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[Archive Blog (15/08/2015)] Why Sholay is a iconic movie of Bollywood ?

15th August 1975, Sholay was released and become a iconic movie of Bollywood but what is special on it which made it as a icon ? First glimpse tell it that its a normal “Masala” movie which having funny and heaviest dialogues, plot wise also movie is all about revenge and action.

Many such movies in the Pre Sholay Era had a plot based on revenge with banddits infact banddits was common on those days it was a fashion to have robbers character in horse with rifle.

Literally if we see then movie was nothing special infact Sholay won only 1 accolades and tats of “Best Editing”, because entire movie was well crafted, few scenes was deleted just because M.S Shinde may had something in his mind.

Sholay can’t be consider a family movie but parents won’t hesitate if their kids watch with them infact a 3D version released because young generation may connect with it.

But what made Sholay special ? Jai – Veeru, Thakur, Basanti, Choti Bahu, Ramu Kaka….. ? No its Gabbar Singh yes Gabbar Singh, I think this was the first movie where Gabbar Singh’s entry let crowd to whistle, the background score, sound of a boot along with its picture and dialogue “Kitne Aadmi The” it was a most perfect way to start a character, a proper suspence with a heaviest dialogue.

Most of the movie in the past never had such sequence where Villian received a less but a best footage, I bet most of the time we must have remembers Heros name but not Villains but here we not even remembered him but now made a movie on Gabbar who’s fighting against corruption.

Thing which Sholay is different with others are proper casting, Dharmendra – Hema, Amitabh – Jaya, Sanjeev Kumar as Thakur and Amzad Khan as Gabber which is made his career. Lots of story was behind regarding casting, Amitabh wants to become Gabbar and Sanjeev Kumar wants to become Veeru but if its really happen then just imagine what would happen with the movie ?

Every actor have some speciality from Dialogue delivery to Acting skills, Amitabh did fulfilled his wish by becoming Gabbar in Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag but what happened ?

Also a bold decision to let Jai to die in the climax star like Amitabh died and not able to remain alive till last makes everyone emotional. Don’t know what would be the impact of the movie if they show Gabbar to die.

RD Burman may not won anything in the movie but must won the credit of a title music and a song “Yeh Dosti” because this movie gave every best friend a beautiful composition.

Overall people who was behind the curtains made this movie something special because of their smartness, boldness, experiment in Masala genre made the movie special.

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