAW Tag Team Titles are going to defend in a Ladder Match and I believe that Sheamus and Cesaro is winning it and may be going to wrestle against some surprise entry of Tag Team Division or if not ! then also Sheamus and Cesaro has very good memorable performances with Ladder Match in a past.

WWE presented quite a weak storyline for Baron Corbin vs. Dean Ambrose or if say there is no storyline at all, its like a match which is requires to happen in Wrestlemania for the sake of the biggest PPV of the Year which needed Intercontinental Championship to be defended. 

Chris Jericho's latest run is quite long then expected, Wrestlemania matches for Jericho was like giving the opportunity to the new guys. His last few matches was Fandaaaaango's Debut, Aj Styles's 1st Match in Wrestlemania and now Kevin Owens. Loosing to Fandaaaaango must be hurting to Chris and more then him its WWE who wanted the Fandaaaaangoing stuff but unfortunately it all blew away and Jericho's lost gone into vain. Chris Jericho is now committed to Fozzy which will be touring next Month May, we may witness Jericho to drop the title against Owens and say good bye from Wrestlemania itself like he did loosing to Fandaaaaaango years ago.

Match of Aj Styles vs. Shane McMahon is just another match, Aj Styles may be improving his Wrestlemania record but with Shane McMahon, WWE getting a part time Wrestler who's win or lost doesn't matter since he's a Corporate guy who believes to settle thing in "Square" ring. McMahon may not be there in WWE for a very long time but his matches will always infront of his fans to define legacy of Shane McMahon wrestling.

John Cena - Nikki Bella vs. The Miz - Maryse ! any expectation from this match ? Need not to tell who will gonna win but yes post this Wrestlemania we might be engaged with their new status of Love Life and all those stuffs except Wrestling.

Seth Rollins vs. Triple H, a Non - Sanctioned Match is quite interesting to me. Seth Rollins is injured not 100% fit, Triple H will be playing some dirty games but I believe some surprise brief returns during the match may be one of those is Mick Foley. But overall how WWE wants to finish this match will be the key, since Seth Rollins was a part of shocker finish of Wrestlemania Main Event 2 years ago. 

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt for WWE Championship is another weak storyline from SD Live and it seems like it will not end or settle down in Wrestlemania but the feud may continue till the advance stage in upcoming SD Live PPVs hence match could have a surprise win for Bray Wyatt.

Ever since Goldberg returns to WWE he proved himself a Knockout guy who finishes a match in less then 2 Minutes, I think the time duration of match will remain the same but this time we may see other guy Brock Lesnar to dominate and beat Goldberg for the Universal Championship. Brock Lesnar could appear in another PPV before to drop the title but I don't think stretching a brief return of Goldberg is a best decision.

Now The Undertaker vs. Roman Reign is bit tricky match, may be its a Main Event of Wrestlemania too. Undertaker have to loose the match to retire and Taker has nothing to loose as his streak is already broken at the other hand for Roman it will be a career defining moment, people don't like Roman is a good guy so let it be a heel, a big heel dog who takes whatever he want.

Overall the card is long and to fill the time slot of 4 hours we might see some matches short after the inclusion of Smackdown Women Championship in Main PPV. Again people don't care much about it if the matches and the Event is something excite with. People also know that WWE is now a Content Provider and its not that every one will be happy infront of pure business but yes can wish whatever they missed for next Wrestlemania.

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