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[Archive Blog (04/09/15) Indo – Pak Series and its Future !!

Couple of days ago read a comment of Shoaib Akhtar in which he said Indo – Pak Series should be called off until and unless tension between both Country get resolves. I am agrees with him and respect his great piece which he put infront of the World. We can’t cheer any kind of business relationship in the cost of war. Business relationship means total business whatever its currently going on should be pause. It’s should not looks like that India or I should say BCCI only don’t want Indo – Pak Series.

Udhampur Terror Attack put another tie in the strain political relationship between India – Pakistan. Months before we can think about the possibility of 1 Cricket series but now its almost dusted. But still people of PCB trying their level best although it’s all upto BCCI and Indian Govt. only. Eventually powerful leaders of both Govt. and Opposition carrying the bag of BCCI.

Couple of months ago when everyone was hoping for a series BCCI had 1 problem and that is TEN SPORTS is a official broadcaster of this series in India at Pakistan they having rights jointly with PTV SPORTS. Means we could have sure shot confirmation by now if TEN was not having contract with PCB or if they decide not to go away with BCCI featured series just like they did with India – Sri Lanka series ? Or BCCI is totally dependent on Govt. order although they’re a private body and not govern by Central at all. Now we all know the sweet relationship of ZEEL and BCCI.

Indo – Pak series called as a money whoppy series with high stakes, black and white get involves from all the possible channels. Although we having less series against each other in last 6 decades still those considered at houseful and superhit. Obviously series will automatically become strong after the arch rivals involvement. Even if not arch rivals then also both Country’s cricketers are enough to make a franchisee teams grand just like Pakistani players involvement in the inaugural season of IPL.

2008 where the time India faced the biggest blow of a life, Mumbai terror attacks put us kneel down and Indian Govt. suspended the cricketing relationship with Pakistan. Only Cricket not others though. Since Cricket gave a huge a revenue to Pakistan so better cut it and tat too series like Indo – Pak which is Golden Bird to claim.

Just remember a small series of Pakistan Tour of India at late 2012 – 13. Pakistan clinch that Series by 2 – 1 after leveling T20 series by 1 – 1, 2 Boards made a good money along with Sponser and Broadcaster, Broadcaster goes 1 step ahead and let the Operator reminds that “Operator need Broadcaster, Broadcaster don’t.”

From more then a decades we know how much Cricket is important then anything else between both Countries thats a reason whatever happens we switched off the cricketing plug. We still welcomes Film Stars, Musicians across the Border and infact our Performers too go there and perform. We enjoying their contents so does they, News channels took things 1 step ahead when they have joint simulcast shows between 2 channels, you will often got such during Worldcup – Cricket Match or during Political discussion, Indian viewer also knows about Hamid Mir a very well known Journo from Pak.

It’s not like BCCI competely locked the doors from Pakistani cricketers. Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar, Ramiz Raja did work for BCCI Production over the years since they’re committed with STAR SPORTS and STAR SPORTS have a rights of BCCI. Infact Waqar Yonus was once coaches Sunrisers in IPL and Wasim still associating with KKR, Ramiz and Shoaib are the well known voice of IPL and defunct CLT20, Pakistani umpire Asad Rauf was regular with Umpire’s Hat till his name raised in Fixing. Aleem Dar also standed in many IPL matches if he was not busy with ICC fixture. Fromer Pakistani Cricketer Azhar Mahmood even represented KXIP since he hold the British Passport and not have contract with PCB. So it is wrong to say that Cricketing relationship is totally cutted since 5 – 6 peoples make a huge difference.

Currently many people who live Cricket get 1 thing to say and that is “Why India fearing from Pak to play ?”, why we will fear we got the world’s best team but since because of political strain we’re not playing although we continue to have cricketing relationship with Bangladesh and Srilanka despite of decades long rift on Indo – Bangla Border agreement and problem with Sri Lanka over Indian Fisherman’s.

Literally India would have no Cricket in Asia if Politics get involves because we all know every Country is right on their own point of view. Even if BCCI looking to scrap Indo – Pak series it shouldn’t look like that Political agenda is a excuse to get rid from the series because they don’t want bunch of few people to earn some bucks and made headlines in TV ratings. BCCI signed a MoU which they shouldn’t if Govt. can enforce them or they’re bound to follow some rules. BCCI can be straight forward in this issue rather then thinks to get and provides benefits for their partners.

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