Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to add Multiple Pictures in Instagram ?

Imagine a social media app which only made for sharing photos but also allow users to add only single photo at once !! Instagram after Facebook buyout has grown rapidly but due to its limitation it remains more like a celebrity app for a long time where users can like and comments and share one image at a time. Even in current scenario multiple-pictures looks same like regular ones in Instagram Feed, only rows of rectangles underneath the photo distinguish the post having multiple photos.

You can swipe between right and left to see new photos of the post but its having a limit of 10 photos. This particular move will save from multiple posts at a same time and can now have a combination of best and good photos in the set. Likes and comments will be apply in a entire post and not in individual photos just like Facebook has Albums in case of multiple photos, though you can like and comment individually in Facebook.

Post Multiple Photos in Instagram

* Update Instagram with latest version in both Android and iOS store respectively.

* Just like regular post in Instagram App, you have to click on Plus sign in the bottom of the App. You will be moved to next page where you will be ask to select photos, you will get a option to add "Multiple image" button along with regular Boomerang and Layout shortcuts.

* While selecting photos or videos or capturing it live from Instagram App you will see numbering icon which will indicate you that at which position photos or videos will stand according to you, after doing this step you can click next at the top right hand side.

* In next page you will be encounter with filters which can let you do some editing part with the photos, you can edit set of photos individually as well or can arrange photos by holding and dragging, if wants to add more photos then you will have plus icon at right side and if wants to delete photos then you needs to hold the photo and drag it to bin icon at the top to delete, once you done with this exercise click on next.

* Then you will reach to "Share To" where you can write something about photos or little bit about the Moment, as usual you have two options to share either to your Followers in Public or otherwise as Direct Message to your Followers. You can also add Location of the photos and Tag peoples, can share it on your Twitter account, Tumblr, Swarn, Flickr. Sharing part in Facebook "Page" is still not enabled by Facebook end despite Instagram bought by Facebook a long back now, still its only be available for Facebook Profiles, in Advance Settings you can disable comments.

Its a good move in the favor of Instagram after Facebook launched stories to compete with Snapchat, this feature also allows user to post multiple photos without pushing it into users main feed which gets disappear after 24 hours.

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