Saturday, 4 February 2017

Right-Wing Trollers vs. Left-Wing Trollers

From last 4 - 5 years Social Networking becomes one of the integral part of our democracy. Social media decided the fate, social media decided the leadership, social media shown their anger, social media condemned and social media trolled. Trolls are the mockery of the system and whether its of any wing Right or Left its bad for the system. Yes Social Media is the platform for Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech but that doesn't means you looks like mocking system even if crediting on positives. Some people has different way of working and probably some followers who like the one way doesn't mean like the other ways, we have all rights to condemned if we differentiate the way things are going on but we can't hurt the sentiments, integrity or the respect of the Constitutional Body or any Individual, its same as either take it or leave it. In lighter mode we all can tease someone but entering into a personal level is undignified. Its a art to quote someone without naming or tagging not everyone knows it, tagging and calling personally is a disaster of a healthy debate, is a disaster of honesty and its a only example of personal grudge, ruthlessness.  

In our society we got many peaceful protesters who drawn the truth or wrote it without naming, without tagging, they impacted the system with their best and never feared with any consequences, they even earned respect from the decision makers and will remember forever due to being a selfless voice of a voiceless. Currently in the political backyard we got to see people throwing mud on each other if ideology is not matching then you become either a "Bhakth" , "Paid Voice" or "Corrupt". Today we may be feel free from expressing our views but actually we're not, some 5 - 6 years ago only Personalities from Film Industry and Sports started Social Media specially Twitter out of those no. of Politicians was 1 or 2, later on number of users start connecting with their favorite stars and later on the entire social circle increased, those days we saw some incidents which led anger in localities and the usage of social sites increased, the moment which was like each one reach one for the Country was only possible with social network, yesterday's common man who today are VIPs, VVIPs appeal to keep the momentum alive by appealing into those platforms which led the sequence one of the biggest in modern era.

Importance increased few understood the power of virtual world which led virtual "Karyakartas" of different propaganda which got involved in the social networking to attack - defend and promote, basically we surrounded by social media volunteers who keeps the trend of thinking active out of that may be many who're either knowingly or unknowingly endorsing the ideology as well and tats why its quite unhealthy for someone who really a commoner and get stuck in a cat fight between 2 different groups. Today every political parties trying to become River Ganges who refines Corrupt as clean and defines a Honest as corrupt with his or her party's symbol. Party who claimed to reform the politics is playing the same tactics like others and like others they too fighting against face and not against corruption. Volunteers or Followers of 1 wing cry bay against others and the same reaction comes out from opposite side. People who used to believe in constructive talk too jumps in below the belt conversation because they don't gets the answer which they deserves to keep the dignity high.

Important thing for actual commoners and not who're pretended to be commoners is that if something goes wrong then actual commoner will be grind off, tats why its better not to get involved in every fire which may harm, sensibility in Social media is the most important thing one should understand, yes its a place of where we can express our views freely but we also needs to make sure that we're not breaking any law and order with the same or hurting someone's sentiment. We should always avoid enforcers daring us unless we really wants it in our own risk because only we will be responsible of any aftermath not others. Constructive talk is always better and problem is that despite of youths we have very less constructive platforms or forums where we can share our ideas and express ourselves, nowhere days even innocents can't protest for their rights or liking and the trend continues with Chief of State locking their office sit on streets for striking against face of leadership. Troll means Troll whether its a from of any Volunteers, Campaigners. Face of Societies or from Leadership of one side or other side. We can't excuse or should not support the negativity which only led Brothers against Brothers, Community against Community.

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