Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Why Steve Smith lost respect after his DRS Saga !!

Yesterday Steve Smith did something which no Cricket Lover would have ever expected from him to do so, also tat incident happened in a Ground like Bengaluru where every Cricket match cheers by the fan with a great passion and love. For a moment at morning session majority of people thought that India will loose the match after Indian batsman falls in a pair but Bengaluru fans stick around there and fill more number of seats to watch the last 1 hour of the game, but at that session something unspeakable happened when Umesh Yadav's delivery didn't bounce much and Smith unable to play that and caught infront of the stump for LBW, Steve Smith the captain got the review and he could use the DRS within allowed 15 seconds and since as a batsman he's only allowed to talk with his partner the other side he got Peter Handscomb to have a rare view whether he's plumb or could survive but instead of fair discussion Steve Smith and Peter Handscomb start signalling towards the Dressing Room to either go with the review or not.

Whatever happened is not only against the rules but also against spirit of the game, playing attacking - aggressive cricket is a part of the game, although in the past we saw Cricketers to abuse each other and using filthy language to fire and shift the intensity to some other level was also against spirit and should be avoidable to save the image of the game but this particular incident is also similar to mock all the respect and dignity which can't be justify at all. Being a part of Cricket Australia which will soon to be the only Board to get highest revenue among "Big Three" can recommended "Decision Review System" as "Dressingroom Review System" but till the rules are not changed actions of Smith and entire Australian Team can't be equitable. Cricket fans deserves better, DRS is already a tricky thing but quite exciting as well its like surviving or loosing a lifeline in a moment. DRS also can't be use in a emotion also its not a tool to hide but creating a strategy against spirit can be compare with Ball-Tampering which is quite a nasty thing.

Why it hurt more because Steve Smith is not only the captain for Australia but soon he will lead IPL Franchisee "Pune Supergiants" team as well as a full time captain which also have MS Dhoni as Wicket-Keeper-Batsman who's a inspiration and one of the idol for Cricket World, in many example as a Captain for Team India or as a Batsman he proved that why he's one of the best. During close calls when Umpire, Bowler or Keeper not sure enough for the dismissal we saw Dhoni to start walking off acknowledging the wicket. I remember recent concluded Pune Test of India vs. Australia where Batsman Matthew Wade who is also a Wicket-Keeper-Batsman despite of caught behind wicket with a very fine nick he sneak from that decision indicated Umpire of Bat made a contact with Pad although he still dismissed with a similar fashion in the same over and forced him to walk off towards the pavilion but not everyone can be MS Dhoni in Modern Era Cricket where stakes are quite high. Steve Smith although accepted his mistake calling it as unfortunate but any how he lost the respect which he created so far infront of Cricket World, its very hard to believe and definitely all eyes will be on him whenever he gonna bat against India in this ongoing "Border - Gavaskar" Test Series.

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