Sunday, 15 January 2017

[Archive Blog (23/08/15)] Legends Retirement – End of an Era

Week started with a Legendary Retirements of Kumar Sangakkara and Michael Clarke both were started their career in 2 different era but ended at the same era. Both are the idol of World Cricket may not be toppest most superstars but they atleast registered themselves in Historic book. I can’t judge their glamorous presence Clarke even had a controversy way back which is not a idol time to raise but overall whatever they was in the cricketing field matters most.

Kumar and Michael ended in a 2 opposite characteristics side, 1 was too dominate and won’t hesitate to bully others another one was silent attacker, you will never feel Sri Lankan Teams presence if they play fairly but always creates controversy when they tries to fox teams.

Obviously players would adopt the same characteristics of the Team but when you see Michael Clarke he’s believed on what he think is right even took a retirement before anyone could raises a finger on him.

Australians will always have 2 concerns 1st is Worldcup and 2nd is Ashes and despite of successfully leading the side in CWC 15, Clarke will carry the Tag of loosing Ashes. Wondering how long Clarke would go if Australia won the Ashes he might planned something else for that.

Coming to Sanga his last ever Worldcup was kind of run machine for him Century after Century even his last T20 Worldcup where he played a match winning knock to knockout India was a tremendous effort. But after Worldcup I think Sanga had enough probably for him its a right time to take some rest we may see him in T20 leagues.

Every year Cricket loosing some great Superstars from Cricket field they not only was a best sellers for ground ticket but also a plus for the Broadcasters, although we can’t stick with the time we have to move on but we have to agree with that its almost impossible to fill the gap of those players.

Each one of us having 1 dream player in mind we want that person to play till we last if he/she left the field means definition of that game is over, may be because he/she’s the one we get attracted towards the game hence our definition starts or end on that name. Many talented player although tries to fill the hanged shoes and they become quite successful too but I don’t think people will forget their last hero so easily.

We will miss all such greats and even thanks for their career and the memory they provided us, those breathe taking moments can’t be forgettable ever, those superb batting, bowling, fielding efforts will always be memorise us and excite us and will be in our mind and every enthusiasts will keeps on checking those on whatever modes its available.

Ending a career and starting a new one is just a start or end of an 1 chapter like we used to have in our schools, colleges it will be a never ending process until and unless game lasting with us, face will be change but the legacy will remain forever with the player, after the player.

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