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[Archive Blog (21/10/16)] Why Google always fails to deliver ?

Just heard the news that Google announced about its child project Google Pixel which has been launched with a huge expectation under Made By Google project has mentioned that next 2 years Google will provide the guaranteed updates which will help to enhance the performance of the phone. Obviously its a Google’s product and Google launched with the huge hopes in hand then whats the big deal about it ? Well we all know that Google might be trying so hard to conquer the market but they never stood upto the expectations of peoples ever in certain expect. Many experts even declared Google Pixel as disappointed start but unless it won’t comes in our hand we should always gives a first chance to every promising thing. But really the day Google Pixel launched many just questioned its purpose and questioned about existing Google Products like Android One and Nexus. If Pixel taken then the next center stage of Google then what will happen to Nexus and Android One Project and if both them will remain then why we need overpriced Pixel ? In a Indian market if you launches a product which cost you something around Rs. 60 K and even if you buy it then rather then you being called as a great buyer you might be end up called as Goof. Basic necessity in India is always comes first then anything even peoples who always opposed the Chinese electronic products are now ending up by buying it and adopting it since its more cheap and coming with most advance feature in a great affordable price.

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Its about believing the expectations in some extent whether a product is able to stand in that or not. If you take Google’s strategy then they always fails to delivers, many in social networking sites of Android One owners is asking the same question that when they will get a taste of Android Nougat but let the talk of new version OS aside Google not even released the Security Patches of October month in that case what we can consider from this ? Surely may be Google is no more focusing on their own old dream projects may be if they passed the updates later then whats the meaning of it if someone still hold Android One phone then surely its no more intact by now opened as with custom ROMs but what for those who still hoping for the best of the device ? Well its not about blame game type of thing any company can strategies ourself with anything and at any moment they can concentrate with it but keeps on walking down forward and forgetting the existing innovation is not a good idea. No doubt changes are always good and need of a hour as well but new space should always being created if you’re not present. Google Allo, Google Duos is one such attempt of Google on which Google got the early success but no one knows the future whether it will be exists or new one will be launched. Since despite of Hangout they have built something which can be easily redeveloped & redesigned as per the trendsetters.

Not only on Google’s Hardware and Software innovations but their way of handling social media is too weird. Despite of one of strongest reach in GMail, Google not ables to launch the competitive social networking platform. Google+ still hanging here and there despite of acquiring the most famous Orkut which never got that popularity which it used to be without Google closed for more eyes on Google+, even despite of Google+ connection with Gmail it couldn’t deliver. At one point Google integrated every of their service with Google+ which make sure that everyone will have Google profile at the end of the day which was later highly criticized and later that move has been taken out but still its not completely. Now Google allotting users to have Channel profile in Youtube, your profile will be as usual connected with Google Photos if you wants to create Google Profile you can but despite of so much pushing Google still not ables to provide the proper Google Username and still listening the criticism. Google after acquiring Picasa and Youtube pushed those more as their Google service rather then giving some space like Blogger tat atleast in Blogger you can be someone which you’re not in Google Profile.

No matter you may Google to know everything around the world but to know about Google you might have to struggle. As mentioned its not that easy to understand about Internet Gaints from Internet you might bleed a lot from it as like hitting hard to get something even if its like the personal satisfaction only. Can’t deny from the fact that not everyone is perfect and Google is not different but fixing certain things may help them to contain their chase of dreams. Thinking from the shoes of users prospective is very important whether any policy, terms, pricing will ever justifying the purpose or not. Obviously think tank have to recognize the hurdles from success from day 1 only and not creates a room when panic button has pushed, bringing innovation is always welcome and it is always better then nothing but efforts and time are precious should not be wasted by giving excuse of experimenting. Experiments are require whenever there is something we can do to develop a entire concept for the betterment rather having same wine in old bottle with different tags. For Google they might get the sounds like “Yeahhh” rather then “Oooohhh Yeaaah”.

When we left some project alone then it means that probably we’re no more in a mood to maintain it but what about for those who was and is associated with it ? Technology keeps on changing in and even Google in next 2 years will build something advance which everyone will credit for but what about those who’re now own or willing to own Pixel or any other Google project which may not coming in the category of smart buy ? In a market money keeps on surpassing the new values, needs are increasing hence projects are upgrading day by day and covering more wider space of experiments. At this moment we need something which help to cover the existing with the new innovatory rather then it become a step to retire the existing one despite of its great presence with expectations. We needs to work on making Gadgets Smarter and Smart Gadgets to be Smartest rather then innovate Gadget, Smart Gadget, Smartest Gadget. There is should not be any space of categories as we needs every categories more equal then different then only development in innovation will be considered, Google needs to restrategies their think tank rather then being rejected on the hard work & investments of time and money.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to criticises Google on their own platform but post is a exercise of "Freedom of Expression" as per the ideology of Blogspot, hence this post is not meant to offend the IT Gaint and should be taken as a personal opinion only.

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