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How to signup for Jio Money and recharge for Jio Prime ?

Well Reliance Jio came up with another surprise and they extended the date for Prime Subscription for another 15 days till April 15th, Now Jio Users can subscribe for Jio Prime and Jio Packs in this period of time and Prime Users whoever recharges the number for Rs. 303 or above will going to get Jio Pack for another 3 months as complimentary basis from the Company end, which is again going to be a free fair deal for a Customer.

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Now those who still has no idea how to Subscribe for Prime or Prime Packs can read here also: How to signup for Jio Prime Membership ?

And people who wants to enjoy Jio and wants to earn some extra cashback kind of thing then this space is going to be very important for them. For Jio subscription if users signup for Jio Money and recharge from it, then with every recharge users will have the opportunity to earn Rs. 50 back as a Coupon cashback, now till 31st March the limit was 5 times means every user of Jio Money can earn Rs. 50 as a coupon till the 5th Recharge, now since company has launched "Jio Summer Surprise Offer" which will be valid till July 2017 it will be interesting to know whether Company will going to update any Terms and Conditions of Jio Money Coupons or will it be remain same ? But if you got multiple Jio recharges to do then Jio Money is your destination.

How it Works ?

* The cashback is a Coupons unless like regular Wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik which gives a cashback in a wallet which can be redeem by buying any other stuffs or recharging to other Networks or DTH etc. or withdrawal to the Bank but Jio coupons are different and as of now it can be used on Jio recharges only.

 * For ex. if a user subscribes for Jio Prime Membership worth Rs. 99, Customer will get Jio Coupon worth of Rs. 50 within 2 Working Days, Now user can apply the Coupon for next recharge which is in the case of Rs. 303 or higher, the recharge amount will be of Rs. 50 or less for a payment and then user will get a opportunity to earn another Rs. 50 as a Coupon from Jio for another Recharge.

** These coupons will be valid for next 3 Months only, but Reliance Industries has all rights to withdrawal from this cashback scheme or can update Terms and Conditions any time.

How to Signup for Jio Money and Recharge for Reliance Jio ?

# First of all you have to download Jio Money App from Playstore or iTunes depends on respective phone.

# Once launched it will ask to put your desired "Mobile Number" from which you wants to create your Jio Money Account, its not mandatory to use Jio Number you can add any of your other numbers too. Then Click for Login/Signup.

# Now it will move you to a registration page where you needs to fill information required. Password should be complex like Capital Letter, Small Letter, Special Character and Numerical.

# After the step you will be ask to verify the number once verified you will be ask to set a 4 Digit mPIN.

# Once all done you will be ask to login into your account, once giving the Mobile Number along with a Password you will ask to provide the 4 Digit mPIN you set during the registration.

# Now you have 2 options before to recharge, either add money in Jio Money Wallet or do a Direct Recharge ! For direct recharge, click on top strip where its mentioning about the offer along with Jio Recharge.

# Now in next page you needs to add a Jio Number which you wants to recharge and Click on Proceed, if you have any unclaimed Jio Coupon on your account then a notification will be shown otherwise it will remain blank.

# Now in next page you will have following recharge options along with notification of Rs. 50 cashback, if you're already a Prime Member then you can checkout other Tabs for your best suitable recharge. 

# After clicking to desire Recharge, you will be ask to apply Coupon if you have any otherwise simply Proceed.

# Then you will be moved to select a desire payment method and then you will be redirected to a payment Gateway where you can proceed for a Payment. With certain Debit Cards or Credit Cards if system throws error then it means that particular card is not accepted by the Company, you can contact Reliance Jio for more. 

- After recharge is successfully done within few hours you will be credited with a Jio Coupon though it can be longer then tat as the promised timeline is 2 Working Days.  

- To watch the Coupons you needs to click on "Offers and Loyalty" at the bottom of Main Page of Jio Money. At the Offers and Loyalty page, you needs to click on Jio Offers.

- After clicking on the page you will able to see the number of coupons you have earned with every recharge.

- You can check out the Terms and Condition and Validity of the Coupons by clicking into it.

This is how you can be beneficial if Jio is your ultimate home !!

For more information contact Jio Care.

** Disclaimer: The following post is not intent to promote Reliance Jio or Jio Money nor the author received any goodwill from the Company to write this, this post is just for awareness purpose only and Author +Anirudha Das or will not hold any responsibility between any Individual's business with Reliance Industries.

Author of this post is +Anirudha Das, he writes in Tech, Sports, Social, Politics, Business. Follow him on social media at @anirudhasdas

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