Friday, 30 September 2016

New way to say Hello "Google Allo" arrives

Well Google Allo launched a week back with lots of expectations in the market against dominate WhatsApp, India's popular messenger Hike, quite a unknown to many Telegram, We Chat and Google's own Hangout, Facebook Messenger etc. Since Google's excitement doubled after getting a positive response for Google Duos. Suddenly feelings was quite high as well for the same for Google Allo as well. But question arises that why need a another messenger app ? Whats Special on it ? Why Google launched Allo despite of being presence of successful Hangout atleast in almost 90% Android devices comes with Hangout and devices which comes with iOS supports Hangout as well. Considerably Hangout's presence is more then even WhatsApp in terms of Mobile Devices.

Logo of Google Allo belongs to Alphabet Inc.

Although Hangout is still present and Google made a iOS version of Allo as well since Google must wanted its launching in a grand way and not wanted some exclusive tag benefiting Android since its not a tool dedicated to Android but separate dream project of Google itself but question again arises that why need a separate App or why need a another App ? Even if they come up with will it rock infront of Peoples. We all know Google's legacy to try something on innovation its like Gamble for them whether it will success or fails they will keeps on trying to reach into the next level. Well since Google's preparation always gone great there might be space of Allo as well since Google Duo is already rolling out with pre loaded with new launches of Micromax Phones. But suddenly it will be the thing of acceptability that whether peoples are fond enough to have that app installed in their phone ? Although its a messenger app and might be there is a possibility that people do keeps the Allo because of Google Assistance otherwise people won't inclined of it if they don't have people to talk or have a group on it.

Lets figure out that what special Google Allo Offers

The unique thing of Google Allo is that its a machine learning tool courtesy of Google Assistance. That Allo might be the breakout App for those who Googles a lot on Google. As Google Assistance is one such high flier project of Google that they just can't let it go, now they has given Google Assistance a quite a efficient platform from which we can utilize a lot of Google Assistance at the same time it will learn, develop and grow with the way we talks and learns. Simply in a word Allo is Assistance. So its not the replacement App of Hangout it means Hangout will stay for those who wants a simple chat conversation Hangout will remain great, even Hangout will remain great for those who runs a online community and we all know in online community we comes up talking with many peoples to whom we don't even know in reality, we're not aware of from where they belongs or exactly what they belongs to, some limited infos and thats it. Allo comes up with the tradition method of creating a account via Mobile No. though Hangout is not like that at all because of its integration with Gmail.

For few Allo may be the another tool of privacy breach, as Allo is working in a phenomena of Mobile No. it means mobile no. is mandatory to setting the account but for those Hangout is present. Its also not let peoples to choose the Username from which they can enters to the online community without sharing their personal no. like Telegram, well we can't expect Username funda from Google anymore now, after they decides to push Google+ with everything Google owns and offers so their weird username policies which won't let peoples to choose usernames of their likings as well. Hence we can't even expect Allo as its a only App tool and nothing to do with web as of now. But how its a breach of Privacy if settling account needs a Mobile No. ? In many way Google Assistance is a dream project for Google and as Google already said that they will observe peoples chat, their style their location etc. etc. to make Assistance perfect surely if you need someone to assist you have to sharing things as well so not enough of the words on Privacy breach. People who don't have anyone to talk can like the Assistance a lot in Allo as if not real then virtual is fine enough. 

Now Allo is a another bet on Bots which Telegram and Facebook Messengers has worked on to get assistance like in Group Chats if needs helps to decide the Movies or to go for Dinner, Outings and all that these Bots will help you with their best. Thats why Allo is the best possible platform Assistance can ever have and it will allow to become it bigger and better ever. You may bring Google in between the running conversation by tagging to @google and it will represent its view with some cool suggestions. As of now Google supports English and Hindi may learn the other languages as well in near future since Google's Attention is in Indian Market to concur and they're working quite hard to improve their own App as per the Indian standards and needs.

So since Google's main push is in India we can't say that Allo is totally made for India and its Market but since its understand Hindi words and phrases in a development mode is a pretty good sign, Localization is first hit of Allo wanted to be in a dominated market of WhatsApp. Nowhere days WhatsApp become such a important part that from Workplace to School & Colleges a group creates and peoples start chatting as per need and remain engage by sharing their knowledge and helping each other as different - different ways. Its simplicity is the key of success from last 2 years, quite a straight forward, without any ad, invite friend and start chatting. WhatsApp UI is in Spartan and it works great in 2G which is more important in Internet struggled Country with Voice Call feature now and End-to-End encryption WhatsApp becomes a primary source of communication as like its necessary to have. 

As of now Allo won't allow the sync messages across the devices biggest drawback probably but time after time they will surely overcome on it. They do have the End - to - End encryption but that is when you opt the incognito mode and not otherwise like in many chat/messengers are now providing. Incognito also comes with the limitation of the expiring the message though its have a logic of secret chat which needs to be kill in specific time frame, but clarification needed whether the message will totally deleted or will save somewhere in Google's server for future references and by reference I mean either it could be from Govt. of the resp. Countries Allo is available !! Rest you will found out stickers out there in the Allo, background will not let you to messed up with your chat and you can play a little bit as well by sharing photos with some quick editing. Overall its a pretty good tool with lots of cool features built after thinking as per Youths prospective. Never mind we needs to give some time to the new way of Allo to replace our current ways to say Hello. 

You can learn about more from Google Allo's Official Website

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