Sunday, 15 January 2017

[Archive Blog (02/09/15)] Digital India without Internet ?

Days after Days we’re going far away from proper Internet connectivity and costly plans will corner us one day from Internet. Don’t know how many blogs I will able to write in near future but that for sure rather then spending on Internet one day I have to take a virtual world retirement.

2 days ago 2 big duos Airtel and Idea increased the prices in 3G postpaid plans, its now increased by Rs. 50 and new package price is Rs. 300 for 1 GB earlier it was Rs. 250 for 1 GB. If we get proper speed and connectivity then we can able to consume it maximum in 2 hours so for ex. if I count 12 hours per day then 300 x 12 = Rs. 3600 means for Fresher their 1/3rd salary will goes to buy 1 day’s 3G need.

If some expert say then goes towards Broadband then don’t think it’s a easiest way to become internet friendly because first you needs to pay a big signing amount (Deposit) then also its not a guarantee you will get a good economical plan anyway if not then FUP (Fair Usage Policy) will become a villian and throttle your speed like you’re using Internet for free.

Big telecos was advocating Net Neutrality and tries to prove that this will help everyone to reach towards internet or basic internet will be free. But why these companies can’t realize that we’re using basic internet only on their assigned plans and we’re not gaining anything extraordinary by subscribing it.

Many Foreign based report comes that we need some rest from internet, too much internet or addiction will make us sick but don’t worry genius our Telecos are already helping us since many years we’re buying data packs of 28 days for the month of 30 and 31 days means off for 2 – 3 days in a month.

I won’t be surprise if Telecos will bring blackout day in Data packs too in near future, means Saturday or most probably Sunday will be out from data validity because weekends are the most busy day regarding Internet is a concern so let create a new rule to generate revenue and also hide from the infrastructure failure because weekend is the most we face trouble in the connectivity.

But if Telecos gonna restrict something then Internet giants will bring something innovatory and when those become popular then Telecos will goes to Govt. Agencies. Telecos restricted SMS packs in the festival days as they want revenues from it and defined it as “Blackout Day” so that no SMS pack will work. People moved towards Messenger apps then also Telecos having problem, Why so ? we need Data packs to use it then how people having advantage ?

TRAI restricted SMS count upto 100 per day to counterpart Telly Marketing and other Spam related messages but restricting SMS are really benefiting us ? No not at all infact they’re now active in other Messenger apps busy selling their product there and by restricting Messengers also will not help.

Biggest reasons Telecos are giving is infrastructure cost means before infrastructure was available for free when we used to get cheap data packs during UPA days ? Or Telecos took a loan to buy them ? I agrees that spectrum cost reached towards the sky then what was before but they already had infrastructure then what’s the problem to pay license fee ?

Currently Digital India campaign looks good in TV and Print Media but not in reality because of not having affordable internet, we having Android Phones but no pack can help us to install apps from play store and even update those. Then for what we’re cheering for Digital India ? Whatever low level internet we having it is costlier then before and buffers a lot even 3G sometimes so we’re not buffer free tats a reason 1 DTH launched a service by the claim of “Movies without Buffering”, that DTH itself behind from other competative DTH regarding Hardware wise mocking Telecos !!!

Currently DTH looks to me is more affordable then Internet that’s why I can see lot many DTH in slums because at Rs. 250 you will get 30 days pure entertainment and 3G at Rs. 300 that for 28 days and only 1 GB. Means TV industry having more growth then Internet.

When you see towards NDA Govt. you will found almost all Ministers or Departments are present in social network and they’re quite active there too. Infact PM Narendra Modi is present in almost all platform, he not even having account in SoundCloud but also having his own customized App. So Govt. is quite active and moving towards Digital but why can’t they protect the Interest of the people ? If we can’t have affordable platform then how we come online and move towards the path of Digital India ? Restricting Internet and killing the affordability factory will push us back then forward.

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