Sunday, 26 March 2017

How to Change DNS Server in Android ?

In Computer Language there is no words, no spelling everything is there in number system similarly in the Internet world which is so easy to remember with its name is actually quite difficult. Imagine if someone ask to access Facebook with its IP then how difficult it will be until and unless you know whats the actual IP of Facebook which most of the Facebook Users can't. During practicals at TechEngineerTV we many time encounter with DNS system where we realized that IP records and its name should resolve in a system and for that every DNS server has to maintain a record.

Now whats the importance to change DNS in Android ? Well if you're using Internet Connection then you will use DNS Server provided by ISP which might be slow or less reliable specially while accessing public network or Wifi in that case you can set reliable DNS Server like Google DNS or trusted Open DNS to surf Internet safely also this step can be use to access blocked websites hence we should aware of changing DNS Server in Android Smartphones which we used to surf Internet or Social Networking Site most of the time. These are some of the reason you can consider to change DNS Server in Android.

Simple Steps to Change DNS Server in Android

1. You needs to go to Settings of your Phone, where you finds Wifi. (There are lots of ways to get it depends on your phone version or OEM.)

2. When you tap on Wifi you will see Wifi Network you're connected with and rest of the available network. 

3. Now you have to long-press on the Wifi you're connected with, or might be a arrow depends on your Phone OEM or Version. You will see two options Forget network or Modify network. You needs to tap on Modify network.

4. Now you will see Advance Settings of Wifi network, you needs to tap on the button marked otherwise scroll to the bottom.

5. Now in Advance Settings you will see 2 options, 1 is to add Proxy Server and another is IP Settings, you needs to change IP Settings by tapping into the down button and then to Static.

6. Now its time to change DNS 1 and DNS 2, for example for Google DNS its and respectively and Open DNS is and respectively.

Unfortunately Android doesn't allows to change DNS in Data Networks and you can change DNS only in Wifi Network. Although you do have a option to root your phone but tat experimental part is belongs to expert and no one to blame if something goes wrong hence its not a recommended step.

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