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Skype Lite: The one such app everyone was waiting for

Well finally from Microsoft a must needed lighter version of Skype App launched, well they might be late in the already crowded market but still good for professionals who're sticking around with it. Launching the lighter version may not for High end professionals but to ensure the popularity of Skype which can grow further. Interesting thing is that Skype Lite launched exclusively for the Indian Market which indicates the importance of India in terms of "Consumer". Last year Facebook Lite launched to aim the Countries having slow Internet Connection though it was build concentrating India as per their strategy. Not only Speed but Indian youths having massive space issue in their phones as well, bunch of similar kind of apps are enough to consume very little given slot in the lower or mid range phone. To tackle this Companies are launching Lite weight apps which consumes less data, less storage and less RAM.

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Skype Lite is not that lite still have a size of 13 MB and if its being pull down from some 90 MB which used to be the original size of Skype App at 2015 then hats off to Microsoft for this. Ever since Facebook Lite was introduced the need of most important apps to go lighter was increased as well. India is a fastest growing Country on Social Media, Millions of peoples are having Social Media or forced to have a Social Media Account in the current structure of modern era world, today most of the peoples are having different mail accounts, different social media accounts, different profiles and for maintaining those demand of Smart Phone are increased, mostly in India need of lower or mid range phones are increased hence to maintaining every profile in lesser specs either user have to compromise or company has to, even if the number of public Wifi are increasing that doesn't mean we have full authority to consume data as there to we have limitation in the given resources.

Indeed entry of Skype Lite is late to focus specially in India and they can't hide from taking a blow on this, now they have competition from Duos to WhatsApp and strain to work better or atleast remain as a first source for the people. When Youtube Go launched its main focus was to give a option to the users to save the video offline but the only plus for the app was preview of the video rest it can't be the alternative of current Youtube App. As per the experts that App of Youtube was nothing more but to keep the edge from a competition like Facebook or Instagram who're moving seriously on Video division, specially Facebook with their Live feature. after the growth of Facebook Live, Twitter decides to integrated with Periscope to give people a option of Live in the Main App itself. Facebook Live option is although not available in Facebook Lite App.

How to Start With in Skype Lite ?

Launching of Skype Lite is very easy, you just needs to follow the instruction and have to checkout the privacy settings as Skype Lite can read your contacts, call history and messages, then you have to login with your current Skype Account.



Key Points for Skype Lite

* This 13 MB App is capable to work in lower internet mainly in 2G, so as per the speed whenever user will get a decent speed Video Call will convert to HD and whenever the speed fall the quality will also fall using compression technology.

* Skype Lite will show the amount of data you have consume and how much you have saved using Lite version, it will also mention you the breakdown of Wifi and Cellular Data. 

* Skype Lite can also be used as your default dialler app or messenger app. you can check out your messages, chat, call history, contact list without switching between apps, you can also apply filter for a better organizing. With this move Skype trying to eliminate other Messenger or all in one apps.

* The only thing user gonna miss in this Lite App are Mojis - GIF images which are like Animated Stickers which we all fond of it.

* Skype Lite covers 7 different Indian Languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Skype Lite with Aadhaar Integration

This is quite a interesting thing because even many payment apps are not even integrated with Aadhaar. What will be the future plan for Microsoft with this can't be called at this stage, as Microsoft gave the option to the users so that user verifies the identity of the person he or she is talking or wants to confirm. User just needs to request for the Aadhaar verification, the other person if agrees for it, will receives a key via OTP for the confirmation to get it verify.

Skype Lite is the new life for Skype

Microsoft don't wants to stick with Operating Systems or Microsoft Office, they wants to expand their business in many way, they failed in Mobile Sector and lost their focus from other acquisitions. When Microsoft bid for Linkedin everyone was shocked with this, they do came up with new outlines like Linkedin Lite although they didn't came up with new App but promised to make a website lighter for Slow connections and launched "Sangam" program to help White Color professionals. Overall Skype Lite is a push from Microsoft to bring back the existing users similarly attracts the new during the season of "Datagiri", also with this way they buckled up to compete with updated competition.

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