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Whats new in Windows 10 Anniversary edition ?

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First of all for those who still thinking to upgrade to Windows 10 while using the genuine copy of a earlier version of Windows bad news for them Windows 10 is no more available for free upgrade and for those who already enjoying the Windows 10, Microsoft has announced the all new Anniversary edition of Windows 10. So whats new on the new edition and why we should upgrade that although we have to upgrade that but can be later as well if not using the internet connection. So lets figure out about it.

The version of new Windows 10 is 1607, if you still not sure about the upgrade please try checking at Windows 10 Settings > Update and Security.

All New Smarty Cortana

Unarguably Microsoft trying to push Cortana more and making it better then ever so that it keeps on touching the new height in the already growing pool of the competition with the lights of Siri, Google Now, Alexa. Now Cortana is available in Lock screen and ready to serve as well at the same time she can now get a stuff from your mobile as well and to get a benefit its not like you need Windows phone as Cortana for Android is also available.

As Cortana can now do anything it can now barge more from your expectation, it can now notifies you regarding the appointments you have made, bill payments you have to done and everything which requires to remember in a busiest life style. So if you made Cortana your partner then she will be the same by reminding everything of your professional and personal alerts.

Connect your Mobile with Windows 10

Their is a slight disadvantage Windows having for not getting Microsoft Lumia popular as their dream tool Cortana is not like the one which is expected by Windows without smart phone but well played Microsoft by sees the opportunity and grabbing it by launching Cortana for Android so that users of Android can get connect with their fav. Android in Mobile and Windows in PC / Laptop.

Cortana can now alert all your Mobile stuff like your PC / Laptop with ease. It means you need not check your mobile again and again and keeps your attention in the PC itself while working.

More Apps and Games in Windows Store

As usual the one thing which Windows get hampered while making Microsoft Lumia famous is Apps, Nokia got failed and same faith is with Lumia despite of so much to offer from Windows. The one thing Windows can't match with Android is the amount of development in App stores compare to what Windows is offering. Quite limited. One problem with Windows is their UWP (Universal Windows Platform) scheme which let the offerings limited with Anniversary edition they might try to pull it off, but still Windows Store is like a small pond.

New Theme: Dark and Light

With the anniversary update now you have a option to choose the themes between Dark and Light. When Windows 10 get launched then its having lots of hidden themes and only via Registry trick only one can get it. But with new Windows 10 edition now users has a chance to select the Dark and Light Theme. Path is Settings > Personalization > Colors.

But its not like that every App will follow the command. Only Windows Store App will follows the same and third party App has their own settings to get the colors changed they will not listen to the settings you applied via OS. Infact File Explorer will also remain the same as White like always.

Edge now supports Extension

The biggest drawback of Edge is not having a Crome style extension thats why despite of so much promise during the launching with Windows 10, Edge lost the early charm but that is going to back with the anniversary edition as Edge is going to support the Chrome style extension, similarly as Firefox is also looking to have such. As Microsoft now going to provide the tool which will quickly convert the Chrome Style extension to Edge extension.

Edge now having Pin Tab, Web Notification, Click to Play

Like any advance and smart browser Edge also feel the heat took the challenge to make the most out of it by bringing the missing essential. Edge now supports the Pin Tab it means now you can pin the most browse website so that you need not to write the URL or search of it. Just a finger tip to reach on it as you can pin it safely and its now a click away. 

With Web Notification you will now be informed with every alert like a new mail, message etc. As with the icon notification will be there to alert you regarding it. This is some cool stuff added in Edge to make sure that basic necessity to fulfill the demand of a Edge users will be there so that they don't turn off again.

Click to play is latest stuff following off a footstep of Chrome, it means anything which is not integrated with the page will not play until you wants it like commercial. Any video and games of the website will work according to it but not the one which added separately.

Companion Device can used to Lock PC

This is quite a unique feature Winodws has posted where now we can unlock the PC with any companion device, nowhere days fashion of fitness band is on role it means the fitness band can be used for the authentication to lock the PC without any effort of typing the password, it will also help to keep the PC secure even after compromising from a password, how much effective it will be only time can tell.

No more Wifi Sense

Controversial feature for those who has tried once to check what Wifi Sense is all about, as it used to allow to share the Wifi Network and its password with Facebook, Outlook.com, Skype contacts. It was never a known feature to many as its having quite a confusing short description which doesn't explained many hence it gone underfire and retired from the Anniversary Edition.

Wifi Sense is although there but not with the offering of the past. You can still get with it by going to Settings > Network & Internet > Wifi > Wifi Sense.

Windows Defender a extra layer of Security

Windows Defender is always a tool to protect the OS which is built in to do so, despite of you installed Antivirus on your system. It will work its own task and let your antivirus to do its. Windows Defender is a kind of extra layer of protection from the computer as it will remain disable with the current Windows 10 unless your primary Antivirus is in charge, but it will turn on occasionally scan your PC whenever require. If you not having any Antivirus then surely it will not only Scan your PC as per scheduled and will keeps on checking the real times as well.

Time for Universal Skype

Microsoft has changed the way Skype was during Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 which used to offered Skype for Windows and Skype for Windows Desktop separately. Now under the new program everything will be common under the new Universal App, it means no separate App for Voice Calls or Video Calls or Messaging only 1 in all.

Windows 10 supports Linux !!

This is one of the big breaking news with Windows 10 as its now supports Linux commands. Its now supports its own Bash Shell. This is not a part of a Virtualization but full fledged Linux in Windows 10 with a partnership of Ubuntu it means all supported Ubuntu commands will be applicable in the separate Bash Shell of Windows 10. Big revolution but news is not that dashing as its looks like because it will run all the basic binaries which comes pre loaded and built in tool comes with Linux shell. As it won't support any Graphical application or server software. So good for some extend who is used to Linux wanna try in Windows.

Redesigned Start

Including of a Start in Windows 10 is itself was a blessing and now with anniversary edition it got better, "All Apps" is now removed instead you got the full list of the installed Apps of your system one by one with arranged form. Start now starts with Most Used App, in between Promoted App based on your usage chosen by Microsoft to give a Commercial then other apps as installed by you.

Important buttons like your Account, Settings and Power is going to be in a left side of the Start button.

Task View got little improvement

You can pin Windows in the Task View Interface, making it appear in every Virtual desktop, You just needs to right click Window in Task View Interface and needs to select "Show this window in all desktop" to pin it and tadda your task is over it will now appear in every Virtual Desktop for easy access.

Windows 8 Tablet Mode is back

There is a slight changes in a Tablet Mode and now its not the one which come along with Windows 10, its more like Windows 8 with some useful changes and looking great when you selects it. Once you selects Tablet Mode all the Apps will be appear into the screen, you can later toggle to tile view and list view option available left side of the screen.

You can select Tablet view under Settings > System > Tablet Mode and enjoy the more dashing mode of the Windows 10.

Taskbar Integrated with Calender

Another great outcome we got through Anniversary edition is Taskbar integrated with Calender, so now you can click on to the time and check the entire calender itself and list of scheduled if you made any. If any are there then click on it or tap on + symbol then Calender App will be open. This is a great modification again by Windows 10.

Taskbar now comes under Settings > Personalization > Taskbar.

New look Lock Screen

Lock Screens looks to be worked with the new edition as its now more catchy with background photo along with profile photo of yours in the system. Also now you can use apps like Music to control even without Unlocking it or connect with Cortana just needs to assign some settings to make sure that its works for you. New Lock Screen otherwise works like a Lock Screen of Mobile with PC attitude.

Change in Wndows Update

No its not that you can now opt out from updates but now it won't restart your computer while you'e busy with some important stuff. Basically this move comes for those who're in the infrastructure environment their device remain connected in the Wifi zone which allows Windows to update the system from background and any update needs a restart before this there is a lot of criticism for the same as when you're busy with your stuffs its start asking you to restart the system and if you allows it then remain bored until it won't done doing it. Now Windows 10 clearly asking about your active hours like your working hours basically that exactly at which time Windows won't disturbs you if any update hit into the system. You decides and tell Windows regarding it.

Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update

All new Action Center which is customizable as well

The new Action Center is more Convenient and Customizable as well. Its now situated right most corner, whenever notification comes you will be informed that how many notifications are pending to get your attention. New Action Center is convenient and easy to check all the features into once. Opening Action Center will take a less space as well also one click into the middle of Application name it will dismiss all notifications associated with that application.

These notifications and entire Action Center can customized as well, under Settings > System > Notification & Actions. You can always choose how Action Notification are considered whether its "Normal", "High" or "Priority" in the Action Center. You can also change the by default settings of 3 Notification par 1 App from the option itself.

All new Connect

There is one connect app which needs a focus here although its in newbie stage and might become a broader in near future with every further development. Connect App basically a way to connect with your phone without any Cable or Miracast. PCs with Miracast can also be connected with this App to create a mirror image of the connected PC, its like what we used to get as Remote Assistance in previous OS, but basically connecting a Phone which supports Continuum through Connect is a real excitement and surely Microsoft will works on it.

This is what Microsoft majorly worked on Windows 10 with the anniversary edition, there are plenty more things which Windows offer whether a part of some feature or a separate feature itself is important will definitely gets the limelight. Overall its Microsoft's time now to make their loyal users to keeps excited with what next in the bag. After free distribution of Windows 10 is over, Microsoft will surely will believes to expand the OS to keep the popularity among the users by introducing the new thinking.

Author of this post is +Anirudha Das, he writes in Tech, Sports, Social, Politics, Business. Follow him on social media at @anirudhasdas 

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