Sunday, 15 January 2017

[Archive Blog (25/08/15)] Sheena Bora Murder Case – Most Selling Topic

No CEO that too off Star India ever thought that his story will start trending one day, a person who was behind the glamour is behind lots of answers he may or may not be aware with. Sheena Bora Murder is another high voltage drama, spicy story Indian Media gotted after Arushi Talwar Murder Case.

It’s not Indrani or Peter was never covered in Media they’re and as a power couple too, also if you come up from the root of 24th Century FOX then you will get a much deserving focus of a limelight. It is obvious people was aware with Peter Mukherjae much earlier then Indrani for the obvious reasons.

We can say STAR may not reach into the position they’re currently in Indian Television if Peter won’t lead them from the front, there is no assurance that STAR will never reach into the Top, surely they would but will took some time. It was Peter who bought revolution in Indian Television by bringing a game show like KBC, daily soaps like , Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Peter ensured that people won’t switch the channel from STAR Plus to somewhere else he booked the timing of the people and force people to glue infront of the TV. There was a time STAR was the legimate leader now STAR is the leader.

Whatever happened ever since its a personal thing but as like a Bollywood scripts 1 passionate, glamourous women out of nowhere with the help of her husband who was the Former CEO of STAR launches the group called INX which was said to be a “Next Big Thing”. I still remember the Testing of these channels when they first come on my TV screen.

Indrani Mukherjae never thought that her own launched News X one day will cover a story against her and her Former CEO will tell a story of her infront of the Media. Everyone is now tries to spell out regarding Indrani what she was and her way of working.

Indrani not only bold and glamourous her style was too glittery. Tats why she owned a channel which may not registered TRP but atleast created lots of stories, 9X M was and is still a no. 1 music channel because of its youth oriented content ever since its launching. 9X may not be success but created headlines thanks to Balaji also. But roping such a big house for her dream is not a easiest job, a well known husband is a kind of advantage rest she tackled with her own. Now who can imagine she was about to mess up with 1 media biggie because she want a editorial control in the news channel.

Whatever happened during INX days post INX days are all infront of us but because of Media trial people who was not involving with the story is now feeling to get connected. Same incident happened with Arushi Talwar Muder Case where Media was 1 step ahead of Police, police even thought that case was solved but because of Media’s interference that case is still trailing and everyone seeking justice for the girl we never knew about after 1 or 2 days of her death.

Here also we don’t know about Sheena Bora and still many have a confusion whether she was Indrani’s daughter or sister ? We just knows 2 theories 1 is of Police and 2nd and most important is of Media who is covering it like a National story. BTW Lalit Modi and people around him must be feeling some relief but again this murder case is as twisted as craziest that I think only Media can crack this Bollywood type real life story. Or if not then surely our Bollywood will bring out the conclusion of this story via some movie.

Whatever the outcome of the story it would be really interesting to know because the story is itself is not more then a puzzle to solve everytime new character gets involve put his / her version of the thought, still we’re confuse enough with the relationship of who belongs to whom and who is what in real this story will continue like daily soap until and unless main accuse say something on it till then News channels will fight for the all important TRP.

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