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[Archive Blog (10/10/15)] Darkest Night is back, Match interfered due to Crowd Disturbance in Cuttack

March 13, 1996 India vs. Sri Lanka : 1st Semifinal of World Cup 1996 in Kolkata. People was expecting a great game of cricket and of course Kolkata was a great venue of a exciting counter. Both Teams were charged up at one hand India wants to regain the trophy after 13 years on its own soil at the other hand young gun wants to show their talent in a grandest stage. Whatever happened throughout the match was a concern of Cricket, how pitch played how it behaved, how players played is a matter of cricket and everything is noted down in a history book. The concern thing was the outcome of the match which not only shaken the International Cricket but also stunned Indian Cricket and most importantly India.

No one ever thought that, can spectator make things worst ? Still we have a picture in our mind where at one end India kneel downing in front of Muralitharan, Jayasuriya, Dharmasena kinda bowlers at the other hand Vinod Kambli holding the nerve and playing probably one of his testing knocks. Wickets was tumbling down and crowd’s anger was rising up, after the fall of 8th wicket when India was needed plenty more to reach into the finals, people’s anger cross over their head and they start throwing plastic bottles, posters and whatever they were holding a huge brawl broke up in a stands. Those days people switched off TV when Tendulkar got out but what would people do whosoever were present in a stands? Tony Greig’s Live Commentary and Pictures was enough to say that something went wrong in a grandest stage and entire World saw that. Vinod Kambli shown crying in the field probably that would be the only match people will remember his appearance. Although only he can explain why he was crying ? Is it because India not able to complete the match or he not ables to bat !!

No one knows for what people start rioting ? Whether they were frustrated against India’s poor performance or they didn’t liked Sri Lanka’s brilliance that day. Whatever the cause it was probably would be the blackest day in the cricketing field of India. But as many scholars says “History will repeat one day” and it did, date was 05th of October 2015, Venue Cuttack. India playing one of the most toughest battle both out and inside the field. At one hand BCCI has been criticized because of carrying allegations of corruption and conflicts of interest, and at the other hand India’s poor display of cricket even in Home. India was playing its 2nd T20 of the series against South Africa and India must win to keep the series alive but it didn’t happened infact India played so poorly that match would end earlier then its actual ending time if Crowd disturbance won’t happened.

Although people blew their frustration and anger at the Cricket Stadium but the important thing that entire nation got embarrassed once again. If we’re putting cricket on our priority, if we have a utter respect for our players then why we broke and didn’t digest defeat ? Infact match was against South Africans we cheer for same South Africans when they plays for the IPL, then suddenly what happened ? Surely no one ables to decode by now. India vs. South Africa is also termed as “Gandhi – Mandela Series” and both of their lives are the prime example of “Peace”. Peace which has won lots of fights and wars without hurting anyone, Gandhi and Mandela both had their own struggle and challenges for the Nation but they put their Guns and Swords aside and remain in a path of honesty and Peace. Eventually we forget the morale of both greats in a greatest battle of Cricket.

Eventually next match of this series is in Kolkata and I hope CAB is fully prepared to overcome any unfortunate circumstances since its a matter of our country’s respect and dignity also there is no place of violence in Cricket field thats why it considered as a gentleman’s game. Hence even people should respect both moment of joy and emotions on defeat and respect the best of the day.

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