Sunday, 15 January 2017

[Archive Blog (15/08/2015)] India after 69 years, is truly Independent ?

Today we’re celebrating our 69th Independence Day but are we really Independent ? Most important problem we’re facing in the Country are Corruption, Illetracy, Recession, Cave Stone Era’s Customs and last but most painful is Selfish Politics.

Today people having some blind faith on their customs, region and religions and obviously they supports the political party according to it. People not wants to accept the truth and not wants to say the truth.

People should have a voice they should have a guts and not let their problem to solve by others. We had a moment led by Anna 2 – 3 years ago but few people utilize it as a self promotion ultimately after that moment nothing fruitful came except another party. That party is now leading a State with majority of votes but does they ables to fulfill their promise which they did infront of peoples ? Well only peoples can judge them. And also are they really listening to the peoples ? Again only people can judge them.

2014 was again a historic year because we voted for a party and a leader we having so much hopes and we believes on his vision too what would be the outcome after 4 years that would be a future answer.

India need Independence from all wrong doing, from all wrong customs and traditions, if we looking forward for 21st century then we needs to move on.

We can’t stick with our old idealogy, our old thinking we needs to be Independent with new thinking, new hope, new era at this 15th August.

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