Thursday, 26 January 2017

Digital Era in a Cash Woe State

Ever since Demonetisation came into picture E wallets like Freecharge, Paytm became a saviour of daily household, before for having E Wallets account was like joining a moment towards Digital Era but afterwards it happens to be a necessity of everyone’s part of life. Demonetisation was difficult but most necessary step and because of this wings of opportunity in Digital Transaction has been opened. More peoples are now inclined towards the cashless economy for the seamless transaction. We can’t totally replace the cash economy or can end it but we can save some cost of Government of India who invest in printing cash by joining Cashless Economy, that remaining amount can be saved and used for any beneficiary programs in the Country.

No doubt digital transaction is not easy in first hand but it also a most rapid way to pay money, with a single click you can transact without much of a effort made on it. For cash you always needs to find ATMs, you may end paying extra as well with every withdrawal and then worry about cash’s security and search change here and there, sometime we end up paying a penny extra but it’s not a case with Digital transaction. Indeed we needs to take care a bit to protect ourselves from fraudulent rest it’s a best possible way to deal in a digital era. Digital Transaction also provides the transparency which we always needed in our transaction, it also helps to monitor the daily expends which helps any family to workout on a daily, weekly, monthly cost. 

India is a Youth-Centric Country and Youth likes to experience something new, they have less fear but excitement to try new. Today very few percentage of people wants things to be simple and rest of them like action to be live and on the go, tats why no matter whatever the Internet speed our Country lies between poor to average we gets a huge number in viewership via OTT Apps. Any cricket match featuring India or IPL draws a big number of viewership because of youths craze towards cricket and the option to join the game live. The adaptation of digital currency also giving strengths to Online content providers and tats why number of investment in such parlours are increased in recent past compare to what we used to have 3 – 4 years ago. As per future aspect content cost of Digital rights will jump upto 10% of what we have currently and price of Television rights will drastically see a fall. 

Cashless economy is the essential step for Digital India concept also it helps to tackle corruption due to its transparency. Digital India concept which led people to connect with E World opening the tons of opportunities from it, from business class to working class it representing the world in a simplified manner in our LCD/LED Monitor. For youths internet not only provides the education materials, platform to search jobs, website to entertain, E Shops to get a latest trendy fashion, paying the necessary bills are kind of examples from this never ending virtual world. This also helps any startup to join the online community to give the first shout also a small business owner to get explored by millions. Digital World has no boundaries and no limits and it takes no time to get understood or get it understand. 

Cashless Economy is a part of Digital India concept which also helps to increase literacy, there are millions in the Country who do have basic education but yet not aware from basic rights which are made to support the livelihood and to make the complicate thing easy. Now with Digital India any kind of subsidy reaching to someone’s bank account which is also a kind of document proof of that person. Bank account also gives a hand on information towards anyone’s savings and connecting all this info with Aadhaar, today people need not to find bank because their finger print and mobile number does all the work. There was a time when people needs to worry about doing all official formalities infact in rural someone needs to worry about his or her mobile recharge but tats no more a issue. 

Cashless economy gave a opportunity to live a easiest life, also to make someone a contributor towards the Nation’s development. Now people using a service and paying for it, there is no middle man in any kind of deal which was a venom in the society barring down the growth of the nation for a very long time. No doubt cashless economy which is a sub part of Digital India is not so easy to adopt but we can’t hold for a long time from a world which can be explore in one click. It’s a need of a hour to lift the standards by going cashless rather then saying to protect mother nature time to keep the trees alive because currency printed from paper and for paper trees get slaughtered, we should keep the nature clean, eliminates the middle man and earn some cash backs as well through such E Wallets.

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