Thursday, 12 January 2017

Why BCCI is still a Honeycomb for many ?

Last week and was a first official day of 2017 which bring no good news for Former BCCI President and Secretory as they was sacked by Honorable Supreme Court from their duty in Cricket after Lodha Committee's recommendation. Former BCCI President was not pleased and why would anyone ? BCCI is a honeycomb on which everyone wants a authority and suddenly no one wants a Law and Order on BCCI which is not a Govt. organization. Ownership in Cricket Administration is important because of first India is a Youth-Centric Country, second peoples love with Cricket. Peoples love with the game Cricket can be considered from a example of Warm-up Match between India A vs. England and why this match was so important ! because MS Dhoni was leading the side for the one last time, normally Warm - up matches doesn't telecast but this match was, also it was a kind of a crowd puller match with almost houseful crowd in Brabourne Stadium (Mumbai). People was so enthusiast and was passionate towards the game which registered the capacity crowd who witness Dhoni to lead the side for one last time, he didn't left the game but quit the captaincy only. Due to massive response only the business involve with Brand BCCI is flourishing and everyone wants a peace of pie which is quite tasty. 

BCCI involved with a huge numbers game and why not ! From Broadcaster to Sponsorship it opens the wing of opportunity to promote themselves during the game and make a money from it. We saw transition but never saw drought in talent and tats why peoples interest towards the game remain the same as everyone picking up their hero and watching them play. Because of Talents in Indian Cricket concept like IPL become a star-studded show and after 6 years if IPL's value gone double then its because of Indian players and not because of Overseas players. Lodha committee's one of the biggest issue was money involved in CLT20, after the cancellation of CLT20 brain behind the league STAR India paid $300mn to get rid of it and State Associations involving it was start cashing the amount, as per some Media report the amount was Rs. 60 crore and when Lodha committee freezes the account of BCCI, people behind the org. start questioning the series possibility of India vs. England 2016 Test Series, Justice Lodha afterwards explained the blocking of Bank Account although series did concluded quite successfully as well. There is a old say that "you will found yourself in difficult situation after having more then enough" and  tats applied with BCCI quite well. The proudest property of BCCI, IPL bogged down in corruption and people involved was the owner of IPL Franchisee and interestingly one of them was Son of Law of that time's BCCI President.

In the power of BCCI some people works behind the scene and some represents from outside, no matter whatever the ideology everyone having in real life when it comes to Cricket everyone take care of each others back. Today whosoever defending BCCI has interest behind and whosoever are opposing are the people who left behind the juncture and want to see their time to up, in the game of cricket you will see allies between BJP - Congress and BJP vs. BJP to fight or save the power of the dominate sport body of India and tats what its quite unfortunate for the game, after fixing and irregularities in IPL we saw many headlines, many faces came into the real picture, some known ones got exposed as well tat was quite a disastrous moment in the history of BCCI which still keeping the black spot in IPL which will never vanish no matter whatever solution gonna use on it. Before matter gone to court couple of friends became "temporary enemies" because they wanted to save the BCCI from some monitoring but they couldn't and after Supreme Court's sacking of BCCI Officials those temporary enemies became friends again.

After implementation of Lodha committee's recommendation we saw lots of Former Cricketers too forced to left the Association which indeed a proof that its not like Former Cricketers was never in Administration but yes they was the face of the proceedings. I always believe that selecting the new Chief of BCCI will be the most difficult task, because Cricketers who're not in Administration are either busy on their own Business (business of Sports Management etc.), Cricket Academies or Govt. Sector Job and the other those who're not in Administration but are in BCCI like as Commentator or Members of different kind of Committees never voiced up on what they feel but rather then what the Cricket Body unitedly believes in. Transforming BCCI shouldn't end with change in leadership but also to bring transparency in Selection Criteria, some players keeps on waiting for the opportunities and some got chances after chances. Keeping politics away from BCCI is keeping the game's respect Nationally and Internationally, giving everyone a fair chance. Top face fighting for the Cricket Administration was boasting India's Top Performance as a example of BCCI's Management but its not because of Administration but its because of the players who're coming from difficult circumstances to live their dreams.

After Supreme Court's decision one thing is proved that no one is bigger then law and order and everyone has to respect it. Second thing that this judgement will also gonna impact other Sports Authority in India which is also running with a similar concept in hand. Transparency is the biggest key of any successful organization, its not like that anything is licit if results are desired and as per the expectation. Any malpractice can't be equalize with success, infact that will fade the desire success as always. World Cricket knows the importance of Indian Cricket through Financially tats why BCCI's stand is always important in any given rules and regulation towards the International Cricket. Conflicts of Interest is harmful and its equalizer of corruption, in Indian Cricket after Match Fixing, IPL Controversy was one of the worst moment, infact series of allegations years after years was good enough to hamper the credibility of the league and Board who is organizing it. International Cricket may moved out from the entire controversy but tat incident also highlighted the ugliest drama to keep the power of the biggest Chair. Any non profit organisation if aims to gain then it shouldn't gets the treatment like "Trusts" nor can run from its deeds.

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