Sunday, 15 January 2017

[Archive Blog (19/08/15)] Bharat Ratna for Major Dhyan Chand

Sports enthusiasts and people who follows or plays Hockey thinks and ask the same question about Bharat Ratna award for Major Dhyan Chand, question is very simple but having no answers atleast not with Politicians.

People lost hopes and get disappointed when UPA Government announced Bharat Ratna for Sachin Tendulkar but not for Dhyan Chand. That announcement was so fast and furious that within hour of Tendulkar’s retirement speech official announcement has been made. People was waiting for the induction of Dhyan Chand but except that announcement Mr. Rajiv Shukla commented that “Many awards are named after Major Dhyan Chand…”

If you thinking about the intention of the comment it is 100% true its like demanding Bharat Ratna award for Bharat Ratna. Major Dhyan Chand is a bigger better idol this Country ever produced with so much of sacrifice and hurdle he never let his Country down and set a goal to achive milstone in hockey. Hockey may be a Team game but he single handedly beaten many opponents. Won many Gold and Silver but unfortunately didn’t won the richly deserving medal of the Country.

He many not even expecting anything now and must be concentrating on playing hockey in heaven and representing India there too. But about those who want their idol to win the must deserving accolade of the Country ? Well only Politicians can answer it.

Over a year we saw many greats are getting the highest most award of the Country but we have to agree that list has been made according to the Central Government’s will and not according to the people’s choice. Some get the awards early and some get it very late, some get it without demanding, some didn’t even after demanding.

Basically Bharat Ratna award is a way to say thank you from the Country’s citizen to the contributor. But because of political will award system become weird. It’s about giving the accolades to the right person at the right time and not shortlisting candidate according to the favouritism.

We need people’s involvement too for drafting the final listing our 80% youth remain online atleast 12 hours can’t they give 12 seconds to vote for their Hero for Bharat Ratna, Padma Awards ? If we involve countryman for these awards then surely people will read and knows about India’s legend and will not open Wikipedia after getting the news of announcement.

It’s time to bring the transparency on award system and let people to involves on it and this thing should start with the Legend Major Dhyan Chand otherwise who else the most deserving one left who didn’t received the Country’s highest accolade ?

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