Sunday, 15 January 2017

[Archive Blog (29/08/15)] Hardik Patel following the footstep of Arvind Kejriwal to woo politics ?

Until last week India was unaware from a 22 year old Commerce Graduate named Hardik Patel but after his massive rally in Gujarat he not only known Nationally very well but even discussion started regarding his political future. It’s not wrong if we compare him with Arvind Kejriwal both started their political days as a anarchist and challenged law and order.

Arvind Kejriwal didn’t fought for reservation nor he was a front runner in a fight for “Jan Lokpal” and “India Against Corruption” he was a member of “Anna Moment” and with that moment a collective decision made which later shaped out as “AAM AADMI PARTY”, few seniors who didn’t accepted Arvind as their leader left AAP and rest is with AAP.

Hardik Patel came up with Patidar Reservation Agitation demanding reservation for serval Patidar community, his main demand is either bring everyone under Reservation or Finished the concept itself. But everyone knows such concepts helps political party and allianz hence they kept those system alive for purpose. So even Hardik Patel wants to join the league ?

People who wants to join political roots comes up with some aim although even they knows its the most difficult thing to correct the system or if they correct the system then how their political shop will be open ? Every political party promises to give a merit based leadership but end result will be same, communities may or may not seeking Reservation row but what if some political influence force them ? Today almost 80% youths of metro and sub mtero cities are saying to end the reservation row but if get close then how elections will be fought ?

We listen a lot of development, don’t know how far we’re left from it and how much close we reached towards it. Question is valid because their is no criteria set we just running behind the word “development” and not finishing the pending ones on time. Political party’s either repeating the same quotation or want votes on whatever few achievement they gain.

Arvind Kejriwal was in a mission to perfect Delhi and wants to end all wrong deed but slowly slowly his fight turned out to be against Modi, atleast joining Nitish – Lalu is a indication to form a political allianz which will compete against NDA. So does for this reason Kejriwal came into politics or wants to change Delhi with a limited resources ? And more importantly implementation of “Janlokpal” and to let its working Free flow and Transparent a separate Govt. Body was about to introduce, so who is heading it and members of it ? Atleast despite of a proper Media coverage in Delhi more then 70% – 80% youth of India is unaware of it so even I.

So is there any guarantee whatever Hardik Patel is speaking he will implement all those if he forms a party and comes to a power in Gujarat altough its a toughest task to conquor Gujarat but not impossible he already messed up with law and order costing few lives in that rally. Entry of Hardik Patel was violent and aggressive just like Kejriwal. And he & his supporters received a proper coverage of media too. But the bottom line is whether he able to shake Gujarat politics ? Kejriwal did it after sweeping BJP from Delhi despite of NDA Govt. in Central.

We always see youths involvement makes a difference interesting to see whether youth wants to involve in Reservation Politics or not ? Regarding development we all see Gujarat model trended a lot just before General Election. It’s all depends on what people thinks or wants to connect with a new gen politics or stick with the conventional one. Because Delhi decided and they must deeply analyzed their decision too after so many months and will support Hardik literally if he goes Political route.

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