Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Why winning in ground is so crucial to win Assembly Election !!

Wondering why despite of heavy wave still regional parties are some how managing to hold their presence in the State ? I often found people who despite of not happy with local leadership still believe that they're better then National Leadership or Government which runs from National Capital. Its known fact that despite National Parties are growing yet they unable to reach to the end people. In recent past "One National Party" expanded but still far from the ground. If a group of representatives changed sides then they could do the same in near future as well tat doesn't make anyone growing here but being a opportunist looking for more opportunity as a leadership. When National Parties raise the important issues and despite of their heavy push yet they failed to impress the State People and got defeated from Regional Parties or from some Regional Party led Alliance. In recent past election are more or less contested in phrases or "Jumlebaji" and tats why its like a risk to put on if got defeated or if not stood in some dominant position in the State for future aspect.

Collecting numbers from the Ground is quite important because of a very important fact as Politics can't be done from hifi stages nor can impact in people's mind. Once a guy told me that during election politicians are like a local guy like us post election they becomes God and literally he was right, many time if you vote for a "Sarpanch" or "MLA" who not belongs to your location then its quite hard to track he or she for next 5 years. Many may don't even knows the face to whom they voted or elected as their leader tats why after seeing their photo in News Paper or News TV you can't recognize in a first instance, this a scenario of most of the places where MLAs or Sarpanch won due to the power of the party and not due to the leadership who did something to gain the recognition of the party. Many time even after doing some good or remain between peoples anti incumbency dominates which led the leader loose or we saw faces to get change to save the seat. Today if Analysts are saying that voters and their mindsets are changing then they do and tats why Elections are more complicated then ever before.

Its been years before the 2014 General Election the foundation of "Big Wave" was start building, party was start winning elections with a big margin and they looks to be a unstoppable force but the force did fall at 2012 UP Elections after loosing to a Big Regional Party of the State, Stage was big and wide tat time as well, intensity was quite high too, the winning combination was in the Center Stage then also the results was not in the favor of them because UP Elections are fought in quite a basic formula as "Be My Leader", but point to be noted as same State gave enough support to form a powerful Central Government despite of aggressive attack from other side too, similarly during 2014's General Election many voters of Delhi decided to whom they will vote for PM and to whom they will vote for CM and the results was like a clean sweep from both way, some TV channels who was tossed during Exit Poll of Delhi try to hide behind a topic that why State Elections and General Elections in Delhi didn't happened simultaneously ! Probably they're right but post results there was not a time for that question.

Many blame the results of Bihar Election due to sudden rise of "Intolerance Gang" as when the campaign reached to a high-octane drama, incidents of returning awards, debates was started to fill the fire. It was a well written script when everyone took things seriously and seriously they gone vocal in a situation of "Enough is Enough", I never saw those intense faces when a juvenile sinner walked free and Parents of the brave girl still seeking for justice. Nonetheless still any Party who was no. 2 till now looks to grabbing most of the seats who also not have base voters should only be concentrate on one single question "Why people of that State will vote you ?". Its not a rocket science that opponents will surround in any given theme. I remember during MP Elections as well, a huge anti incumbency thing was emerging and more then that "Vyapam Scam" was in full flow, National Media who not even covers MP even during Natural disaster was heavily involved with this as virtually they made head quarters in State Capital, Bhopal to cover this mess during Election time but since the end voters was connected with State Government and with Party cadres tats why the leadership secures the win with a healthy margin and victory flag was waved strongly.

Many intellectual dismissed any wave before General Election who though realized it later with a overwhelming support by the peoples. But Assembly elections are actual eye openers, where the actual politics belong. May be today youths are changing and understanding the cost of their votes but one thing for sure they will loose the trust from their leader very soon. Today's youth are very much involved everywhere from News Media to Social Media where youths are discussing and understanding the issue quite deeply and analyzing the impact of each and every news to each and every incident around the world. Today's youth doesn't turned out for freebies but actually wants to contribute as they knows the value of competition in any field. Today's youth create memes on rhetoric and grab the important points to decide "who will be my leader ?" They don't need noise but assurance from simple voice, their issues are very common and their issues are quite valid, they need solutions and if anyone who stands for them will surely win whosoever that leader got in Party Headquarters.

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