Wednesday, 22 March 2017

WhatsApp Text Status is back after taking a big time criticism

Finally after taking a blow WhatsApp Text Status is back on peoples high demand, when last time I wrote "WhatsApp Status rolls out: Its no more a Chatting App" I discussed on how Facebook wants to use WhatsApp to compete with Snapchat with their video, photo status feature. But after seeing criticism and dead response from the users, WhatsApp is back with what they abruptly removed to make their new feature famous. WhatsApp Text Status is back in a same place from where it was removed. Users just needs to update WhatsApp whenever they gets available in respective App Stores with latest version.

Image Credit: WhatsApp

Now users have two "Status" feature, one is the conventional Text Status which we used for different purposes, either as a 'Thought of Day or Month' or just to inform about availability with template status and now the new Photos, Videos, GIF Status which can be used to post your story for next 24 hours infront of contacts of yours who can respond on it, Read Here how it works. Although WhatsApp hurriedly implemented this feature to take a anger from the users but surely once added they will not take this back so easily. With new WhatsApp update they also added a feature by which users are now can send a new message to new contacts quite easily, before it was difficult and users had their own tricks to get it done.

Hence lets find out whats next in WhatsApp.

* When you open your WhatsApp, at bottom ride side you will get a green color circle indicated with new icon, click on that. (You will get such options in many chatting apps for different purposes. WhatsApp following the same for enhancing their chatting feature.)

* After clicking you will moved to another page, where you can find your contact list and at top "New Group". For chatting select your contact with whom you wants to chat for the first time. To create new group click on "New Group" and add atleast 1 participants to start it.

To create a Text Status

* Text Status is just like we used to have before, you needs to click on 3 dots in the top right hand side and select settings.

* Then you have different settings along with your profile photo and Text status you set before it taken off at the top.

* When you click on top it will move you to another page, where you can set your profile photo, set Text Status or changing of WhatsApp number.

* As usual now to set Text Status you have two options, one change with some template status which WhatsApp is set for you or set it on your own.

This is how you can now enjoy WhatsApp with a mixture of old and new with Text Status and New Status where you can post your Story for next 24 hours. Obviously many are fond of that story status but if not then WhatsApp made a arrangement of Text Status as well along with ease to start a new chat with contact list.

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