Thursday, 23 March 2017

How to signup for Snapchat ?

The craze of Snapchat is rapidly increasing and tats why companies are also launching the similar kind of feature to encounters it. Basically Snapchat allow users to post their story infront of their friends or followers and interestingly that story will stay for next 24 hours only which means users always have a room to share a new and their followers will remain thrill for next story. The entire concept is welcomed by the industry which gave Snapchat a wings and got motivated to hit their IPO and according to Media Reports they also planning to launch their Smartphone division.

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None the less, since popular social media apps followed the suit of Snapchat, last year Hike in India launched their version of "Stories" and even Instagram joined the space, WhatsApp too bought the similar kind of feature last month which definitely gonna make people curious about Snapchat. Snapchat as of now not much targeting in India and since they're not targeting means that Snapchat app will not able to work flawlessly in Mid range or Low range smartphones. App is quite heavy as of now and because of that its not able to adopt the hardware of the phone. Running memory of the phone mostly consumes either from Camera or from Background Apps and since Snapchat App is itself is quite heavy plus its usage with Camera will led your phone hanging but if you have high end premium phones then Snapchat can be your next destination.

Hence lets find out How to signup for Snapchat ?  

* First you needs to download Snapchat App from Google Playstore or from iTunes

* After installing, when you open the App you will see the interface with 2 options: Log In or Sign Up, you needs to select Sign Up if wants to create a new account otherwise Log In with existing account. 

* In next page you needs to set your Name which can be anything which can be change later as well, after providing you needs to go ahead by clicking to "Sign Up & Accept".

* Now you have to add your Birthday.

* Now its time to set username from which not only you can login with your account but others can find you or can add you in Snapchat. But remember one thing that once set you can't change username later and you have to delete your Snapchat account and have to create a new one, so if you're maintaining social media with some unique username everywhere then better use the same here as well.

* Now password for the account.

* Now you have to verify account with either Mobile Number or Email ID, you can change these later as well and can verify Number or Email anytime.

* Once done you will be ask to verify yourself either you're a Human or Robot, nothing to worry you just needs to catch a Ghost which is kind a fun game from Snapchat ;)

* After verifying you will be ask to add existing Snapchat users either via Contact List or via Emails, you can add Celebrity Account as well with their Usernames, after completing all you're ready to share your first story with your community.

Since its a quite unique Social Media App, tats why its having different way of working too. To add existing users it gives you two ways, either manually by tapping on "Add Friends" or add via "Snapcode" its like Barcode scanner, where you needs to center your Camera on your Friends Snapcode and to find it that, your Friends needs to click on the Ghost icon at the top of their Snapchat Screen, once you got it Touch and Hold the image of your Friends Snapcode to add them and Happy Snapping..

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