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[Archive Blog (25/09/15)]Tribute to Jagmohan Dalmiya : Men behind Brand “BCCI”

Past Sunday we lost a entrepreneur who gave a new heights to the Cricket in India, who gave us a Corporate Society on which we are proud of, A society which establishes ourself as a “Superpower” and it becomes one of the gems of India. All the credits to the man called Jagmohan Dalmiya without him I think we never got addicted to the Cricket.

We people have a tendency to get affectionate with a brand either it is from Pen – Pencil to Electronics Devices, Moto Bikes to Airlines, Mobile Networks to TV Networks or even a small hotel down to the nook of some road where we took a sip of morning or evening tea with snacks. We follows our heart & loves to be a part of it. Same love force us to call “Cricket is my Favorite Sport” despite of Hockey to be considered as our National Game written somewhere officially.

Context to bringing topic on brands are very simple there would be no Cricket if BCCI won’t adopt the corporate entity, may be struggle to make profit, at the end of the day the entire system would be perish too. Many Governing sports bodies which are running by politicians or businessman’s over the decades are struggling and failed to create stars of the genre. Passionate sports personals of different different genre paying from their own pocket to practice and looking to qualifying for big stage. Means neither Sports Authority cares about their star players effort nor anyone is there to cheer up for the particular sports and its players.

BCCI bought contract and pension policy for Current and Past Players and Umpires under the leadership of Jagmohan Dalmiya, means full of professionalism a sought of agreement that BCCI cares about their players and officials. Technically BCCI is a private body and nothing to do with Indian Govt. as they don’t have any supremacy. So BCCI have to think and do for BCCI XI (Team India) which make sense, any firm can’t be driven without its talent they needs to take care of each and every aspect of their contracted person.

Not only Jagmohan Dalmiya carries the legacy to make BCCI “A Golden Bird” he also helped South Africa to returns into the Cricket and make sure Bangladesh to won the Test status. 2 things which was never easy infact India’s political relationship with South Africa and Bangladesh too was not that strong. Probably it would be the magic of true efforts of Jagmohan Dalmiya and prayers of Nelson Mandela, series between India and South Africa become reality. Kolkata “Home of Cricket” in India witness the first odi with a massive crowd of 100,000 at Edens.

Ali Bacher administrator of then United Cricket Board of South Africa want broadcasting of this historic series in South Africa he suggested Dalmiya to make sure of it those days DD used to have a moral broadcasting rights of Cricket in India. Bacher’s 1 suggestion Dalmiya sees the opportunity and BCCI got the wings to fly, Dalmiya and Bindra won the legal battle against DD in 93 until 95 DD have to pay a amount to cover Cricket in India before it was free means DD used to pay nothing. After that Pubcaster lost that “Constitutional Rights Holder” tag too when Supreme Court declared that BCCI is a commodity owner and they can sold the broadcasting rights to highest bidder.

Such ruling was a big relief for BCCI & Dalmiya which ensured BCCI’s income. Dalmiya is a 1 such guy who believes to grab the opportunity no matter whatsoever he always had a cool head which sees opportunity to hit. We never have so many private sports broadcaster or never have such a tough competition to grab Cricket rights. During Dalmiya’s prime time atleast competition was tough, now we can say game is behind the selective face and known names.

Dalmiya knows to win battles behind the doors silently, bringing the 1996 World Cup “Home” (Indian Subcontinent) was the turning point of his career, he twists the Lord’s tail by beating England from hosting the Worldcup with the help of then BCCI’s President Madhavrao Schindia to secured the hosting rights. Altough Countries of Indian Subcontinent carry forward the fear of terrorism those days Sri Lanka was facing terrified moments. Dalmiya supported Sri Lankan hosting by creating Unified Team of India & Pakistan as “Wills XI” to play goodwill matches. Tournament become a big commercial success and we witness the emerging Sri Lanka as a World Champions.

Dalmiya is not the one who should be credited to give “Brand BCCI” he also should be remembered to give “Commercialization in ICC” although Dalmiya failed to become ICC Chief (ICC Chairman) for the first time but destiny holds something else he did become ICC Chief (ICC President) in 1997. 3 notable things he did in his tenure first helping Bangladesh to host the first ever “ICC Knockout Trophy”, second bringing Worldcup’s under ICC’s umbrella before host nation used to earn by hosting Worldcup by all the commercial routes. By this ruling ICC got reasons to cheer as they comes into the play by selling commercial rights, third and most important supporting Bangladesh for Test Status, he not only sealed it but also let India to become their first opponents in big level competition since 2000 as BCCI constantly touring Bangladesh ever since although never hosted them in past 15 years.

Jagmohan Dalmiya was not bold enough like other entrepreneurs nor he was a fine speaker but people who’re close enough to him knows very well that he had a great sharp mind and ability to see future, he never blow trumpet on anything nor on his accomplishment towards the Cricket but at end of the day he was the player of his own ground who played a lots of match winning Innings for Cricket. It is very easy to do business on Diamonds but difficult to search Diamonds. Dalmiya may not able to see “Gandhi – Madella Series” but quite sure both India and South Africa will gave us a memorable series by Tributing Mr. Jagmohan Dalmiya.

He may not with us now but his contribution towards Cricket will be forever known and his legacy will stand tall forever.

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