Sunday, 30 October 2016

Video Chat Era Begins: After WhatsApp, Hike upgrades to Video Chat to compete Duos, Skype

Almost a month ago Google announced Duos with a aim to compete Skype on Video Chat segment it was then only have Skype and Google's Hangout on that segment but within a months time two major chatting app WhatsApp and Hike joins the crowded market. WhatsApp Video Chat as of now is in Beta Version soon to be launch, Hike already made Video Chat available in Android soon to be launch in iOS. Hike was testing Video Chat since September with some selected group is now live the feature in the Apps as per the report. Hike App is one of the popular App in India covers over 100 million users from it 95 percentage is Indian users according to the company. Hike is one of the first to make stickers popular and its Indian based stickers are famous among the youths. Now chatting App like Allo which got motivated and implementing stickers are way to go on competing with Hike on its local look.

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Skype and WhatsApp is popular among professionals as both are quite simple and to the task unless like Hike which offers News, Games and many more service under their belt also upgraded to 8 Indian Language which help this App to built a new spot. Today if Google trying to find is place in India then its after following the footstep of Hike only. Although Google will be 1 step away and that is because of Google Assistance but still lots of question mark are there on the future performance and Google needs to answer those with the time. WhatsApp still hasn't rolled the Video Chat officially but it released for Beta Users. As per Beta Users App is not stable and having lots of Bugs hence unless WhatsApp not fix those it won't launch officially by that time line. Overall the era of Video Chat has begin as many Chatting App first moved towards the Voice Chat App and after got upgraded they now moved towards Video Chat.

Pressure for Google Allo and Duos since both App serving the purpose separately. Although Google has added that soon Hangout will be integrated with Chrome so that during conversation Users can have the web access as well. Let see which App dominates on Video Chat since Apps first task would be to provide a platform which can work efficiently through 2G network and then it would consume less battery. IMO App has this Cons but quality of Video Streaming is extremely poor hence this App is not so popular among the youths. Slowly slowly 4G deploying in the Country and after its complete role out surely prices will come down as well in that case companies to wants to join into the race of new innovation with every possible feature it can. There is nothing to hide that soon the way of talking will change and soon Voice call will become the outdated way to connect with each other.

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