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[Archive Blog (15/10/15)] Virender Sehwag : Only Sultan of Test Cricket from India

India has produce many great batsman in the history of Indian test cricket. From Vinu Mankad to Lala Amarnath, from Sunil Gavaskar to Mohd. Azharuddin but last 1 decade was quite remarkable for Indian cricket because many player joined the great one Sachin Tendulkar in the test side to represent India, Dravid, Laxman, Ganguly and 1 man who was really special among others was Sehwag. 5 big faces who changed the entire course of Test Cricket for India tats a reason whenever India lost the test match they faced the criticism most.

Sehwag’s partners always have the best seat in the house. If you want the best shot of Sehwag then give him a strike and remain not out. Technically not a sound cricketer have a problem to move his feet but everyone knows that if Sehwag start hitting then it will be bad very bad for the ball and the bowlers because he will knock you hard everywhere in the park. Sehwag is a ruthless personality when he bats but never had any fight in his decade long career even when he hit Triple Century then also. No one can provoke him during his innings because he keeps on concentrating on the lyrics of a song he nattering rather then listening foul words from opponents. When other players become frustrate you will find him smiling and if he’s fielding in Square Leg and Point then talking with Umpires will be his time pass.

Sehwag is quite a straight forward personality too and never hesitate to take stands for his former Team Mates. Like he took a stand for Ganguly’s captaincy during Ganguly Chappell’s rift also in various occasions when Team requires he come forward, although he liked to play under Kumble more then any other captain even Ganguly and himself admitted that without Kumble’s support he won’t be back in the Team. 14 Test under Kumble he scored 1353 with a average of 58.82. Highlights of those period Shewag hit the magnificent 319 and a blistering 201* in Galle Test to neutralize Mendis – Murali, Sehwag admitted that test innings is his personal best.

Its not like that Virender Sehwag got everything as a gift in his Cricketing career, he achieved his spot on his own all the time rather then got the spot as per his previous records. He dropped many times through out his career and lost his precious years for his said “poor performance”. His actual career started when “Nawab of Najafgrh” sent to open the innings and then it becomes history for all and later distinguished as “Multan ka Sultan”. Sehwag’s technique always come under the scanner, no feet moment, physically bulky, plays careless shot to get out and lot many we listen from his critics through out his career. But no one can deny that whenever Sehwag stand in the crease it used to be a total entertainment.

Sehwag is a best example of fearless cricketer he may having very few not outs in his career but he had capability to play big innings too, suddenly many can’t match his abilities and record and in recent past only Chris Gayle having better record then him. Sehwag created many shots and Sachin Tendulkar is his idol as per him his interest towards cricket increased while watching him to play and learned to play many shots from him. Whatever Sehwag accomplished today is because of his opening spot and technique he liked most. He’s funda is very much clear he will hit the loose ball hard whether that ball gone towards the boundary or took his wicket.

Sehwag’s entire cricket career teach us one thing don’t think too much about result whatever the circumstances will be just believes on your capabilities and on which you’re best, you will face difficulties and criticism from everyone but rather then making it personal you should answer them in the professional field with your finest work. Without hard work nothing can be achieved and Sehwag proved it many times, he dropped he returned and score the big one, he dropped he returned again and score the big one, he dropped score the big one but didn’t returned because peoples behind the room had other plans.

Virender Sehwag not only was a class player but also carries a class act, not only he didn’t have controversial career off and on the field but even honest to admit many things, after retirement he gave many interviews in almost all Media houses and opened enough with his view point, but also make sure he gonna attend his former team mate – friend’s marriage. During he’s interview he also made a point of his retirement, class player like him deserves a piece of a match to retire which he didn’t we agree that Team is bigger then a Player but if a Board can organize a entire Test Series for 1 player then why not 1 match for Sehwag ?

I hope if BCCI can’t honor Sehwag then atleast DDCA can during 4th Test between India vs South Africa as he’s a idol player of the association over the years, he may missed to make a mark in his Home Ground but he’s maiden 5 Wicket Haul in Kumble’s last test against Australia is still remarkable achievement in Delhi, we fans already missed the victory smile of Sehwag while playing for India for the last time but will be happy if Board and Association thanks the Sultan of Indian Cricket for his decades long domination against World’s finest bowlers.

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