Friday, 1 January 2016

Android Marshmallow: Whats New in latest Android 6.0.1 ?

Android System Update

Just few weeks ago Google unveiled the latest update of Android Marshmallow as 6.0.1. Consisting size of some 75 MB. Still many Smartphone users waiting for 6.0 OS but Google released its new version too in a flash. The latest version is as usual released in Nexus Smartphones and Android One phones. "200 New Emoji" created a headlines for the latest one as User was quite shaken up with a immediate upgrade of recently launched "M" OS. Since the recent change is quite small hence named as 0.0.1 means not enough to expect so lets checkout what exactly the new update offering us.

New Emoji

Pic of Smiley's in Android OS

As mentioned already, 200 New Emoji's was and is headline seeker of this brand new update. Earlier Apple added 150 emoji in iOS 9.1 so Google walk 1 step further by adding 50 more in the list. Google and many OS developers are now realizing the importance of a Emoji as it become a way to express our feelings with Emojis. So more and more catchy emoji's will add a value for Android Marshmallow.

These are a part of Android Keyboard and one has to upgrade our Mobile's OS before to use it. No other download from anywhere.

Quick Launch Camera

Now we can launch Camera by pressing Power Button twice even when phone is locked. Latest Android Marshmallow gave us this power to launch a camera within a second although Android One phones already have this Quick Launch Camera Icon which not requires anyone to even unlock the phone, user just needs to swipe their fingers from camera icon to open the feature.

But now user having power to choose anyone of their suitable option to open Camera. Since Google trying to adopt basic mobile's feature and start mixing it with Marshmallow hence launching Camera with Power Button is another step as many old phones used to have such features and peoples was missing those golden days.

Volume Control

As per the reports that Google Unified System with Bluetooth Volume means now for the users no needs to tune both devices, tuning system volume is sufficient. Such Bluetooth systems are now common in Vehicles, Headphones and Speakers. Craze and Demand of Wireless Products are increasing as well hence its a must needed function in this era.

Tablet UI

As per the reports the new Tablet UI having little bit change may be or may not be noticeable to everyone because it is specific to some devices only or may be in testing mode as of now can't be explain more because this new tweak is specific to Tablets or 10 Inch devices only hence may be in upcoming days we can found more work on it.

Copy Paste

With Marshmallow a little improvement has came with Copy & Paste but most of the time peoples messed up by copying a full text while selecting, some times few words even delete because of it. With new update improvement made on this space as well, since stability was required during Copy Paste hence Google tried to work on this feature as well.

Security Patches

Details of Android Version

In the era of online world threats are keeps on coming hence software vendors remain active to work on this field. Since Big Internet Giants like Google - Microsoft are the leaders of Internet development hence any kind of theft with a data or bugs in Security are enough to make a mockery of these big MNCs effort. As Google mentioned that in every month they will release the Security Patches hence as of now Marshmallow users are having the same.

Overall the new update is a cosmetic surgery of Android Marshmallow, remember I already said that not enough difference you will found in Lollipop once compare with M but you have to search of them to live the beauty of the latest OS. As of now the latest OS is a big breakthrough in Emoji lineup and little bit improvement in the system, we can expect more from Android in Upcoming Days - Months.

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