Sunday, 5 March 2017

When "Freedom of Expression" collides with another "Freedom of Expression" !!

In last couple of days we have a roller coaster ride again, movement is shifted and expanded in a broad way enough to make a impact Nationwide. People came up with a bold mindset, different thinking to a bring a peace in the Nation also with our Neighbor Country. Its always good that we have independent voice and believe to change the current situation with a Countries, new souls are the future of Country's representation and their thinking should always be considered. Today's scenario is very similar to "70's Student Unions" where Students come against misery of Government of that time who later made a big name and became a face of Politics. Those days the fight was against Corruption, Unemployment, Price Hike and currently its about Independence !! Independence of speech to demand Independence Of.. Its not that people don't have Freedom of Speech but its about ideology which most of the peoples are opposite of and rejected it.

Everyone has a different level of thinking and different level of realization, some people workout to find a solution of any problem and some left it aside. To find a solution as well some has different level of mindset, some wants to reach on the root and some wants to take a simple route. Indeed everyone wants a peace of their life and people time to time come to appeal for the same, but what about those who lost something or other in the tense situation ? We gets numbed for a moment of time when we realizes that we lost something of our own we liked a most and was emotionally attached with, imagine people who lost whatever they got in a situation they didn't choose but stuck in a war game which not looks to be get ended anytime soon. People part of this mess wants thing to get resolve as soon as possible then those who likes the way out with some creative posters.

Everyone has a voice and rights to express it in a "Democratic Nation" but Democracy doesn't mean to stand opposite in every cause since the Government is not as per some 30% wishes. Its good to speak of your mind but responsibility towards the Nation will always be above since its also a kind of a duty we have to abide, then also most of the cases the voices won and appreciated as well. Then where the problem arises ? Problem arises when people terms the one voice as "Revolutionary" but another as "Bully". I myself condemned and stand against personal attacks or threats whosoever it is either Men or Women, choice of words are always be selective and should be specific to the topic and not above it. In Freedom of Speech if one has right to speak then others are also have the same and we got words to counter it not via sympathy.

Its quite unfortunate that during all this tussle and to defend a naive someone being called as "Illiterate" and its not he or she is a ordinary person, I can expect this in some other cases but can't in this case as someone who represented the Nation with hard work and dedication is from Sports and basically whosoever involves with Bollywood knows the hit formula and tat is make movie on Sports or Sports Persona, play the character and create history. Freedom of Expression or Speech is never a case of stopping anyone and if we won't allow the representation of youth for the Country it will be no lesser then the big blow. During "JP Movement" we saw the arise of many outspoken lads who later made a name and fame in Indian Politics and their contribution are unbelievable. Debates, Intellectual thinking are good and should be welcome but it shouldn't be a one sided affair let the counter attack should also be make a presence.

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