Monday, 30 January 2017

Podcast: My WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Review

Done my Podcast on WWE's "Big Four" Royal Rumble, reviewed the entire show of how Royal Rumble Kickoff and PPV worked, as it was a 6 hours of extravaganza. Royal Rumble is also a first stop of Road to Wrestlemania hence every one had their eyes on the momentum.

Talked about potential Divas feud in Smackdown Live between Alexa - Naomi, Becky - Mickie James, Nikkie - Natalya, along with future of Sheamus - Cesaro, timing of RAW Tag Team Championship change, John Cena vs. Aj Styles, Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns, The Undertaker's Wrestlemania Opponent, Seth Rollins - Triple H, Charlotte PPV record and much more on my Youtube Channel and also in Sound Cloud.

Note: Video has been removed from Youtube.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Digital Era in a Cash Woe State

Ever since Demonetisation came into picture E wallets like Freecharge, Paytm became a saviour of daily household, before for having E Wallets account was like joining a moment towards Digital Era but afterwards it happens to be a necessity of everyone’s part of life. Demonetisation was difficult but most necessary step and because of this wings of opportunity in Digital Transaction has been opened. More peoples are now inclined towards the cashless economy for the seamless transaction. We can’t totally replace the cash economy or can end it but we can save some cost of Government of India who invest in printing cash by joining Cashless Economy, that remaining amount can be saved and used for any beneficiary programs in the Country.

No doubt digital transaction is not easy in first hand but it also a most rapid way to pay money, with a single click you can transact without much of a effort made on it. For cash you always needs to find ATMs, you may end paying extra as well with every withdrawal and then worry about cash’s security and search change here and there, sometime we end up paying a penny extra but it’s not a case with Digital transaction. Indeed we needs to take care a bit to protect ourselves from fraudulent rest it’s a best possible way to deal in a digital era. Digital Transaction also provides the transparency which we always needed in our transaction, it also helps to monitor the daily expends which helps any family to workout on a daily, weekly, monthly cost. 

India is a Youth-Centric Country and Youth likes to experience something new, they have less fear but excitement to try new. Today very few percentage of people wants things to be simple and rest of them like action to be live and on the go, tats why no matter whatever the Internet speed our Country lies between poor to average we gets a huge number in viewership via OTT Apps. Any cricket match featuring India or IPL draws a big number of viewership because of youths craze towards cricket and the option to join the game live. The adaptation of digital currency also giving strengths to Online content providers and tats why number of investment in such parlours are increased in recent past compare to what we used to have 3 – 4 years ago. As per future aspect content cost of Digital rights will jump upto 10% of what we have currently and price of Television rights will drastically see a fall. 

Cashless economy is the essential step for Digital India concept also it helps to tackle corruption due to its transparency. Digital India concept which led people to connect with E World opening the tons of opportunities from it, from business class to working class it representing the world in a simplified manner in our LCD/LED Monitor. For youths internet not only provides the education materials, platform to search jobs, website to entertain, E Shops to get a latest trendy fashion, paying the necessary bills are kind of examples from this never ending virtual world. This also helps any startup to join the online community to give the first shout also a small business owner to get explored by millions. Digital World has no boundaries and no limits and it takes no time to get understood or get it understand. 

Cashless Economy is a part of Digital India concept which also helps to increase literacy, there are millions in the Country who do have basic education but yet not aware from basic rights which are made to support the livelihood and to make the complicate thing easy. Now with Digital India any kind of subsidy reaching to someone’s bank account which is also a kind of document proof of that person. Bank account also gives a hand on information towards anyone’s savings and connecting all this info with Aadhaar, today people need not to find bank because their finger print and mobile number does all the work. There was a time when people needs to worry about doing all official formalities infact in rural someone needs to worry about his or her mobile recharge but tats no more a issue. 

Cashless economy gave a opportunity to live a easiest life, also to make someone a contributor towards the Nation’s development. Now people using a service and paying for it, there is no middle man in any kind of deal which was a venom in the society barring down the growth of the nation for a very long time. No doubt cashless economy which is a sub part of Digital India is not so easy to adopt but we can’t hold for a long time from a world which can be explore in one click. It’s a need of a hour to lift the standards by going cashless rather then saying to protect mother nature time to keep the trees alive because currency printed from paper and for paper trees get slaughtered, we should keep the nature clean, eliminates the middle man and earn some cash backs as well through such E Wallets.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Podcast: My Road to Wrestlemania Prediction

Just updated my "Road to Wrestlemania" prediction. As WWE will kick start Road to Wrestlemania from 30th Annual Royal Rumble at Alamodome. 

Shared my views on Randy Orton - Bray Wyatt Situation, John Cena vs. Aj Styles, Will John Cena able to equalise the number of Ric Flair's World Title Record, Mickie James - Alexa Bliss situation and on Raw and Smackdown Divas, Charlotte Flair's undefeated PPV record, Tag Team situation, Kurt Angle's return and possibly his new role, Sami Zayn's weak push, Braun Strowman to possibly win the "Andre The Gaint" Memorable Battle royal, Seth Rollins vs. Triple H in Wrestlemania, Dolph Ziggler to possibly feud with Jerry 'The King' Lawler, The Undertaker's retirement match !!

Note: Video has been removed from Youtube.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Captain's Knock in a Fantastic Victories

Today we has witness 2 one of the fine knocks by the Captains of the respective teams Virat Kohli and Mohammad Hafeez. A special moment from the fans of Pakistan and India as both team has registered win against Ashes Rivals. How much important these victory was ? For Pakistan it was a must win game after a disappointed New Zealand Series and then white wash in Test Series, the only format they was promising with. Pakistan currently lying at 8th Rank in ODI rankings and interestingly Bangladesh is 1 position ahead of them which itself proves the overall performance of the side. Azhar Ali who's a better Test Player then ODI led the side in a loosing effort past Friday against Australia where he injured his hamstring which let Hafeez to lead the side and with his fighting spirit and all round performance he picked up the "Man Of the Match" award and won the game for his side. 

Similarly chasing down 350 runs, India was 4 down with both openers and heavyweights like Yuvraj and Dhoni gone cheaply at that point no one expected a win for India but only for a pray. That time Virat Kohli and Kedar Jadhav stood up with a outstanding partnership of 200 runs and pickup the victory for their team. After Captain Kohli keep the fighting spirit Kedar Jadhav joined him to support and this is how Team wins a crucial matches and cement their legacy. Was that partnership was planned before somewhere ? Absolutely not, it was a instinct decision on what to do. If Captain say hang on and don't fall then its a kind of a word you want to hear since for the moment you're the guy for the leader. Just day back when Gujarat picked their first Ranji Trophy and as usual Man in his Golden Time, Parthiv Patel anchored himself the one end and slowly - steadily he keeps his natural game on rather then being panic because the other finalist the 41th times Ranji Champions was nervous due to their legacy.

Another neighbour country Bangladesh start the 1st Test with a flyer by scoring nearly a 600 runs with Shakib's 217 and Captain Mushfiqur's 159 posted a partnership of 359 a National Record in Bangladesh Cricket, is a example that how important Captain's knock could be as he's the one who lead the side from the front by giving a best shot of his career. You can't point out reason and can't give a excuse in a defeat but to always keep fighting is a way to go. Leader only can motivate Team by setting up a example and not by telling what to do. Cricket is a most funny game because of that only any Batsman, any Bowler, any Fielder have to perform individually despite of being a Team Player of a Team Game. For any successful side there is always a Captain behind and whenever team falls Captain tend to take responsibility for the reason because everyone has to hear him, have to follow him and tats why he's the leader of the side. With these 4 recent examples its proved that how captain is important on or off the field because no matter team is lacking with some essentials or not only Captain knows how to win it from the odd or even.

[Archive Blog (21/10/15)] Mitchell Johnson : Fast, Quick and Aggressive

Last week Australia’s Premiere Fast Bowler, Mitchell Johnson retired from all format of cricket. He was quick, fast and aggressive. Started his cricketing career for Queensland he had a childhood dream to play Tennis but his fate was something else. He catches the eyes of Dennis Lillee in fast bowling clinic in Brisbane at the age of 17 and considered as rare talent to bowl quick. Lillee send him to Rod Marsh who arranged Johnson to join Australian Cricket Academy in Adelaide. Although he was going to start his first class career immediately which was ruined because of back injury. He waited for 2 years and eventually debut for Queensland against New Zealand.

Johnson’s first catchy performance was against India in DLF Cup Malaysia, a triangular series between India, Australia and West Indies. In a rain spoiled game he bowled fast and quick to dismiss Tendulkar, Dravid, Yuvraj and Pathan and gave a figure of 4/11 in 4 overs. It was a major breakthrough for a player like him. He’s having slingy action and very quick to bowl which generates the pace of over 150Kph. He’s a master class of his own who can bowl quick, very quick. He even broke the wrist of Graeme Smith twice and Jacque Kallis’s once.

Although he having professional and personal problems through out his career but all the time he overcome those by making a big comebacks. Its easy to become fast bowlers but match winning test fast bowlers by bowling 150 case is a sheer talent. After Wasim Akram he probably the world’s most threatening left handed fast bowler, he’s consistent pace in a hard deck is enough to disturb someone’s rhythm. Australia’s is not much known of its spin department after Shane Warne only Nathon Lyon found some success in Test but Team who’s heavily relying on Fast Bowler needs some fine Talent. Replacement of Glenn McGrath, Brett Lee and Jason Gillespie is a tough ask but not difficult either.

Fitness is a biggest acid for any fast bowler specially bowler who have not a conventional action, Mitch Johnson is a best example of how a player can do it although he did have a problem in his decade long career but he keeps on overcoming from the blow and keeps on raising the bar of his performance. He had a toe injury after a disappointed 2010-11 Ashes it was a most important series on which he needs to perform but he failed to do so, he’s poor form made him a subject for Barmy Army to chant against him. Toe injury was a moment to escape from a bad form he had on that point of time.

Controversial Homework-gate incident at 2012-13 too is a life changing moment for him as per his column for FOX SPORTS, he reveled that he was upset and bowled a quick fires to Late Phil Hughes and Glenn Maxwell for next 45 minutes. That series is still a unforgettable test series for India’s prospective where India beat Australia by 4-0 in 4 Match Series quite comprehensively. That series was the most talked one in the history of both India and Australia.

A big change of Mitchell Johnson’s career came after a demise of his team mate Philip Hughes on the Cricket Field, bower like Mitchell Johnson who was fast, quick, ruthless can’t digest that blow ever because Phil died while playing a bouncer of Victorian Fast Sean Abbott, this horrific tragedy is enough to thrill anyone and ofcourse Johnson too must come on this blow. At Adelaide test when he bowled the bouncer to Virat Kohli which hit on his helmet he and every Australian player immediately ran to look on Virat all right, Johnson must be in more shock then anyone else on that moment that was the first test Australia was playing after a tragic incident. A shy relief for everyone when Kohli signaled as everything is ok.

In Johnson’s recent column he admitted that he lost the hunger to play, he already made his mind to retire after a disappointed 2015 Ashes Tour. Couple of Senior players including Micheal Clarke already decided to hang their boots but later Johnson believed on himself by seeing young lads bowling fast and quick for their Team but Johnson need the one bad test match to called off his day. Recently concluded 2nd Test Match against New Zealand in Western Australia turned down his last. Although he did surpassed Brett Lee’s 311 Test Wickets and become the 4th leading test wicket takers for Australia joining the club of great legends like Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath, Dennis Lillee

Mitchell Johnson believed on himself and self determination to comeback strongly made him special among others, he retire by himself, decided on his own eventually gave up cricket on his domestic home ground WACA where he moved from Queensland at 2008 for his family. Still Johnson can carry on for another 1 – 2 years if not in longer format then on shorter format but he decided to end his decade long stint with a great style of 2/20 in his final spell of 6 overs. Hopefully we see Mitch Johnson bowl in T20 Cricket and become Teacher of Future Talents.

[Archive Blog (21/10/15)] The Undertaker : 25 Years of Dominance in WWE

Buzz of Gong, Lights turned out Dark, Thunder strikes and outcomes The Undertaker with lots of Fog and Smoke from Dead Valley. A Man of 6’10” walks slowly slowly wearing a black Hat, Overcoat with his Eagle in his hand and his Father holds the urn which was everything for Taker on his dead life. Although now Undertaker walking alone with no bird on his hand, Father from Heaven cheering Taker by saying “Oh Yeeaah” is now more dangerous then before. Not only people who used to watch his entry in the ring live from audiences or whosoever watch on TV this 2 minutes moment is more then enough to give you a goosebumps. He’s such a persona who’s very close to death and will make opponents “Rest In Peace”. Dark is his partner and thunder is his friend this is enough to explain about a man who dominated the sports industry with his fear.

His battleground is either in Hell or in Cascades he’s a soul distributor of carnage in the square ring. He can burn it or he can tear it or can freeze humans in a cement, he can bury people alive too. Fearless “Deadman” always are on a mission to finish the evil and let them die. The anger, intensity all the time search for the new target, a new victim of “Master of Pain” The Undertaker. He’s a warrior and savior of his world either being a “American Badass” or being a “Hell’s Guardian” or by forming “Brother’s of Destruction”. He have only one mission and that induct peoples into a pain of hell. He won’t hesitate to kick someone’s arse or sending someone in a deadly tour by throwing people from 20 feet high above the surface. He’s fearless and don’t cares about the end result.

Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker made his career by walking into a dead. Made his debut in November 22 1990 Survivor Series as heel and mystery partner of Ted Dibiase Sr. portrayed as impervious to pain. Calaway is a perfect PPV guy which is quite evident with his career so far and every sport entertainment is wish for a guy like him who can sell a ticket on his own. Debut in one of the biggest PPV of WWE later made a streak on grandest stage Wrestlemania with 21 straight victories from Wrestlemania VII to Wrestlemania XXIX beating many all time greats like Ric Flair, Shaun Michaels, Triple H, Kane, CM Punk. He made his first victim in Wrestlemania as Jimmy “The Superfly” Snuka and later become victim of “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar by ending the streak 21-1.

The Undertaker made a great career by fighting freaky matches of Sports Entertainment and headlines it. He may have less matches in his belt may held very less championship but he’s a lord of darkness, a phenom which put him into a different category. A PPV guy who have very less Main Events created a legacy and then fighting for a same legacy. His freaky career having many very firsts which no one can imagine that can be performed thanks to Phenom. People enjoys his character rather then frighten tats why a kind of disbelieve happens when they found Undertaker to be out cold. There is a picture of believers mind a picture of warrior who comes and go and raise his hand on the dark. After 25 years people raising questions that how long The Undertaker will walk but answer is humans can retire but dead’s won’t they covers the distance in a dark to find out their newest victim.

[Archive Blog (15/10/15)] Virender Sehwag : Only Sultan of Test Cricket from India

India has produce many great batsman in the history of Indian test cricket. From Vinu Mankad to Lala Amarnath, from Sunil Gavaskar to Mohd. Azharuddin but last 1 decade was quite remarkable for Indian cricket because many player joined the great one Sachin Tendulkar in the test side to represent India, Dravid, Laxman, Ganguly and 1 man who was really special among others was Sehwag. 5 big faces who changed the entire course of Test Cricket for India tats a reason whenever India lost the test match they faced the criticism most.

Sehwag’s partners always have the best seat in the house. If you want the best shot of Sehwag then give him a strike and remain not out. Technically not a sound cricketer have a problem to move his feet but everyone knows that if Sehwag start hitting then it will be bad very bad for the ball and the bowlers because he will knock you hard everywhere in the park. Sehwag is a ruthless personality when he bats but never had any fight in his decade long career even when he hit Triple Century then also. No one can provoke him during his innings because he keeps on concentrating on the lyrics of a song he nattering rather then listening foul words from opponents. When other players become frustrate you will find him smiling and if he’s fielding in Square Leg and Point then talking with Umpires will be his time pass.

Sehwag is quite a straight forward personality too and never hesitate to take stands for his former Team Mates. Like he took a stand for Ganguly’s captaincy during Ganguly Chappell’s rift also in various occasions when Team requires he come forward, although he liked to play under Kumble more then any other captain even Ganguly and himself admitted that without Kumble’s support he won’t be back in the Team. 14 Test under Kumble he scored 1353 with a average of 58.82. Highlights of those period Shewag hit the magnificent 319 and a blistering 201* in Galle Test to neutralize Mendis – Murali, Sehwag admitted that test innings is his personal best.

Its not like that Virender Sehwag got everything as a gift in his Cricketing career, he achieved his spot on his own all the time rather then got the spot as per his previous records. He dropped many times through out his career and lost his precious years for his said “poor performance”. His actual career started when “Nawab of Najafgrh” sent to open the innings and then it becomes history for all and later distinguished as “Multan ka Sultan”. Sehwag’s technique always come under the scanner, no feet moment, physically bulky, plays careless shot to get out and lot many we listen from his critics through out his career. But no one can deny that whenever Sehwag stand in the crease it used to be a total entertainment.

Sehwag is a best example of fearless cricketer he may having very few not outs in his career but he had capability to play big innings too, suddenly many can’t match his abilities and record and in recent past only Chris Gayle having better record then him. Sehwag created many shots and Sachin Tendulkar is his idol as per him his interest towards cricket increased while watching him to play and learned to play many shots from him. Whatever Sehwag accomplished today is because of his opening spot and technique he liked most. He’s funda is very much clear he will hit the loose ball hard whether that ball gone towards the boundary or took his wicket.

Sehwag’s entire cricket career teach us one thing don’t think too much about result whatever the circumstances will be just believes on your capabilities and on which you’re best, you will face difficulties and criticism from everyone but rather then making it personal you should answer them in the professional field with your finest work. Without hard work nothing can be achieved and Sehwag proved it many times, he dropped he returned and score the big one, he dropped he returned again and score the big one, he dropped score the big one but didn’t returned because peoples behind the room had other plans.

Virender Sehwag not only was a class player but also carries a class act, not only he didn’t have controversial career off and on the field but even honest to admit many things, after retirement he gave many interviews in almost all Media houses and opened enough with his view point, but also make sure he gonna attend his former team mate – friend’s marriage. During he’s interview he also made a point of his retirement, class player like him deserves a piece of a match to retire which he didn’t we agree that Team is bigger then a Player but if a Board can organize a entire Test Series for 1 player then why not 1 match for Sehwag ?

I hope if BCCI can’t honor Sehwag then atleast DDCA can during 4th Test between India vs South Africa as he’s a idol player of the association over the years, he may missed to make a mark in his Home Ground but he’s maiden 5 Wicket Haul in Kumble’s last test against Australia is still remarkable achievement in Delhi, we fans already missed the victory smile of Sehwag while playing for India for the last time but will be happy if Board and Association thanks the Sultan of Indian Cricket for his decades long domination against World’s finest bowlers.

[Archive Blog (10/10/15)] Darkest Night is back, Match interfered due to Crowd Disturbance in Cuttack

March 13, 1996 India vs. Sri Lanka : 1st Semifinal of World Cup 1996 in Kolkata. People was expecting a great game of cricket and of course Kolkata was a great venue of a exciting counter. Both Teams were charged up at one hand India wants to regain the trophy after 13 years on its own soil at the other hand young gun wants to show their talent in a grandest stage. Whatever happened throughout the match was a concern of Cricket, how pitch played how it behaved, how players played is a matter of cricket and everything is noted down in a history book. The concern thing was the outcome of the match which not only shaken the International Cricket but also stunned Indian Cricket and most importantly India.

No one ever thought that, can spectator make things worst ? Still we have a picture in our mind where at one end India kneel downing in front of Muralitharan, Jayasuriya, Dharmasena kinda bowlers at the other hand Vinod Kambli holding the nerve and playing probably one of his testing knocks. Wickets was tumbling down and crowd’s anger was rising up, after the fall of 8th wicket when India was needed plenty more to reach into the finals, people’s anger cross over their head and they start throwing plastic bottles, posters and whatever they were holding a huge brawl broke up in a stands. Those days people switched off TV when Tendulkar got out but what would people do whosoever were present in a stands? Tony Greig’s Live Commentary and Pictures was enough to say that something went wrong in a grandest stage and entire World saw that. Vinod Kambli shown crying in the field probably that would be the only match people will remember his appearance. Although only he can explain why he was crying ? Is it because India not able to complete the match or he not ables to bat !!

No one knows for what people start rioting ? Whether they were frustrated against India’s poor performance or they didn’t liked Sri Lanka’s brilliance that day. Whatever the cause it was probably would be the blackest day in the cricketing field of India. But as many scholars says “History will repeat one day” and it did, date was 05th of October 2015, Venue Cuttack. India playing one of the most toughest battle both out and inside the field. At one hand BCCI has been criticized because of carrying allegations of corruption and conflicts of interest, and at the other hand India’s poor display of cricket even in Home. India was playing its 2nd T20 of the series against South Africa and India must win to keep the series alive but it didn’t happened infact India played so poorly that match would end earlier then its actual ending time if Crowd disturbance won’t happened.

Although people blew their frustration and anger at the Cricket Stadium but the important thing that entire nation got embarrassed once again. If we’re putting cricket on our priority, if we have a utter respect for our players then why we broke and didn’t digest defeat ? Infact match was against South Africans we cheer for same South Africans when they plays for the IPL, then suddenly what happened ? Surely no one ables to decode by now. India vs. South Africa is also termed as “Gandhi – Mandela Series” and both of their lives are the prime example of “Peace”. Peace which has won lots of fights and wars without hurting anyone, Gandhi and Mandela both had their own struggle and challenges for the Nation but they put their Guns and Swords aside and remain in a path of honesty and Peace. Eventually we forget the morale of both greats in a greatest battle of Cricket.

Eventually next match of this series is in Kolkata and I hope CAB is fully prepared to overcome any unfortunate circumstances since its a matter of our country’s respect and dignity also there is no place of violence in Cricket field thats why it considered as a gentleman’s game. Hence even people should respect both moment of joy and emotions on defeat and respect the best of the day.

[Archive Blog (25/09/15)]Tribute to Jagmohan Dalmiya : Men behind Brand “BCCI”

Past Sunday we lost a entrepreneur who gave a new heights to the Cricket in India, who gave us a Corporate Society on which we are proud of, A society which establishes ourself as a “Superpower” and it becomes one of the gems of India. All the credits to the man called Jagmohan Dalmiya without him I think we never got addicted to the Cricket.

We people have a tendency to get affectionate with a brand either it is from Pen – Pencil to Electronics Devices, Moto Bikes to Airlines, Mobile Networks to TV Networks or even a small hotel down to the nook of some road where we took a sip of morning or evening tea with snacks. We follows our heart & loves to be a part of it. Same love force us to call “Cricket is my Favorite Sport” despite of Hockey to be considered as our National Game written somewhere officially.

Context to bringing topic on brands are very simple there would be no Cricket if BCCI won’t adopt the corporate entity, may be struggle to make profit, at the end of the day the entire system would be perish too. Many Governing sports bodies which are running by politicians or businessman’s over the decades are struggling and failed to create stars of the genre. Passionate sports personals of different different genre paying from their own pocket to practice and looking to qualifying for big stage. Means neither Sports Authority cares about their star players effort nor anyone is there to cheer up for the particular sports and its players.

BCCI bought contract and pension policy for Current and Past Players and Umpires under the leadership of Jagmohan Dalmiya, means full of professionalism a sought of agreement that BCCI cares about their players and officials. Technically BCCI is a private body and nothing to do with Indian Govt. as they don’t have any supremacy. So BCCI have to think and do for BCCI XI (Team India) which make sense, any firm can’t be driven without its talent they needs to take care of each and every aspect of their contracted person.

Not only Jagmohan Dalmiya carries the legacy to make BCCI “A Golden Bird” he also helped South Africa to returns into the Cricket and make sure Bangladesh to won the Test status. 2 things which was never easy infact India’s political relationship with South Africa and Bangladesh too was not that strong. Probably it would be the magic of true efforts of Jagmohan Dalmiya and prayers of Nelson Mandela, series between India and South Africa become reality. Kolkata “Home of Cricket” in India witness the first odi with a massive crowd of 100,000 at Edens.

Ali Bacher administrator of then United Cricket Board of South Africa want broadcasting of this historic series in South Africa he suggested Dalmiya to make sure of it those days DD used to have a moral broadcasting rights of Cricket in India. Bacher’s 1 suggestion Dalmiya sees the opportunity and BCCI got the wings to fly, Dalmiya and Bindra won the legal battle against DD in 93 until 95 DD have to pay a amount to cover Cricket in India before it was free means DD used to pay nothing. After that Pubcaster lost that “Constitutional Rights Holder” tag too when Supreme Court declared that BCCI is a commodity owner and they can sold the broadcasting rights to highest bidder.

Such ruling was a big relief for BCCI & Dalmiya which ensured BCCI’s income. Dalmiya is a 1 such guy who believes to grab the opportunity no matter whatsoever he always had a cool head which sees opportunity to hit. We never have so many private sports broadcaster or never have such a tough competition to grab Cricket rights. During Dalmiya’s prime time atleast competition was tough, now we can say game is behind the selective face and known names.

Dalmiya knows to win battles behind the doors silently, bringing the 1996 World Cup “Home” (Indian Subcontinent) was the turning point of his career, he twists the Lord’s tail by beating England from hosting the Worldcup with the help of then BCCI’s President Madhavrao Schindia to secured the hosting rights. Altough Countries of Indian Subcontinent carry forward the fear of terrorism those days Sri Lanka was facing terrified moments. Dalmiya supported Sri Lankan hosting by creating Unified Team of India & Pakistan as “Wills XI” to play goodwill matches. Tournament become a big commercial success and we witness the emerging Sri Lanka as a World Champions.

Dalmiya is not the one who should be credited to give “Brand BCCI” he also should be remembered to give “Commercialization in ICC” although Dalmiya failed to become ICC Chief (ICC Chairman) for the first time but destiny holds something else he did become ICC Chief (ICC President) in 1997. 3 notable things he did in his tenure first helping Bangladesh to host the first ever “ICC Knockout Trophy”, second bringing Worldcup’s under ICC’s umbrella before host nation used to earn by hosting Worldcup by all the commercial routes. By this ruling ICC got reasons to cheer as they comes into the play by selling commercial rights, third and most important supporting Bangladesh for Test Status, he not only sealed it but also let India to become their first opponents in big level competition since 2000 as BCCI constantly touring Bangladesh ever since although never hosted them in past 15 years.

Jagmohan Dalmiya was not bold enough like other entrepreneurs nor he was a fine speaker but people who’re close enough to him knows very well that he had a great sharp mind and ability to see future, he never blow trumpet on anything nor on his accomplishment towards the Cricket but at end of the day he was the player of his own ground who played a lots of match winning Innings for Cricket. It is very easy to do business on Diamonds but difficult to search Diamonds. Dalmiya may not able to see “Gandhi – Madella Series” but quite sure both India and South Africa will gave us a memorable series by Tributing Mr. Jagmohan Dalmiya.

He may not with us now but his contribution towards Cricket will be forever known and his legacy will stand tall forever.

[Archive Blog (04/09/15) Indo – Pak Series and its Future !!

Couple of days ago read a comment of Shoaib Akhtar in which he said Indo – Pak Series should be called off until and unless tension between both Country get resolves. I am agrees with him and respect his great piece which he put infront of the World. We can’t cheer any kind of business relationship in the cost of war. Business relationship means total business whatever its currently going on should be pause. It’s should not looks like that India or I should say BCCI only don’t want Indo – Pak Series.

Udhampur Terror Attack put another tie in the strain political relationship between India – Pakistan. Months before we can think about the possibility of 1 Cricket series but now its almost dusted. But still people of PCB trying their level best although it’s all upto BCCI and Indian Govt. only. Eventually powerful leaders of both Govt. and Opposition carrying the bag of BCCI.

Couple of months ago when everyone was hoping for a series BCCI had 1 problem and that is TEN SPORTS is a official broadcaster of this series in India at Pakistan they having rights jointly with PTV SPORTS. Means we could have sure shot confirmation by now if TEN was not having contract with PCB or if they decide not to go away with BCCI featured series just like they did with India – Sri Lanka series ? Or BCCI is totally dependent on Govt. order although they’re a private body and not govern by Central at all. Now we all know the sweet relationship of ZEEL and BCCI.

Indo – Pak series called as a money whoppy series with high stakes, black and white get involves from all the possible channels. Although we having less series against each other in last 6 decades still those considered at houseful and superhit. Obviously series will automatically become strong after the arch rivals involvement. Even if not arch rivals then also both Country’s cricketers are enough to make a franchisee teams grand just like Pakistani players involvement in the inaugural season of IPL.

2008 where the time India faced the biggest blow of a life, Mumbai terror attacks put us kneel down and Indian Govt. suspended the cricketing relationship with Pakistan. Only Cricket not others though. Since Cricket gave a huge a revenue to Pakistan so better cut it and tat too series like Indo – Pak which is Golden Bird to claim.

Just remember a small series of Pakistan Tour of India at late 2012 – 13. Pakistan clinch that Series by 2 – 1 after leveling T20 series by 1 – 1, 2 Boards made a good money along with Sponser and Broadcaster, Broadcaster goes 1 step ahead and let the Operator reminds that “Operator need Broadcaster, Broadcaster don’t.”

From more then a decades we know how much Cricket is important then anything else between both Countries thats a reason whatever happens we switched off the cricketing plug. We still welcomes Film Stars, Musicians across the Border and infact our Performers too go there and perform. We enjoying their contents so does they, News channels took things 1 step ahead when they have joint simulcast shows between 2 channels, you will often got such during Worldcup – Cricket Match or during Political discussion, Indian viewer also knows about Hamid Mir a very well known Journo from Pak.

It’s not like BCCI competely locked the doors from Pakistani cricketers. Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar, Ramiz Raja did work for BCCI Production over the years since they’re committed with STAR SPORTS and STAR SPORTS have a rights of BCCI. Infact Waqar Yonus was once coaches Sunrisers in IPL and Wasim still associating with KKR, Ramiz and Shoaib are the well known voice of IPL and defunct CLT20, Pakistani umpire Asad Rauf was regular with Umpire’s Hat till his name raised in Fixing. Aleem Dar also standed in many IPL matches if he was not busy with ICC fixture. Fromer Pakistani Cricketer Azhar Mahmood even represented KXIP since he hold the British Passport and not have contract with PCB. So it is wrong to say that Cricketing relationship is totally cutted since 5 – 6 peoples make a huge difference.

Currently many people who live Cricket get 1 thing to say and that is “Why India fearing from Pak to play ?”, why we will fear we got the world’s best team but since because of political strain we’re not playing although we continue to have cricketing relationship with Bangladesh and Srilanka despite of decades long rift on Indo – Bangla Border agreement and problem with Sri Lanka over Indian Fisherman’s.

Literally India would have no Cricket in Asia if Politics get involves because we all know every Country is right on their own point of view. Even if BCCI looking to scrap Indo – Pak series it shouldn’t look like that Political agenda is a excuse to get rid from the series because they don’t want bunch of few people to earn some bucks and made headlines in TV ratings. BCCI signed a MoU which they shouldn’t if Govt. can enforce them or they’re bound to follow some rules. BCCI can be straight forward in this issue rather then thinks to get and provides benefits for their partners.

[Archive Blog (02/09/15)] Digital India without Internet ?

Days after Days we’re going far away from proper Internet connectivity and costly plans will corner us one day from Internet. Don’t know how many blogs I will able to write in near future but that for sure rather then spending on Internet one day I have to take a virtual world retirement.

2 days ago 2 big duos Airtel and Idea increased the prices in 3G postpaid plans, its now increased by Rs. 50 and new package price is Rs. 300 for 1 GB earlier it was Rs. 250 for 1 GB. If we get proper speed and connectivity then we can able to consume it maximum in 2 hours so for ex. if I count 12 hours per day then 300 x 12 = Rs. 3600 means for Fresher their 1/3rd salary will goes to buy 1 day’s 3G need.

If some expert say then goes towards Broadband then don’t think it’s a easiest way to become internet friendly because first you needs to pay a big signing amount (Deposit) then also its not a guarantee you will get a good economical plan anyway if not then FUP (Fair Usage Policy) will become a villian and throttle your speed like you’re using Internet for free.

Big telecos was advocating Net Neutrality and tries to prove that this will help everyone to reach towards internet or basic internet will be free. But why these companies can’t realize that we’re using basic internet only on their assigned plans and we’re not gaining anything extraordinary by subscribing it.

Many Foreign based report comes that we need some rest from internet, too much internet or addiction will make us sick but don’t worry genius our Telecos are already helping us since many years we’re buying data packs of 28 days for the month of 30 and 31 days means off for 2 – 3 days in a month.

I won’t be surprise if Telecos will bring blackout day in Data packs too in near future, means Saturday or most probably Sunday will be out from data validity because weekends are the most busy day regarding Internet is a concern so let create a new rule to generate revenue and also hide from the infrastructure failure because weekend is the most we face trouble in the connectivity.

But if Telecos gonna restrict something then Internet giants will bring something innovatory and when those become popular then Telecos will goes to Govt. Agencies. Telecos restricted SMS packs in the festival days as they want revenues from it and defined it as “Blackout Day” so that no SMS pack will work. People moved towards Messenger apps then also Telecos having problem, Why so ? we need Data packs to use it then how people having advantage ?

TRAI restricted SMS count upto 100 per day to counterpart Telly Marketing and other Spam related messages but restricting SMS are really benefiting us ? No not at all infact they’re now active in other Messenger apps busy selling their product there and by restricting Messengers also will not help.

Biggest reasons Telecos are giving is infrastructure cost means before infrastructure was available for free when we used to get cheap data packs during UPA days ? Or Telecos took a loan to buy them ? I agrees that spectrum cost reached towards the sky then what was before but they already had infrastructure then what’s the problem to pay license fee ?

Currently Digital India campaign looks good in TV and Print Media but not in reality because of not having affordable internet, we having Android Phones but no pack can help us to install apps from play store and even update those. Then for what we’re cheering for Digital India ? Whatever low level internet we having it is costlier then before and buffers a lot even 3G sometimes so we’re not buffer free tats a reason 1 DTH launched a service by the claim of “Movies without Buffering”, that DTH itself behind from other competative DTH regarding Hardware wise mocking Telecos !!!

Currently DTH looks to me is more affordable then Internet that’s why I can see lot many DTH in slums because at Rs. 250 you will get 30 days pure entertainment and 3G at Rs. 300 that for 28 days and only 1 GB. Means TV industry having more growth then Internet.

When you see towards NDA Govt. you will found almost all Ministers or Departments are present in social network and they’re quite active there too. Infact PM Narendra Modi is present in almost all platform, he not even having account in SoundCloud but also having his own customized App. So Govt. is quite active and moving towards Digital but why can’t they protect the Interest of the people ? If we can’t have affordable platform then how we come online and move towards the path of Digital India ? Restricting Internet and killing the affordability factory will push us back then forward.

[Archive Blog (28/08/2015) Can Steve Smith able to carries the expectation of Australian Cricket ?

Year 2010, Steve Smith debuts for Australia mainly as a leg spinner because Australian was desperately want a match winner spinner in the Team as they was obsessed with the combination of a Spinner and 3 quickies. Australians although was having some enormous talents of quickies but Spinner and that too match winner is not easy to find outside Asia.

Australian tried lots of spin combination and Steve Smith was one of them “A Leggie” after Cameron White and Legendary Shane Warne although Captain Ponting may didn’t require or like the idea to give him a long spells, he may ended bowl less but batted well in lower order in his initial test career. But he was superb with his bowling in T20 Worldcup 2010 clinches 11 wicket there.

Steve Smith started his career in a dramatic manner but his hard work and dedication led his career to shine. Although he saw a difficult phase too, people criticized his technique of playing cricket hence he considered to be Limited over Batsman more then in long format. But will can help to achieve any easy or any difficult target, important thing is approach to go ahead.

Steve Smith cemented his place in Australian side and seems to set his legacy just like former captains of Australia, biggest challenge he now having to led the shoulder up of Australian side and built the side with energetic young talent, he also having no one to look his back in Test Arena so he have to lead the side alone, he may get inputs from seniors, legend from outside but only Smith have to implement those into the field.

Test Cricket is a most exhausted experience any Captain ever face, also if your side is down and out then any leader have to start the process from zero, rebuilding a side, search of new talent and supportive Team Management who will listen and talks to the captain. Time will tell how much Smith cope up the pressure in this transition and how much he having to face the challenge.

Although Steve Smith showed his temperament and class when he scored his biggest knock of his life (215) against England in Lords same ground where he started as blond Leg Spinner 5 years ago. Since that Lords test match he come out with different personality and that innings was full of class and dedication. Will be interesting to see how he able to manage the Team with full of class and dedication. Although Australian Cricket will choose a leader and their board have a great history on it, strong team always up their shoulders and their Captain leading team from the front as true leader. I hope Steve Smith will create a legacy on his own and we would excited by reading his team’s achievement in history book.

Best wishes to him.

[Archive Blog (29/08/15)] Hardik Patel following the footstep of Arvind Kejriwal to woo politics ?

Until last week India was unaware from a 22 year old Commerce Graduate named Hardik Patel but after his massive rally in Gujarat he not only known Nationally very well but even discussion started regarding his political future. It’s not wrong if we compare him with Arvind Kejriwal both started their political days as a anarchist and challenged law and order.

Arvind Kejriwal didn’t fought for reservation nor he was a front runner in a fight for “Jan Lokpal” and “India Against Corruption” he was a member of “Anna Moment” and with that moment a collective decision made which later shaped out as “AAM AADMI PARTY”, few seniors who didn’t accepted Arvind as their leader left AAP and rest is with AAP.

Hardik Patel came up with Patidar Reservation Agitation demanding reservation for serval Patidar community, his main demand is either bring everyone under Reservation or Finished the concept itself. But everyone knows such concepts helps political party and allianz hence they kept those system alive for purpose. So even Hardik Patel wants to join the league ?

People who wants to join political roots comes up with some aim although even they knows its the most difficult thing to correct the system or if they correct the system then how their political shop will be open ? Every political party promises to give a merit based leadership but end result will be same, communities may or may not seeking Reservation row but what if some political influence force them ? Today almost 80% youths of metro and sub mtero cities are saying to end the reservation row but if get close then how elections will be fought ?

We listen a lot of development, don’t know how far we’re left from it and how much close we reached towards it. Question is valid because their is no criteria set we just running behind the word “development” and not finishing the pending ones on time. Political party’s either repeating the same quotation or want votes on whatever few achievement they gain.

Arvind Kejriwal was in a mission to perfect Delhi and wants to end all wrong deed but slowly slowly his fight turned out to be against Modi, atleast joining Nitish – Lalu is a indication to form a political allianz which will compete against NDA. So does for this reason Kejriwal came into politics or wants to change Delhi with a limited resources ? And more importantly implementation of “Janlokpal” and to let its working Free flow and Transparent a separate Govt. Body was about to introduce, so who is heading it and members of it ? Atleast despite of a proper Media coverage in Delhi more then 70% – 80% youth of India is unaware of it so even I.

So is there any guarantee whatever Hardik Patel is speaking he will implement all those if he forms a party and comes to a power in Gujarat altough its a toughest task to conquor Gujarat but not impossible he already messed up with law and order costing few lives in that rally. Entry of Hardik Patel was violent and aggressive just like Kejriwal. And he & his supporters received a proper coverage of media too. But the bottom line is whether he able to shake Gujarat politics ? Kejriwal did it after sweeping BJP from Delhi despite of NDA Govt. in Central.

We always see youths involvement makes a difference interesting to see whether youth wants to involve in Reservation Politics or not ? Regarding development we all see Gujarat model trended a lot just before General Election. It’s all depends on what people thinks or wants to connect with a new gen politics or stick with the conventional one. Because Delhi decided and they must deeply analyzed their decision too after so many months and will support Hardik literally if he goes Political route.

[Archive Blog (27/08/2015)] Banning – Reinstating IPL Teams are the only solution to clean Cricket ?

Question is confusing because this is the only way to approach for cleaning cricket….. First of all IPL itself is not clean then how can their approach to be and what if the desire result won’t occur……

I am not doubting on Justice Lodha committee’s decision they gave a perfect and most historic decision but problem with IPL is that people who was running things are controversial and rebel then how Cricket will be pure if you think at any instance.

From starting itself many pundits were having big question on their mind regarding Ownership and Broadcast rights, I remember when I read a news in the news paper which was printed in the corner left side of the page and stated that “Sony – WSG bought IPL’s broadcast rights for 10 years from a whoopy 1 billion”. Although it was a big amount those days and probably a foolishness to invest a money like this on a tournament which we never expect to turn out to be such a houseful and sold out.

In some point ICC tournament start looking small compare to IPL such a glourious, lustrous tournament even News channels gained TRP by the name IPL. But because of its glamour it become Controversial too, it used to look like a out of control thing, Players start slapping others, Owners start abusing and Fighting with Ground Security and all that….

But most controversial thing which gained media attention is a Minister stepped down from his post because of IPL franchisee later that year BCCI sacked the Creator, Chairman of the IPL. That was the same year when ginn of spot fixing cames to play in IPL. Few players get suspended – 1 Domestic player and 1 Top International Umpire’s career was over since then.

People forget about other stories but it hurts when you comes to know that tight game was fixed and it could have other possible result. It’s not like people didn’t gave a chance back to IPL but again Fixing claim came out 3 players of 1 Franchisee was caught up behind the bars and claimed to involve in Fixing. Biggest shocker came when Franchisee owners was found guilty, this is the most shocking and stunning incident Indian crowd ever saw on their life.

How can you believe that the tournament you loves most and cares most is fixed by their owners ? Although still we can’t say those owners are innocent or those owners are main accuse, because fixing having their own trick. Only thing we can say IPL would be bit clean if their would be no Franchisee system or those banned owners may not own the Teams.

Here 2 – 3 things are the biggest point maker. And 1 of the most important point is “Conflict of the Interest”, now who’s conflicting what and how is a old story but what is the influence on the IPL is the big concern. Peoples faith from IPL is surely reducing, we may saw the match but will always have 2 frame of the story, atleast blind trust is over.

If these concern points were get overcome by the Indian Board at the right time then we may not see such mess ups but again “Conflict of Interest” let everyone blind, their would be no hurdle to have a tournament free flow if every problem taken care at the right time but currently its out of shape. Fan of CSK and RR will miss their resp. Franchisee from next year although they will make a comeback but then who will own and runs them ?

We always saw a tournament which only expands but never synchronize unless like IPL which expanded into 10 from 8 then become 9 then back to 8. 1 Franchisee get suspended by BCCI replaced by a Rising SUN in Cricket, 2 Teams get suspended by Lodha Committee but will be replaced by 2 then after few years they will be 10. Pheww too much confusion !!!

But only guarantee followers of IPL want will it be Free from all Controversy, will it be Transparent, will BCCI people won’t have any commercial interest in IPL from now onwards ? Such small questions needs a big answers and banning and reinstating IPL Teams are only a temporary solution not a permant one to clean Cricket.

[Archive Blog (23/08/15)] Legends Retirement – End of an Era

Week started with a Legendary Retirements of Kumar Sangakkara and Michael Clarke both were started their career in 2 different era but ended at the same era. Both are the idol of World Cricket may not be toppest most superstars but they atleast registered themselves in Historic book. I can’t judge their glamorous presence Clarke even had a controversy way back which is not a idol time to raise but overall whatever they was in the cricketing field matters most.

Kumar and Michael ended in a 2 opposite characteristics side, 1 was too dominate and won’t hesitate to bully others another one was silent attacker, you will never feel Sri Lankan Teams presence if they play fairly but always creates controversy when they tries to fox teams.

Obviously players would adopt the same characteristics of the Team but when you see Michael Clarke he’s believed on what he think is right even took a retirement before anyone could raises a finger on him.

Australians will always have 2 concerns 1st is Worldcup and 2nd is Ashes and despite of successfully leading the side in CWC 15, Clarke will carry the Tag of loosing Ashes. Wondering how long Clarke would go if Australia won the Ashes he might planned something else for that.

Coming to Sanga his last ever Worldcup was kind of run machine for him Century after Century even his last T20 Worldcup where he played a match winning knock to knockout India was a tremendous effort. But after Worldcup I think Sanga had enough probably for him its a right time to take some rest we may see him in T20 leagues.

Every year Cricket loosing some great Superstars from Cricket field they not only was a best sellers for ground ticket but also a plus for the Broadcasters, although we can’t stick with the time we have to move on but we have to agree with that its almost impossible to fill the gap of those players.

Each one of us having 1 dream player in mind we want that person to play till we last if he/she left the field means definition of that game is over, may be because he/she’s the one we get attracted towards the game hence our definition starts or end on that name. Many talented player although tries to fill the hanged shoes and they become quite successful too but I don’t think people will forget their last hero so easily.

We will miss all such greats and even thanks for their career and the memory they provided us, those breathe taking moments can’t be forgettable ever, those superb batting, bowling, fielding efforts will always be memorise us and excite us and will be in our mind and every enthusiasts will keeps on checking those on whatever modes its available.

Ending a career and starting a new one is just a start or end of an 1 chapter like we used to have in our schools, colleges it will be a never ending process until and unless game lasting with us, face will be change but the legacy will remain forever with the player, after the player.

[Archive Blog (19/08/15)] Bharat Ratna for Major Dhyan Chand

Sports enthusiasts and people who follows or plays Hockey thinks and ask the same question about Bharat Ratna award for Major Dhyan Chand, question is very simple but having no answers atleast not with Politicians.

People lost hopes and get disappointed when UPA Government announced Bharat Ratna for Sachin Tendulkar but not for Dhyan Chand. That announcement was so fast and furious that within hour of Tendulkar’s retirement speech official announcement has been made. People was waiting for the induction of Dhyan Chand but except that announcement Mr. Rajiv Shukla commented that “Many awards are named after Major Dhyan Chand…”

If you thinking about the intention of the comment it is 100% true its like demanding Bharat Ratna award for Bharat Ratna. Major Dhyan Chand is a bigger better idol this Country ever produced with so much of sacrifice and hurdle he never let his Country down and set a goal to achive milstone in hockey. Hockey may be a Team game but he single handedly beaten many opponents. Won many Gold and Silver but unfortunately didn’t won the richly deserving medal of the Country.

He many not even expecting anything now and must be concentrating on playing hockey in heaven and representing India there too. But about those who want their idol to win the must deserving accolade of the Country ? Well only Politicians can answer it.

Over a year we saw many greats are getting the highest most award of the Country but we have to agree that list has been made according to the Central Government’s will and not according to the people’s choice. Some get the awards early and some get it very late, some get it without demanding, some didn’t even after demanding.

Basically Bharat Ratna award is a way to say thank you from the Country’s citizen to the contributor. But because of political will award system become weird. It’s about giving the accolades to the right person at the right time and not shortlisting candidate according to the favouritism.

We need people’s involvement too for drafting the final listing our 80% youth remain online atleast 12 hours can’t they give 12 seconds to vote for their Hero for Bharat Ratna, Padma Awards ? If we involve countryman for these awards then surely people will read and knows about India’s legend and will not open Wikipedia after getting the news of announcement.

It’s time to bring the transparency on award system and let people to involves on it and this thing should start with the Legend Major Dhyan Chand otherwise who else the most deserving one left who didn’t received the Country’s highest accolade ?

[Archive Blog (17/08/15)] Australia’s last Ashes Test !!

From Thursday Australia going to play their last Ashes Test in Kennigton Oval. Although it’s a last test match of this series we will see many greats of Australia signing off from Red ball Cricket.

Michael Clarke and Chris Rogers already declared their retirements, Brad Haddin dropped after 1st Test his future is very dim and it would be a big surprise if CA calls him back, Aussies didn’t feel Shane Watson is fit enough for Test Cricket, Adam Voges already started his career too too late, no proper place for Shaun Marsh and who else left ? Possibly from bowlers ?

Ricky Ponting suggested some 8 – 9 players who was thinking for their retirement it means more then half of the Team will be signing off after Oval Test.

But Question arises why such a sudden desicion taken by everyone or they thought of it before the Ashes series ? I never saw such retirements in the Cricketing world after loosing test series infact selectors expect players to perform or they dropped them. Australia thinks differently atleast in Test Cricket and their strategy is very very different in Ashes, atleast when you hope Ryan Harris to come back into the Australian side and perform after a gap of year and so that too not properly rehabitate from the injury.

When you select a player which your captain is not confident on infact that player himself not wants to play then why pushing for the difficult task ? And ultimately Captain have to take the blame and sign off from the Cricket. Clarke may thought to left Cricket at the end of 2015 but forcefully do so because of poor performance from the camp and why not Australia didn’t won Ashes in England since 2005.

Huge round of pressure and expectations makes you to take a toughest decision of your career. Similar situation are with Aussie players they’re the current World Champions in ODi and last couple of series wins in Test excited them a lot but as any other visitors they too choked and fall short.

But we never saw such a huge number of retirements from any Team after loosing a Test Series, MS Dhoni took a retirement last year in between series against Australia after loosing a series but India lost many series from 2011 – 2014 under his Captaincy and England and Australia even swept India. But as per the fashion players won’t take retirement unexpectedly, we saw retirements in either player is in poor form and gonna drop or they feel they done with Test Cricket but all of sudden never or chances are less.

If you check the previous records Worldcup and Ashes gave most number of retirements because of obvious reason “High Stakes”.

Although Final Test is a Test Match of England but for Australia it is more then winning a Ashes or a Worldcup because final test is all about respect, dignity and winning a career, its no more for a Country now its now about winning something for personally, its about gifiting something for self. Hope they will fought like old Kangaroos in next 5 days.

[Archive Blog (21/08/2015)] Does BCCI looking at India’s Performance ?

After 22 Years, Virat Kohli and Co. is looking forward to conquer Sri Lanka but after 100 runs lead in 1st Innings they managed to loose. Sri Lanka may not win if India don’t loose although poor umpire decision worsen the thing. But we can’t take anything from Sri Lanka they won the impossible task.

India’s current situation is like that any Team can blow up them, after so many years India couldn’t developed a Team who can won or defend a series outside India. India’s successful Captain – Coach Sourav Ganguly – John Wright, MS Dhoni – Gary Kirtsen Team couldn’t do it although they gave some marvellous performances too.

MS Dhoni – Duncan Fletcher era gave us a worst scenario when we lost 8 test in row at England and Australia, Duncan and Dhoni received another chance for obvious reason but they failed to conquer England and Australia again, in between all this England beat India in India after 2 decades draught only notable series I remember is India defeated Australia in India via 4 – 0.

We have a lots of expectations with Kohli and Shastri, Kohli not only aggressive but attacking Captain too even we expected such with Ravi Shastri as Team Director but what’s the outcome ? Does anyone is accountable of it ? BCCI is busy with IPL cleaning, tries to close the window against Pakistan series, and fights with Subhash Chandra – Lalit Modi.

BCCI divided between two, 1 is N Shrinivasan and 2 is Jagmohan Dalmiya and both party is busy with politics but anyone caring of Cricket ? Time for serious lookout on the Team otherwise it would be too too late. BCCI should come out from internal politics and bring out a revolution in the team, time to give a chance to in-form players and show doors to constantly failure players.

BCCI should bring out some other strong plans they can’t let it go otherwise it would be too late for the Team to come out from this debacle. 

[Archive Blog (25/08/15)] Sheena Bora Murder Case – Most Selling Topic

No CEO that too off Star India ever thought that his story will start trending one day, a person who was behind the glamour is behind lots of answers he may or may not be aware with. Sheena Bora Murder is another high voltage drama, spicy story Indian Media gotted after Arushi Talwar Murder Case.

It’s not Indrani or Peter was never covered in Media they’re and as a power couple too, also if you come up from the root of 24th Century FOX then you will get a much deserving focus of a limelight. It is obvious people was aware with Peter Mukherjae much earlier then Indrani for the obvious reasons.

We can say STAR may not reach into the position they’re currently in Indian Television if Peter won’t lead them from the front, there is no assurance that STAR will never reach into the Top, surely they would but will took some time. It was Peter who bought revolution in Indian Television by bringing a game show like KBC, daily soaps like , Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Peter ensured that people won’t switch the channel from STAR Plus to somewhere else he booked the timing of the people and force people to glue infront of the TV. There was a time STAR was the legimate leader now STAR is the leader.

Whatever happened ever since its a personal thing but as like a Bollywood scripts 1 passionate, glamourous women out of nowhere with the help of her husband who was the Former CEO of STAR launches the group called INX which was said to be a “Next Big Thing”. I still remember the Testing of these channels when they first come on my TV screen.

Indrani Mukherjae never thought that her own launched News X one day will cover a story against her and her Former CEO will tell a story of her infront of the Media. Everyone is now tries to spell out regarding Indrani what she was and her way of working.

Indrani not only bold and glamourous her style was too glittery. Tats why she owned a channel which may not registered TRP but atleast created lots of stories, 9X M was and is still a no. 1 music channel because of its youth oriented content ever since its launching. 9X may not be success but created headlines thanks to Balaji also. But roping such a big house for her dream is not a easiest job, a well known husband is a kind of advantage rest she tackled with her own. Now who can imagine she was about to mess up with 1 media biggie because she want a editorial control in the news channel.

Whatever happened during INX days post INX days are all infront of us but because of Media trial people who was not involving with the story is now feeling to get connected. Same incident happened with Arushi Talwar Muder Case where Media was 1 step ahead of Police, police even thought that case was solved but because of Media’s interference that case is still trailing and everyone seeking justice for the girl we never knew about after 1 or 2 days of her death.

Here also we don’t know about Sheena Bora and still many have a confusion whether she was Indrani’s daughter or sister ? We just knows 2 theories 1 is of Police and 2nd and most important is of Media who is covering it like a National story. BTW Lalit Modi and people around him must be feeling some relief but again this murder case is as twisted as craziest that I think only Media can crack this Bollywood type real life story. Or if not then surely our Bollywood will bring out the conclusion of this story via some movie.

Whatever the outcome of the story it would be really interesting to know because the story is itself is not more then a puzzle to solve everytime new character gets involve put his / her version of the thought, still we’re confuse enough with the relationship of who belongs to whom and who is what in real this story will continue like daily soap until and unless main accuse say something on it till then News channels will fight for the all important TRP.

[Archive Blog (15/08/2015)] Why Sholay is a iconic movie of Bollywood ?

15th August 1975, Sholay was released and become a iconic movie of Bollywood but what is special on it which made it as a icon ? First glimpse tell it that its a normal “Masala” movie which having funny and heaviest dialogues, plot wise also movie is all about revenge and action.

Many such movies in the Pre Sholay Era had a plot based on revenge with banddits infact banddits was common on those days it was a fashion to have robbers character in horse with rifle.

Literally if we see then movie was nothing special infact Sholay won only 1 accolades and tats of “Best Editing”, because entire movie was well crafted, few scenes was deleted just because M.S Shinde may had something in his mind.

Sholay can’t be consider a family movie but parents won’t hesitate if their kids watch with them infact a 3D version released because young generation may connect with it.

But what made Sholay special ? Jai – Veeru, Thakur, Basanti, Choti Bahu, Ramu Kaka….. ? No its Gabbar Singh yes Gabbar Singh, I think this was the first movie where Gabbar Singh’s entry let crowd to whistle, the background score, sound of a boot along with its picture and dialogue “Kitne Aadmi The” it was a most perfect way to start a character, a proper suspence with a heaviest dialogue.

Most of the movie in the past never had such sequence where Villian received a less but a best footage, I bet most of the time we must have remembers Heros name but not Villains but here we not even remembered him but now made a movie on Gabbar who’s fighting against corruption.

Thing which Sholay is different with others are proper casting, Dharmendra – Hema, Amitabh – Jaya, Sanjeev Kumar as Thakur and Amzad Khan as Gabber which is made his career. Lots of story was behind regarding casting, Amitabh wants to become Gabbar and Sanjeev Kumar wants to become Veeru but if its really happen then just imagine what would happen with the movie ?

Every actor have some speciality from Dialogue delivery to Acting skills, Amitabh did fulfilled his wish by becoming Gabbar in Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag but what happened ?

Also a bold decision to let Jai to die in the climax star like Amitabh died and not able to remain alive till last makes everyone emotional. Don’t know what would be the impact of the movie if they show Gabbar to die.

RD Burman may not won anything in the movie but must won the credit of a title music and a song “Yeh Dosti” because this movie gave every best friend a beautiful composition.

Overall people who was behind the curtains made this movie something special because of their smartness, boldness, experiment in Masala genre made the movie special.

[Archive Blog (15/08/2015)] India after 69 years, is truly Independent ?

Today we’re celebrating our 69th Independence Day but are we really Independent ? Most important problem we’re facing in the Country are Corruption, Illetracy, Recession, Cave Stone Era’s Customs and last but most painful is Selfish Politics.

Today people having some blind faith on their customs, region and religions and obviously they supports the political party according to it. People not wants to accept the truth and not wants to say the truth.

People should have a voice they should have a guts and not let their problem to solve by others. We had a moment led by Anna 2 – 3 years ago but few people utilize it as a self promotion ultimately after that moment nothing fruitful came except another party. That party is now leading a State with majority of votes but does they ables to fulfill their promise which they did infront of peoples ? Well only peoples can judge them. And also are they really listening to the peoples ? Again only people can judge them.

2014 was again a historic year because we voted for a party and a leader we having so much hopes and we believes on his vision too what would be the outcome after 4 years that would be a future answer.

India need Independence from all wrong doing, from all wrong customs and traditions, if we looking forward for 21st century then we needs to move on.

We can’t stick with our old idealogy, our old thinking we needs to be Independent with new thinking, new hope, new era at this 15th August.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Why BCCI is still a Honeycomb for many ?

Last week and was a first official day of 2017 which bring no good news for Former BCCI President and Secretory as they was sacked by Honorable Supreme Court from their duty in Cricket after Lodha Committee's recommendation. Former BCCI President was not pleased and why would anyone ? BCCI is a honeycomb on which everyone wants a authority and suddenly no one wants a Law and Order on BCCI which is not a Govt. organization. Ownership in Cricket Administration is important because of first India is a Youth-Centric Country, second peoples love with Cricket. Peoples love with the game Cricket can be considered from a example of Warm-up Match between India A vs. England and why this match was so important ! because MS Dhoni was leading the side for the one last time, normally Warm - up matches doesn't telecast but this match was, also it was a kind of a crowd puller match with almost houseful crowd in Brabourne Stadium (Mumbai). People was so enthusiast and was passionate towards the game which registered the capacity crowd who witness Dhoni to lead the side for one last time, he didn't left the game but quit the captaincy only. Due to massive response only the business involve with Brand BCCI is flourishing and everyone wants a peace of pie which is quite tasty. 

BCCI involved with a huge numbers game and why not ! From Broadcaster to Sponsorship it opens the wing of opportunity to promote themselves during the game and make a money from it. We saw transition but never saw drought in talent and tats why peoples interest towards the game remain the same as everyone picking up their hero and watching them play. Because of Talents in Indian Cricket concept like IPL become a star-studded show and after 6 years if IPL's value gone double then its because of Indian players and not because of Overseas players. Lodha committee's one of the biggest issue was money involved in CLT20, after the cancellation of CLT20 brain behind the league STAR India paid $300mn to get rid of it and State Associations involving it was start cashing the amount, as per some Media report the amount was Rs. 60 crore and when Lodha committee freezes the account of BCCI, people behind the org. start questioning the series possibility of India vs. England 2016 Test Series, Justice Lodha afterwards explained the blocking of Bank Account although series did concluded quite successfully as well. There is a old say that "you will found yourself in difficult situation after having more then enough" and  tats applied with BCCI quite well. The proudest property of BCCI, IPL bogged down in corruption and people involved was the owner of IPL Franchisee and interestingly one of them was Son of Law of that time's BCCI President.

In the power of BCCI some people works behind the scene and some represents from outside, no matter whatever the ideology everyone having in real life when it comes to Cricket everyone take care of each others back. Today whosoever defending BCCI has interest behind and whosoever are opposing are the people who left behind the juncture and want to see their time to up, in the game of cricket you will see allies between BJP - Congress and BJP vs. BJP to fight or save the power of the dominate sport body of India and tats what its quite unfortunate for the game, after fixing and irregularities in IPL we saw many headlines, many faces came into the real picture, some known ones got exposed as well tat was quite a disastrous moment in the history of BCCI which still keeping the black spot in IPL which will never vanish no matter whatever solution gonna use on it. Before matter gone to court couple of friends became "temporary enemies" because they wanted to save the BCCI from some monitoring but they couldn't and after Supreme Court's sacking of BCCI Officials those temporary enemies became friends again.

After implementation of Lodha committee's recommendation we saw lots of Former Cricketers too forced to left the Association which indeed a proof that its not like Former Cricketers was never in Administration but yes they was the face of the proceedings. I always believe that selecting the new Chief of BCCI will be the most difficult task, because Cricketers who're not in Administration are either busy on their own Business (business of Sports Management etc.), Cricket Academies or Govt. Sector Job and the other those who're not in Administration but are in BCCI like as Commentator or Members of different kind of Committees never voiced up on what they feel but rather then what the Cricket Body unitedly believes in. Transforming BCCI shouldn't end with change in leadership but also to bring transparency in Selection Criteria, some players keeps on waiting for the opportunities and some got chances after chances. Keeping politics away from BCCI is keeping the game's respect Nationally and Internationally, giving everyone a fair chance. Top face fighting for the Cricket Administration was boasting India's Top Performance as a example of BCCI's Management but its not because of Administration but its because of the players who're coming from difficult circumstances to live their dreams.

After Supreme Court's decision one thing is proved that no one is bigger then law and order and everyone has to respect it. Second thing that this judgement will also gonna impact other Sports Authority in India which is also running with a similar concept in hand. Transparency is the biggest key of any successful organization, its not like that anything is licit if results are desired and as per the expectation. Any malpractice can't be equalize with success, infact that will fade the desire success as always. World Cricket knows the importance of Indian Cricket through Financially tats why BCCI's stand is always important in any given rules and regulation towards the International Cricket. Conflicts of Interest is harmful and its equalizer of corruption, in Indian Cricket after Match Fixing, IPL Controversy was one of the worst moment, infact series of allegations years after years was good enough to hamper the credibility of the league and Board who is organizing it. International Cricket may moved out from the entire controversy but tat incident also highlighted the ugliest drama to keep the power of the biggest Chair. Any non profit organisation if aims to gain then it shouldn't gets the treatment like "Trusts" nor can run from its deeds.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Problem after Demonetisation Continue, Petrol Pumps won't accept Credit or Debit Cards

Shared my views on latest controversy made and peoples who gonna face that bit of difficulty to fill their vehicle's tank w.e.f midnight as Petrol Pumps will stop taking payments through Credit or Debit Card due to extra charges charging by banks on such transaction, this is quite unfortunate and backlash to push of digital economy. Appreciate the issue to gets clarify soon and also Govt. of India to work on the service charges in online transaction which at the end of day is much to pay. 

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Demonetisation which affected "The People"

Wrote in my Facebook page regarding the decision made on Demonetisation and effects after. Shared the consequences and why should we need bold decision considering it for the Nation and not just to use it as propaganda or winning elections. Something which is better for the Country are always welcome and such selfless decision is a need of a hour for the better tomorrow.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

#Demonetization cleaning the chunk from TV, hit the local brand

After 50 days where Aam Aadmi yet to get a relief from the effect of Demonetization. There a certain things from which we got relief, first from increasing a number of Television Shopping Channels, second from local brands. In last 4 - 5 years ever since Cable era changed from Analog to Digital the number of News Channels increased like nothing. During this timeline business of Online Shopping too flourished because its quite convenient, you will get everything in one place, and also for small business owner its a platform to sold the product and spread the reach into Nationwide. Sale of local brands as well which are assembling from the Chinese hardware are too increased in this time being. From online shopping quality may be compromised but we trust it because of its return policy as we can return the product in the first instance.

When First PVT. TV channel started it became a place for ESSEL Group to promote their "Asian Sky Shop" on their own ZEE TV. Later shops like Telebrands, TVC captured the slot of our Television screens with imported products and surely few played a gambled by ordering it. But the legacy continues till at this moment of time and now entire scenario is divided into 2. One is foreign backed total online shopping portals and another are domestic backed TV shopping based companies. When you compare companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal they gets a big amount of chunks as a support from outside at the same time Amazon and Ebay are itself a American major. Snapdeal also partnered with DEN Network to own "TV Shop" as a part of it they're selling economical product as their Local venture. In this following list ShopClues may be sharing the spot with Ebay in terms of popularity and sale, but figure can differs !!

Lots of companies emerged and revamped during this era like Planet M Shopping became Shop Direct, After the exit of Star India Network, South Korean Home Shopping major CJ O Shopping partnered with P5 Asia Holding Investments (Mauritius) to continue its footprint in India as Shop CJ Network both in TV and Website. Among all HomeShop 18 and Naaptol expanded during this period and didn't shaken up, with growing Digitization HomeShop 18 and Naaptol found buying slots in both Cable and DTH, Naaptol has maximum reach in TV not only partnered with Home Channels of different operators but also own two Hindi shopping channels as Naaptol Blue and Green respectively along with regional language channels as well as first HD shopping channel in India. 

Meanwhile couple of groups too are in business but as the market is not a guarantee for success. Groups like Times Shopping, Anand India was trying to spread their wings but couldn't reached into that height. India Today Group even sold their 80% stakes of their thirsty shopping venture to ZEE Media.  Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty too jumped in a shopping venture named Best Deal TV partnering together after a split in a romance between two decade back, they even partnered with South Star Vikram to expand the business as in Tamil Market. There is no word to deny is that in India whether startup business are getting enough space to grow or not Shopping business are definitely a idea on which business houses are working and trying our level best according to the opportunity to grab.

Its a quite a debate to make that after demonetization when big online shops got hit and impacted then what would have the faith of the 2nd league companies ? Flipkart CEO himself admitted the hammer in business and criticizes the implementation of demonetization, The biggest boom for online shopping was Cash on Delivery (COD) and when the existing cash gone illegal then how people will buy and how company got to do business ? Companies like HBN, Akshay - Shilpa's Best Deal TV decided to rap the business for the moment because of their concentration in only COD mode. ZEE Media may be supporting Demonetization and may be as of now keeping the shopping brand in cold bag but have to be accountable for the purchases they made. India Mobile brand Micromax also decline sale either from their own Web channel or via different portals. Another Mobile manufacturer Jivi Mobile stop financing a slot of a promo channel for their mobile.

Carriage fee is a big revenue maker for the operators and for the shopping brands digitization boosted a lot as now more slots are created and competition is also increased in which operators are forced to provide more channels from starter pack itself. For operators and shopping brands its a win - win situation also to fulfill the alleged demand of people from digitization. After demonetization people stood in a queue and exchanged the note to fulfilled their daily needs and for many days luxurious life was like over for them. Indeed shopping is too like luxury to live, after online shopping came few people got the hobby to buy number of back cover for their fav. mobile so that they change it in a week time, some people has some other, indeed few writer termed shopping as hobby and not  a need and thats why it matters in the Country's economy when demonetization kind of moment impact the individual and local vendors and who're a part of some online portal.