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[Archive Blog (27/08/2015)] Banning – Reinstating IPL Teams are the only solution to clean Cricket ?

Question is confusing because this is the only way to approach for cleaning cricket….. First of all IPL itself is not clean then how can their approach to be and what if the desire result won’t occur……

I am not doubting on Justice Lodha committee’s decision they gave a perfect and most historic decision but problem with IPL is that people who was running things are controversial and rebel then how Cricket will be pure if you think at any instance.

From starting itself many pundits were having big question on their mind regarding Ownership and Broadcast rights, I remember when I read a news in the news paper which was printed in the corner left side of the page and stated that “Sony – WSG bought IPL’s broadcast rights for 10 years from a whoopy 1 billion”. Although it was a big amount those days and probably a foolishness to invest a money like this on a tournament which we never expect to turn out to be such a houseful and sold out.

In some point ICC tournament start looking small compare to IPL such a glourious, lustrous tournament even News channels gained TRP by the name IPL. But because of its glamour it become Controversial too, it used to look like a out of control thing, Players start slapping others, Owners start abusing and Fighting with Ground Security and all that….

But most controversial thing which gained media attention is a Minister stepped down from his post because of IPL franchisee later that year BCCI sacked the Creator, Chairman of the IPL. That was the same year when ginn of spot fixing cames to play in IPL. Few players get suspended – 1 Domestic player and 1 Top International Umpire’s career was over since then.

People forget about other stories but it hurts when you comes to know that tight game was fixed and it could have other possible result. It’s not like people didn’t gave a chance back to IPL but again Fixing claim came out 3 players of 1 Franchisee was caught up behind the bars and claimed to involve in Fixing. Biggest shocker came when Franchisee owners was found guilty, this is the most shocking and stunning incident Indian crowd ever saw on their life.

How can you believe that the tournament you loves most and cares most is fixed by their owners ? Although still we can’t say those owners are innocent or those owners are main accuse, because fixing having their own trick. Only thing we can say IPL would be bit clean if their would be no Franchisee system or those banned owners may not own the Teams.

Here 2 – 3 things are the biggest point maker. And 1 of the most important point is “Conflict of the Interest”, now who’s conflicting what and how is a old story but what is the influence on the IPL is the big concern. Peoples faith from IPL is surely reducing, we may saw the match but will always have 2 frame of the story, atleast blind trust is over.

If these concern points were get overcome by the Indian Board at the right time then we may not see such mess ups but again “Conflict of Interest” let everyone blind, their would be no hurdle to have a tournament free flow if every problem taken care at the right time but currently its out of shape. Fan of CSK and RR will miss their resp. Franchisee from next year although they will make a comeback but then who will own and runs them ?

We always saw a tournament which only expands but never synchronize unless like IPL which expanded into 10 from 8 then become 9 then back to 8. 1 Franchisee get suspended by BCCI replaced by a Rising SUN in Cricket, 2 Teams get suspended by Lodha Committee but will be replaced by 2 then after few years they will be 10. Pheww too much confusion !!!

But only guarantee followers of IPL want will it be Free from all Controversy, will it be Transparent, will BCCI people won’t have any commercial interest in IPL from now onwards ? Such small questions needs a big answers and banning and reinstating IPL Teams are only a temporary solution not a permant one to clean Cricket.

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