Tuesday, 3 January 2017

#Demonetization cleaning the chunk from TV, hit the local brand

After 50 days where Aam Aadmi yet to get a relief from the effect of Demonetization. There a certain things from which we got relief, first from increasing a number of Television Shopping Channels, second from local brands. In last 4 - 5 years ever since Cable era changed from Analog to Digital the number of News Channels increased like nothing. During this timeline business of Online Shopping too flourished because its quite convenient, you will get everything in one place, and also for small business owner its a platform to sold the product and spread the reach into Nationwide. Sale of local brands as well which are assembling from the Chinese hardware are too increased in this time being. From online shopping quality may be compromised but we trust it because of its return policy as we can return the product in the first instance.

When First PVT. TV channel started it became a place for ESSEL Group to promote their "Asian Sky Shop" on their own ZEE TV. Later shops like Telebrands, TVC captured the slot of our Television screens with imported products and surely few played a gambled by ordering it. But the legacy continues till at this moment of time and now entire scenario is divided into 2. One is foreign backed total online shopping portals and another are domestic backed TV shopping based companies. When you compare companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal they gets a big amount of chunks as a support from outside at the same time Amazon and Ebay are itself a American major. Snapdeal also partnered with DEN Network to own "TV Shop" as a part of it they're selling economical product as their Local venture. In this following list ShopClues may be sharing the spot with Ebay in terms of popularity and sale, but figure can differs !!

Lots of companies emerged and revamped during this era like Planet M Shopping became Shop Direct, After the exit of Star India Network, South Korean Home Shopping major CJ O Shopping partnered with P5 Asia Holding Investments (Mauritius) to continue its footprint in India as Shop CJ Network both in TV and Website. Among all HomeShop 18 and Naaptol expanded during this period and didn't shaken up, with growing Digitization HomeShop 18 and Naaptol found buying slots in both Cable and DTH, Naaptol has maximum reach in TV not only partnered with Home Channels of different operators but also own two Hindi shopping channels as Naaptol Blue and Green respectively along with regional language channels as well as first HD shopping channel in India. 

Meanwhile couple of groups too are in business but as the market is not a guarantee for success. Groups like Times Shopping, Anand India was trying to spread their wings but couldn't reached into that height. India Today Group even sold their 80% stakes of their thirsty shopping venture to ZEE Media.  Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty too jumped in a shopping venture named Best Deal TV partnering together after a split in a romance between two decade back, they even partnered with South Star Vikram to expand the business as in Tamil Market. There is no word to deny is that in India whether startup business are getting enough space to grow or not Shopping business are definitely a idea on which business houses are working and trying our level best according to the opportunity to grab.

Its a quite a debate to make that after demonetization when big online shops got hit and impacted then what would have the faith of the 2nd league companies ? Flipkart CEO himself admitted the hammer in business and criticizes the implementation of demonetization, The biggest boom for online shopping was Cash on Delivery (COD) and when the existing cash gone illegal then how people will buy and how company got to do business ? Companies like HBN, Akshay - Shilpa's Best Deal TV decided to rap the business for the moment because of their concentration in only COD mode. ZEE Media may be supporting Demonetization and may be as of now keeping the shopping brand in cold bag but have to be accountable for the purchases they made. India Mobile brand Micromax also decline sale either from their own Web channel or via different portals. Another Mobile manufacturer Jivi Mobile stop financing a slot of a promo channel for their mobile.

Carriage fee is a big revenue maker for the operators and for the shopping brands digitization boosted a lot as now more slots are created and competition is also increased in which operators are forced to provide more channels from starter pack itself. For operators and shopping brands its a win - win situation also to fulfill the alleged demand of people from digitization. After demonetization people stood in a queue and exchanged the note to fulfilled their daily needs and for many days luxurious life was like over for them. Indeed shopping is too like luxury to live, after online shopping came few people got the hobby to buy number of back cover for their fav. mobile so that they change it in a week time, some people has some other, indeed few writer termed shopping as hobby and not  a need and thats why it matters in the Country's economy when demonetization kind of moment impact the individual and local vendors and who're a part of some online portal. 

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