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How to delete Snapchat Account ?

Last time on a topic related to Snapchat had discussed about creating Snapchat account, in this topic will cover about the way account can be deleted. As mentioned last time that Snapchat is quite a tricky app and those who tried it in India must knows about it. Snapchat is nothing to offer via Website though its something similar to Instagram, with Insta users can check the timeline of their "Following" but not the case with Snapchat, yes like Insta where user can deactivate the account temporary Snapchat too provide the option of deleting the account via Website only.

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How to Delete Snapchat Account ?

* First of all user needs to browser the official website of Snapchat, make sure to add https if typing manually.

* Scroll down you will get Support option through a tray design in a Website, you needs to click on it or you can directly reach into it by typing Support URL, again make sure to add https.

* After the Support Page you will see 3 Lines at right hand top, click into it.

* Then click on "My Account & Settings"

* At Account Information, you will get "Delete My Account" option (you might encounter few more options under Account Information as per updates in the Website).

* Now next page will contain a emotional message of Snapchat, their entire post can be updated as per company's policy and link's position.

* In next page you needs to provide your Username and Password and needs to click continue.

* Once done they will confirm you regarding your Account Deactivation, you will get 30 days to restore your account otherwise after 30 days its not possible to reactivate it again. You will get a confirmation email as well if your account is linked with Verified Email ID.

One of the reason to deactivate your account may be a Username (as themselves suggesting), since Snapchat as of now not allowing Users to change Username later (due to security concern as per hence in that case Users can deactivate their account consists of weird username or anything which they don't wants to use anymore

If wants to Signup for Snapchat again then click here

Disclaimer: This post is not intent to discourage Snapchat users and should be read as informative purpose only, post motive is not to offend but only for awareness. Writer and Website will not hold any responsibility regarding users business with Snapchat.

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