Monday, 17 April 2017

How to update Windows 10 Creators Update ?

Microsoft soon to be release the Windows 10 Creators Updates for all it will be mandatory download hence Microsoft rather playing safe by allowing a pilot download to those who wants it before and can share a feedback as well before it reaching to everyone. Question is whats special in this update and what Microsoft wants to add with this update ? But as of now if any user wish to download the Windows 10 creators update then they can. There is no special prerequisite required and its very easy to follows it. Limited Data users needs to have a backup of High Speed Internet Data of 5Gb or above. Windows may start downloading other crucial updates which you have skipped or either yet to received.

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How to Update Windows 10 Creators Update ?

* To check whether Microsoft letting you to download the Windows 10 Creators Update, Click on Start > Settings > Updates and Security.

* Once you agree to download it, you needs to click on "Yes, show me how", it will landed you on Windows 10 Creators Update page. You can read the entire stuff of Microsoft before clicking on "Update Assistant". It will download a 6.75 MB program.

* Once running the program a page will open, you can read the entire stuff and whether its feasible for you to go for the update or not. # Remember that to play a safer side backup of atleast 4 to 5Gb approx high speed data is required for the software.

* System will then analysis the compatibility.

* Update will begun.

* Post downloading a timer will begun regarding the restarting of the system, you can reschedules it with "Restart Later" option or can go with immediate Restart before saving all the ongoing work.

Update will take approx 90 minutes or so to finish the job and initially you may face hang in the system or lag to open stuffs of your PC. Your files will remain wherever you left them hence there is no data loss with this process. This is how you can update Windows 10 Creators Update.

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