Monday, 10 October 2016

Made By Google: Google's new project to battle

Oct. 4th big announcement was made and that is off what Google's new child project is termed as "Made By Google". A attempt of Google to conquer the hardware segment and also to make a push of software with their innovative plannings. Google has bought a lot of products in their recent "Made By Google" Event. After having a successful outing with Nexus with different Manufacture partners first time Google jump to have their own phone known as Pixel, have done on Vlog on Google Pixel and can find out What Google is offering with all new Google Pixel ? Google bought other products as well in the event like a late attempt in VR segment but looks to be promising, Google Home a Google Assistant which reached quite near to people now and ready to serve the people more effectively and more efficiently by connecting all Smart Device with the Google Home and let Google understand you with your voice and done the job for you as per the command given to it, Google Wifi too launched with a thought in a mind that one Wifi is enough to connect all the devices in the home with the proper internet speed, more stronger Chromecast launched with 4K Support can find out more about these devices in our segment of Made By Google Vlog.

Google never tried and thought regarding the hardware division hard though they did bought the struggling Motorola but despite of going forward they sold to Lenovo may be they thought that its not feasible to run the thing which was never of their cup of Tea or might be they don't wants to take a extra pressure to maintain the brand like Microsoft did bought Lumia but ultimately struggled to boast the brand or even struggling to maintaining it as Former Nokia currently Microsoft Lumia struggling for its existence. Google may tries to bring lots of innovation in the market and even moved with OS upgrades as well but one think Google realized that they will not get any independence of what they tries to bring regarding the software in the market, they always have to face the manufacturer companies custom upgrades which may excludes Google's some of the essential Apps to be out of the list. As we all know Android One and Nexus is one such projects which Google got some free hands they wanted but still its a collaboration with the manufactures and not the individual project completely.

After material design Google has upgraded every by default app and introduced some of the Apps like Inbox, Allo, Duos are famous among them and even promoted as well the reason being of its importance, Inbox App is a newest platform of Gmail, Allo the new Chatting App, Duos the new Video Chatting App despite of having a existing Apps Google bought the new Apps which might they have a Independence in a innovatory part but not in a Hardware part ultimately their hard work not treated like what they're expecting for. Google might needed it desperately because of series of updates in Apps, launching new ones and ofcourse a new OS. Google must be wanted the independence in Hardware segment as well must be wanted the planning control in Storage related allocation when they rolls out the new innovation. There will be only Google interface and no other interaction of Manufacturers personal UI and choices of App. It means Google will have the full control of devices.

Storage is a one such issue Google is getting challenges even to rolling out the updates, Android is a partner company for the Manufacturer as they have taken a license for the OS but to keep the brand Manufacturer companies put their own discovery and get clubbed with the OS they have licensed with Google. For Google they too can't expect a full fledged independence on the entire process of the device as Manufacturers are more efficient then Google in this part. Its not like Google will even think about it many time as they have a license to provide support not a duty to maintain the mobile model. Bringing Hardware division home is also kind of strategic planning as whenever leadership changes the thinking to work also changes probably Sunder Pichai thinks that its a right time to face their major competitors from all department or might be thinking is changed on Google's efficiency that they can handle the pressure to being in hardware segment and even if its fail then they're always a one step ahead from the competitors on software segments or keep doing for what they known as Silicon Giant. 

Keeping eyeing on biggest competitor of Google and that is Apple who're keeping their fans a full of excited with all new iPhones in 1 or 2 years timeline so that people remain engaged and never thinks about switching as their first targets are youth and gadget freaks who never settles down for one piece always wants to remains upto date in that case Apple fans are always waiting for the new series and numerical no. continues with magical figures in business as well. Chinese brand like Mi too coming with findings of their own although taken a support from Google but the UI on their phones are designed by Mi only. It is good for Google to be remain doing for what they're known for and conquer something which they wants to. They have lots of patent and even unsuccessful products but yet by innovation they sets the bar no matter it might be a commercial failure. From Google Glass to Google Car they keeps on innovating to make sure that Google rules in a market for the company like Google they surely wants to see in a space of a Mobile Division and in a smart products which supports their dream project Google Assistant. No matter as per reports Google Pixel may be build with the support of HTC but atleast they have the brand which has Google Logo and known as with Google brand and comes under their Child project Made By Google.

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