Sunday, 12 March 2017

[Analysis] What made this 5 State Elections Results special ?

11th of March 2017 was kind of a historic day in Indian Politics as in this day 5 States Election results was announced, the reason it was most important because UttarPradesh, the biggest democratic State of India was on the line and wave from UttarPradesh decides on which way Indian politics will move on. The mammoth support to BJP in UttarPardesh and Uttarakhand and despite of people underestimated Congress they managed to won Punjab and leads in terms of votes in Goa, Manipur. 

There was a huge anti incumbency in Punjab for last 2 - 3 years was enough to proof that a change is coming, Intellectuals may have figure out wrong may thought that history of Delhi will repeat in Punjab but Punjab is not Delhi and such naive analysis is nothing more then a propaganda which make Governments in paper and not in reality. Election was kind of formality in Punjab to determine who will be the next Chief of the State, if Congress is back in Punjab then its due to Captain Amrinder Singh's effort and the way he led the entire campaign from the front also the way he worked constantly in Punjab's grassroots and made sure that his party returns. Interesting thing in the results was that Captain Amrinder lost in "Lambi" constituency against Former CM Parkash Singh Badal though he won from his conventional "Patiala" Seat which ensures him to return as a winner for his party to takeover the State for the 2nd time, Former Deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal too won from "Jalalabad" and his Brother in Law Bikram Singh Majithia won from "Majitha" indicated that anti incumbency may be was there against the Akali + BJP Government but people also voted in the favor of that leadership. It will be now quite interesting to see the "Battle of Punjab" now.

When take on Goa's results it may not gone to the favor of BJP but its due to their leadership collapse and not against Government, their allies partner and RSS ideology gone against the defending party, all this started when Manohar Parrikar moved to Central Government as a Defense Minister and in his absence party struggled themselves and lost the balance on peoples expectation, for Goa as well intellectuals of Delhi thought for a wave like Capital of India but it was not more then a passing shower which was not even considered. Similarly in Manipur though BJP did well but there was no serious anti incumbency tats why despite the number was short Congress still managed to remain the number 1 party of the State in terms of the Vote and interestingly people extended their support to Ibobi Singh who won the election with a good margin but his opponent "Iron Lady" Irom Sharmila managed to get less then 100 votes which is lesser then "Nota" votes of Thoubal constituency who recently joined election after her 16 years long fight for AFSPA, no doubt its a heart breaking but its a sad reality of Indian Politics as if the fight was in Delhi not in Manipur then she may not only won the election but might have sweep the State as well.

But the big headline grabber of this "Mid Term Election" was UP Election, as for the first time in History out of 403 seats, BJP + able to win 324 seats which is a kind of single largest victory ever. This is also a first time when BJP won UttarPradesh and Uttarakhand after a State split, in Uttarakhand as well BJP able to win 57 seats out of 70 which is again a record as no party till now able to cross more then 36 seats. Indeed results gone against Harish Rawat and his Party who literally was facing leadership crisis, many intellectuals may have giving reasons for this defeat but the fact which matter is that Harish Rawat claimed the Government when himself was overshadowed in a party and he was very close to leave Congress who later fulfilled his wish but lost other leaders from the party. 

When I wrote "Why winning in ground is so crucial to win Assembly Election !!", I specifically stress on a point that Elections can't be fought in space, without knowing ground reality and sensing the direction of wind if parties jumped to fight elections with too much of dependency on Strategic Manager who're basically a management company and nothing else then they will be Knocked Out straight away, Today's voters are changing they wants Food, Employment, Education, Home, they less care about if someone trying to define the new logic of war, want history to be written in a new way, all these are a secondary issues for many and may not be important for most of the people in India, they want basic necessity to be filled prior to all. Tats what this election defines the most, no matter whatever the party is if leadership talking about ground's issue then they will be accepted.

This particular election was also a eye opener for Media who tries to change the mindset of a voter by manipulating and twisting news, even if the Media was not allowed then Social Media was used. During Exit Polls many Intellectuals was busy making their favorite party's Government. Most of the Studio veterans was claiming to have a visit in the polling States and shared their observation in TV less then 48 hours from the Election Results but they must have hide the fact that their focus to cover the State was limited to Party offices and few lanes and not more then that. I believe that soon Exit Polls will be known as more subjective and nothing in reality, it already lost the confidence years ago. It will be consider like playing a democratic game in paper because in Ground actual vote can't be disclose and shouldn't be disclose and tats why its a math for psephologist to be solve and tats why its not a everyone's cup of tea. 

This mandate can't be consider against any party nor to favor any face, whosoever talking about ground zero and displays the strong leadership has won. Its not a rocket science for anyone to know who is best for the State, party who's unitedly standing or a party who have a internal problems to sought out !! I believe any secular party can form Government anytime post Elections or Post forming Government as well because they always be united for 1 thing no matter their common minimum program matches or not. Forming a alliance and tat too before Election and launching Manifesto post 1 or 2 phases doesn't matter enough because if faces are staggering just before the election then what would be the fate after mandate. This election is also against generic politics as candidates are considered as Indian first rather then from some community, this shows the clear picture of voters and the pattern of election which is completely changing. Its a new era of politics and voters are not hesitate to take a stand either in the favor or against, tats why future of democracy going to be more bigger and better and as a festival it will be more sweeter then ever before.  

Friday, 10 March 2017

Why some Startup blooms and some dooms !!

Not critical here with Startups, I myself a big fan of Startup and believe whenever something new from small is launching in a market we should have a eye on it and should not underestimate it. I salute some bold decision from the new age mindset who build "Nothing" to "Something" which later acquires another "Something" to become "Next Big Thing" or did become "Next Big Thing". If Startups are lucky enough then they rocks the market soon otherwise dooms without sensing anyone. In recent past specially in Metros where the level of Education gone quite high along with motivations saw many competition on the field offering best of best in the market. since Metros are favorable for Startups because of its opportunity also it helps to get desirable investment favors easy to do business in that environment. Investments are always a big key for any company and to keep getting the investors confidence Startups tries something which may favors them or go against them. In recent past Startups flutter either due to negativity against the brand in the Market or due to Investing Group start loosing confidence from the brand. Not only small groups but now even big giants and their top brass are busy pulling chairs from each other but tats a legacy fight between legends and with startup it indicates to become next "legacy".

Its no rocket science that only gutsy people manages to start a Startup, who dreams something big but the problem with today's gen is with too much competition at the same field and most of our Startup are either struggles for funding or acquires by biggies. Another big issue for Startup is the way to sustain as most of the Startup aims to serve one another. Today's most famous startup spot are recharging, foods, cabs or e shopping. Television Media can't be categorize in Startup as they're launching by Veterans with a great backup of funds, its like living one creation to form another creation to serve some propaganda. Now in recent past when you figuring out Recharging Startups, post demonetization its importance and growth increased drastically but not due to someone's call for Digital India but due to cashback which they offers which benefited many. But roads for them are not easy recently MD of HDFC Bank Mr. Puri spoke about existence of recharging apps who're facing a huge loss due to this cashback offering and how quickly they're crunching to sustain their user base. One of the steady growing recharge startup is already up for sale due to its promoter Startup is struggling for funds after laying off more then half of thousands employees.

Two days later one of the leading recharging app who made quite a impact post demonetization changed their terms and conditions on 0% amount deduction from Credit Card to their Wallet as they claimed a number of users found doing mischief with the company's policy, they already made a complaint against some user base before as well, which shows that how a small loophole can hurt a company hard. They may took back that 2% deduction which they looks to offer as some coupon but they already indicated strangulation in the Market. Similarly if decoding about food chain its quite evident that their share are quite limited and mostly belongs to Metros where Youths live as independent. Last year one of the leading Food Startup layoff due to difficulty in survival. In recent past cab startups flourished but their basic problem is connecting with the people, one of the leading cab group from United States working hard with their existence but incidence of recent past created insecurity among them also impacted the current competitors and future upcoming groups too.

The most talked about Startup in recent past are E Shops either its a Grocery, Foods or Electronics, most trusted site are selling product in big number per minute otherwise all other are in records only. As I mentioned that if groups are being invested by some big giants then its because of their own growth and to proof the "lone wolf of the street" or the "one with eagle eye". Most of the cases Giants do like to loose money in initial days and from there the problem starts as Giants when realizes that its too much and lets now concentrated to have the money back with some interest then all of the sudden leadership behind Startups gets a call to take a action and if they're quite visionary and if able to pull the confidence back then the storm will stable if not then clouds of crisis will continue till some one from Higher Authority hit the last nail in the coffin.

Recently not only major E Comm but one major Electronics group who debut in India year ago called the "major financial crisis" in the group and lay off the staff heavily, they called the reason behind the failure is heavy investment in the marketing to promote the ecosystem of their "Smartphone" and "Smart TV" division. Indeed trend of buying latest smartphones are increased in front of the youths but invention and demand in this sector changes every month. Today Smartphone should not only looks trendy but should be compatible for latest build - stable versions of App and Security Patches and due to failing in this we already legends debacle in this sector due to this reason in the past. During the festive season all E Comm group tries to shuffles the market share by challenging each other and this is what I wrote in "Big Ecom War is back with this festival" but post demonetization exercise many small groups either took a blow badly or seized operation and this is what I wrote "Demonetization cleaning the chunk from TV, hit the local brand" on the same.

In the modern era competition its quite hard until any group either Startup or Biggie not luring customer base with some offer or cashback and India is such a market where a demand will be created only if giving something extra. But in Startup most of the group may do whatever they can to make a statement but misses their focus on "Customer or Client Satisfaction", Most of the leading and successful brand cares about good customer satisfaction its their reason for success, till customer or client is not happy they will not return back for any future business. Customer or Client who is choosy or moody if don't likes the service will not only going to give a harsh word but will also not choose the brand for the next time. People with big purse only believes in facts and figures and they want young lads running the management knowing the specific goal which needs to be achieve to keep the momentum alive rather then loosing the pace. Tats why its quite essential to fulfill demand from every side of the business, missing any of it will led the negative impact which only hurt the future prospective of a "brain child".

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Why Steve Smith lost respect after his DRS Saga !!

Yesterday Steve Smith did something which no Cricket Lover would have ever expected from him to do so, also tat incident happened in a Ground like Bengaluru where every Cricket match cheers by the fan with a great passion and love. For a moment at morning session majority of people thought that India will loose the match after Indian batsman falls in a pair but Bengaluru fans stick around there and fill more number of seats to watch the last 1 hour of the game, but at that session something unspeakable happened when Umesh Yadav's delivery didn't bounce much and Smith unable to play that and caught infront of the stump for LBW, Steve Smith the captain got the review and he could use the DRS within allowed 15 seconds and since as a batsman he's only allowed to talk with his partner the other side he got Peter Handscomb to have a rare view whether he's plumb or could survive but instead of fair discussion Steve Smith and Peter Handscomb start signalling towards the Dressing Room to either go with the review or not.

Whatever happened is not only against the rules but also against spirit of the game, playing attacking - aggressive cricket is a part of the game, although in the past we saw Cricketers to abuse each other and using filthy language to fire and shift the intensity to some other level was also against spirit and should be avoidable to save the image of the game but this particular incident is also similar to mock all the respect and dignity which can't be justify at all. Being a part of Cricket Australia which will soon to be the only Board to get highest revenue among "Big Three" can recommended "Decision Review System" as "Dressingroom Review System" but till the rules are not changed actions of Smith and entire Australian Team can't be equitable. Cricket fans deserves better, DRS is already a tricky thing but quite exciting as well its like surviving or loosing a lifeline in a moment. DRS also can't be use in a emotion also its not a tool to hide but creating a strategy against spirit can be compare with Ball-Tampering which is quite a nasty thing.

Why it hurt more because Steve Smith is not only the captain for Australia but soon he will lead IPL Franchisee "Pune Supergiants" team as well as a full time captain which also have MS Dhoni as Wicket-Keeper-Batsman who's a inspiration and one of the idol for Cricket World, in many example as a Captain for Team India or as a Batsman he proved that why he's one of the best. During close calls when Umpire, Bowler or Keeper not sure enough for the dismissal we saw Dhoni to start walking off acknowledging the wicket. I remember recent concluded Pune Test of India vs. Australia where Batsman Matthew Wade who is also a Wicket-Keeper-Batsman despite of caught behind wicket with a very fine nick he sneak from that decision indicated Umpire of Bat made a contact with Pad although he still dismissed with a similar fashion in the same over and forced him to walk off towards the pavilion but not everyone can be MS Dhoni in Modern Era Cricket where stakes are quite high. Steve Smith although accepted his mistake calling it as unfortunate but any how he lost the respect which he created so far infront of Cricket World, its very hard to believe and definitely all eyes will be on him whenever he gonna bat against India in this ongoing "Border - Gavaskar" Test Series.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Why winning in ground is so crucial to win Assembly Election !!

Wondering why despite of heavy wave still regional parties are some how managing to hold their presence in the State ? I often found people who despite of not happy with local leadership still believe that they're better then National Leadership or Government which runs from National Capital. Its known fact that despite National Parties are growing yet they unable to reach to the end people. In recent past "One National Party" expanded but still far from the ground. If a group of representatives changed sides then they could do the same in near future as well tat doesn't make anyone growing here but being a opportunist looking for more opportunity as a leadership. When National Parties raise the important issues and despite of their heavy push yet they failed to impress the State People and got defeated from Regional Parties or from some Regional Party led Alliance. In recent past election are more or less contested in phrases or "Jumlebaji" and tats why its like a risk to put on if got defeated or if not stood in some dominant position in the State for future aspect.

Collecting numbers from the Ground is quite important because of a very important fact as Politics can't be done from hifi stages nor can impact in people's mind. Once a guy told me that during election politicians are like a local guy like us post election they becomes God and literally he was right, many time if you vote for a "Sarpanch" or "MLA" who not belongs to your location then its quite hard to track he or she for next 5 years. Many may don't even knows the face to whom they voted or elected as their leader tats why after seeing their photo in News Paper or News TV you can't recognize in a first instance, this a scenario of most of the places where MLAs or Sarpanch won due to the power of the party and not due to the leadership who did something to gain the recognition of the party. Many time even after doing some good or remain between peoples anti incumbency dominates which led the leader loose or we saw faces to get change to save the seat. Today if Analysts are saying that voters and their mindsets are changing then they do and tats why Elections are more complicated then ever before.

Its been years before the 2014 General Election the foundation of "Big Wave" was start building, party was start winning elections with a big margin and they looks to be a unstoppable force but the force did fall at 2012 UP Elections after loosing to a Big Regional Party of the State, Stage was big and wide tat time as well, intensity was quite high too, the winning combination was in the Center Stage then also the results was not in the favor of them because UP Elections are fought in quite a basic formula as "Be My Leader", but point to be noted as same State gave enough support to form a powerful Central Government despite of aggressive attack from other side too, similarly during 2014's General Election many voters of Delhi decided to whom they will vote for PM and to whom they will vote for CM and the results was like a clean sweep from both way, some TV channels who was tossed during Exit Poll of Delhi try to hide behind a topic that why State Elections and General Elections in Delhi didn't happened simultaneously ! Probably they're right but post results there was not a time for that question.

Many blame the results of Bihar Election due to sudden rise of "Intolerance Gang" as when the campaign reached to a high-octane drama, incidents of returning awards, debates was started to fill the fire. It was a well written script when everyone took things seriously and seriously they gone vocal in a situation of "Enough is Enough", I never saw those intense faces when a juvenile sinner walked free and Parents of the brave girl still seeking for justice. Nonetheless still any Party who was no. 2 till now looks to grabbing most of the seats who also not have base voters should only be concentrate on one single question "Why people of that State will vote you ?". Its not a rocket science that opponents will surround in any given theme. I remember during MP Elections as well, a huge anti incumbency thing was emerging and more then that "Vyapam Scam" was in full flow, National Media who not even covers MP even during Natural disaster was heavily involved with this as virtually they made head quarters in State Capital, Bhopal to cover this mess during Election time but since the end voters was connected with State Government and with Party cadres tats why the leadership secures the win with a healthy margin and victory flag was waved strongly.

Many intellectual dismissed any wave before General Election who though realized it later with a overwhelming support by the peoples. But Assembly elections are actual eye openers, where the actual politics belong. May be today youths are changing and understanding the cost of their votes but one thing for sure they will loose the trust from their leader very soon. Today's youth are very much involved everywhere from News Media to Social Media where youths are discussing and understanding the issue quite deeply and analyzing the impact of each and every news to each and every incident around the world. Today's youth doesn't turned out for freebies but actually wants to contribute as they knows the value of competition in any field. Today's youth create memes on rhetoric and grab the important points to decide "who will be my leader ?" They don't need noise but assurance from simple voice, their issues are very common and their issues are quite valid, they need solutions and if anyone who stands for them will surely win whosoever that leader got in Party Headquarters.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

When "Freedom of Expression" collides with another "Freedom of Expression" !!

In last couple of days we have a roller coaster ride again, movement is shifted and expanded in a broad way enough to make a impact Nationwide. People came up with a bold mindset, different thinking to a bring a peace in the Nation also with our Neighbor Country. Its always good that we have independent voice and believe to change the current situation with a Countries, new souls are the future of Country's representation and their thinking should always be considered. Today's scenario is very similar to "70's Student Unions" where Students come against misery of Government of that time who later made a big name and became a face of Politics. Those days the fight was against Corruption, Unemployment, Price Hike and currently its about Independence !! Independence of speech to demand Independence Of.. Its not that people don't have Freedom of Speech but its about ideology which most of the peoples are opposite of and rejected it.

Everyone has a different level of thinking and different level of realization, some people workout to find a solution of any problem and some left it aside. To find a solution as well some has different level of mindset, some wants to reach on the root and some wants to take a simple route. Indeed everyone wants a peace of their life and people time to time come to appeal for the same, but what about those who lost something or other in the tense situation ? We gets numbed for a moment of time when we realizes that we lost something of our own we liked a most and was emotionally attached with, imagine people who lost whatever they got in a situation they didn't choose but stuck in a war game which not looks to be get ended anytime soon. People part of this mess wants thing to get resolve as soon as possible then those who likes the way out with some creative posters.

Everyone has a voice and rights to express it in a "Democratic Nation" but Democracy doesn't mean to stand opposite in every cause since the Government is not as per some 30% wishes. Its good to speak of your mind but responsibility towards the Nation will always be above since its also a kind of a duty we have to abide, then also most of the cases the voices won and appreciated as well. Then where the problem arises ? Problem arises when people terms the one voice as "Revolutionary" but another as "Bully". I myself condemned and stand against personal attacks or threats whosoever it is either Men or Women, choice of words are always be selective and should be specific to the topic and not above it. In Freedom of Speech if one has right to speak then others are also have the same and we got words to counter it not via sympathy.

Its quite unfortunate that during all this tussle and to defend a naive someone being called as "Illiterate" and its not he or she is a ordinary person, I can expect this in some other cases but can't in this case as someone who represented the Nation with hard work and dedication is from Sports and basically whosoever involves with Bollywood knows the hit formula and tat is make movie on Sports or Sports Persona, play the character and create history. Freedom of Expression or Speech is never a case of stopping anyone and if we won't allow the representation of youth for the Country it will be no lesser then the big blow. During "JP Movement" we saw the arise of many outspoken lads who later made a name and fame in Indian Politics and their contribution are unbelievable. Debates, Intellectual thinking are good and should be welcome but it shouldn't be a one sided affair let the counter attack should also be make a presence.