Monday, 28 December 2015

Does "Free Basics", "Free Net" supports the motive of "Independent Internet" ?

Pic of announcement made by Facebook to rename to "Free Basics by Facebook"

In last couple of days a new theory evolved and that is "Free Basics". Free Basics formerly known as till September by Facebook is a nice try to spread a business venture on something like charging tax for subsidies. A kind of Public Trust which is working to expand Internet but no one knows whether it is Non Profitable Trust or Profitable Trust if Profitable then who is owning it ? Free Basics looks very pure and a push to make sure everyone get online. But question arise why would any company will do so ? Whats the benefit of that company to provide a freespace which they owns and putting a constant effort on it to let that thing remains on air. Any online piece need 24x7 assistance, if you can't give then you need a venture for it and obviously it will cost you anyways. So who will bear a cost for Free Basics or ? Either the Users or Associate Company, if users then fine okey as they can demand and ask for more since they're paying for a service if Companies then either they won't let others to live or will charge from a platform who doing business by the name of Company's Services.

Business is not a easy game one have to follow a chain or cycle for survival. A Company need a B Subscribers to provide C Company's Service for that A will pay to C and will charge from B. When it comes to 1 or 2 companies then both having lots to claim but when market share divides into many then 1 have to face challenges. Spending and Earning start bothering us and we believes to gain more rather then pay extra because thats why the 1 is in the battleground of the business. No one comes to do business just because they to have to, may be some do to face challenges, may be some do to earn profit by selling it to big fish. Whatever the moral of the particular company or its boss we should understand one thing that no one will ever launch a service without profit, either its a hidden profit or on record profit. They will workout on every aspect of earning hence it can't be consider is for manhood. If want service then we have to learns to pay as well.

"Free Basics" by name can be understandable about a service which either will be Free or provide Free Access in Basic Services. But question arises that how the Selected Services joining the Free Basic Network and what if others wants to join too ? As of now only RCOM providing "Free Basic" as a part of their services means to get Free Service one should become a subscriber of RCOM !! As of now in this vast internet world "Free Basics" providing a very small subset of 38 Websites and its Services. Some are News websites, Some are Entertainment and so on. It means to get a access of those rebel websites one have to pay then whats the ideology of "Free Basics" and "Internet for all" concept ? As I said few websites may be the part of freeware how they join the network and why others are not ? And also what if Competitors decides not to be a part of "Free Basics" ?

One concept coming from Telecos and that is to create their own platform. Airtel already formed "Airtel Zero" but soon be discontinued because in a public pressure, as a telecom provider they could block or throttle the speed of a certain service which may not wants to join the Teleco approved platform. By this purpose of Telecos and Internet Giants will be fulfilled what would the Subscriber will get ? The internet is so big like ocean that you can't restricts it but can be via Service Providers since its a new way to generate revenue. Voice and SMS subscriptions are come down drastically and out of fashion now after VoIP and other Messengers come to play. Just by subscribing Data Pack one can easily join the conversation in a convenience of each other. Telecos main hunt to restrict such services, unless like Middle East they don't want a ban but they want a separate pack for these to increase a number on their balance sheets. Just like Cable TV by which we can watch very specific channels by opting a desire Monthly Pack.

Ideology of Net Neutrality is very simple, treat all the sites and its traffic generation as equal and no to any monoplay in a internet world. Lets everyone get a equal chance to grow and compete in a open virtual space. Internet now become a growth of earning too as indirectly we're helping internet to expand but unfortunately the more broad we thinks its chances increases to become awful as well. Internet is such a wide range of platform that not only Social Networking but it covers Games, Online Streams like Movies, Music, E Papers, Study Materials etc. everything is available online, whatever you need whenever you need is totally free. Just click in or Tap, one small effort and you're in. There is a proverb "Share Knowledge Gain Knowledge" every participant of Internet World is gaining and sharing something here. Few are misusing it also but maximum crowd adopted it for Positive intent only.

Its totally upto our understanding and thinking to choose one path. Either we want Free piece of service or voice up for low cost internet. Remember Free means whatever service either Operators or Online Platform assigned for you works for free and we surely want creative platform first. TRAI as of now asked RCOM to turn off "Free Basics" service and seeking views from the public regarding Net Neutrality till 31st December. Users can send mail to and share your thoughts with TRAI regarding what you think about Free Services from a specific Internet Gaint or Telecos, you can use a online petition is pre ready made by couple of Tech Enthusiasts you can join it and send the pre written text to TRAI and to your Location's MP as well. Remember Internet can be saved by us only and we can't let any Org. or Govt. body to decide independence in a Internet.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Digitization 2016: Big Boom for Broadcaster, DTH and MSO

New Year is just 1 week from Friday and Digitization will take 1 step forward by covering the Phase III Cities under the new Cable TV Act. Although Phase IV deadline extended till 31st Dec. 2016 but for Cable Operators and DTH that phase will automatically cover up because as of now their attention is in both Phase III and Phase IV. Question arise that whats the impact of this digitization for Viewers, A simple theory Viewers have everything to loose and Operators, Broadcasters Govt. have everything to gain. Atleast 2 - 3 years ago Rs. 150 for TV looks costly to us now base pack price for Digital Platform costing minimum of Rs. 250. Its not that Rs. 150 is gone but that Rs. 150 and now is a huge difference and we need a compulsory digital box for our entertainment too means additional expend. 

Digitization is a new way to collect Tax for the Govt. may be the new Petrol - Diesel for them which won't pollute the environment but surely will become a big dump from China made Set-top Box. Delhi Govt. already imposed 40% Tax just doubled then previous may be the new "Odd-Even" Formula will let them to add few more percentile on it. But this industry is the new hope for Govt. to make revenue as after Vehicle, Entertainment is the 2nd needless but important thing in our life. We can't run from TV whether it runs any useless program to prove it as a "Idiot Box". Govt. knows the more these broadcasters and operators expand the more it will rise the value as Tax. Already we having some 800 Private TV channels in India operating, Approx. 350 MSOs are distributing their service. 6 Private Paid DTH are beaming from different Satellites to serve peoples demand. 

In Last year Service Tax of Central Govt. and State Govt. contributed a huge revenue, States having different Tax, Central imposed 14% Tax on Service then introduction of "Swachh Bharat Cess" impacting not only in our daily life but even in our Entertainment too. Entertainment may be the right of every Civilian but considered as Luxury in a Tax Book hence its a big and bold step to make sure every household contributes. For operators its a challenging industry now as they have to pay for infrastructure to content cost. In last 2 years big broadcasters expanded well atleast by launching 10 - 12 channels on their bouquet and made it distinctive as before.

Operators new hunt is HD channels, a new era of TV viewing which is 2 times better, lighter, sharper then normal one. Sales of flat TV panel increased so does expansion of HD channels. In last 4 years we now have 50+ HD channels in the Country. Although Upgradation of a Channels or Launching of Different Feeds expanded rapidly in last 2 - 3 years. This figure will further more increase and our TV bill too as of now no operator pushing HD package hard and it is totally upto subscriber whether they wants to watch the HD ones or not. But thing is the more you demand the more it will cost. As of now all operators promoting the HD channels aggressively as people start moving towards LCD or LEDs because of 2 benefits as its not only light weight but consume less space and can be hang in the wall which increase the show of the house too.

As discussed for operators its now a challenging industry, not only they have to invest in Set-top Box, Content Cost but in infrastructure as well, upgrading on broadcasting center also to pay the Govt. imposed Tax. Cable Operators entire style of distributing service has been changed though still its lax but over the time they too are in immersed pressure from Customers demand, MSO have to make sure that its LCO will remain with them and not start pulling other MSOs Line for the area, Digitization made a Tug of War situation among MSOs - LCO - Broadcasters - DTHs and ultimately Viewers have to  live with it. DTH always considered as Premium Service and still its a Premium Service costing more then Cable contributing high in a Taxation and filling maximum bills of broadcasters. DTH is the industry where there is a very less air to survive. No to "Open Sky" scheme and ISRO's failure to fulfil the demand of needed Capacity on time are enough to increase the tension among management. Less capacity means less channels and service means loosing the attention of customers, with this sad situation they not ables to compete in a market with fulfledge, forcefully screwing their strategy and difficult financial condition letting them down and out. Thats why even after more then 1 decade we only have 6 Private DTH among 1 was even in talk to sold out.

Govt. may pushed Digitization hard but still Operators and Peoples are not ready for it, Deadlines keeps on increasing and everyone hoping for fully concluded Digital TV India one day, Policies are still twisted and platforms too which may come on track but surely will took a time to become perfect. It can't be overnight but surely 1 decade to fix something which is growing in a sudden speed. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Virat Kohli Era: New Challenge in Test Cricket from India

Virat Kohli during Press Conference, Pic source: BCCI

"Test Cricket is real cricket and I never thought I would lead the side 1 day in this grandest format", Virat Kohli may looks hothead or play aggressive cricket but tats the series of words he made politely after he gave post match interview. In a 2 decades of modern time cricket, we saw 3 different captains of India - Sourav Ganguly, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Sourav Ganguly teach us how to lead the side outside India and how to win it. MS Dhoni ensured we won in India by playing some serious cricket and Virat Kohli's era which won all the hearts after India thrashed South Africa out in a 4 match test series by 3-0.

Test Cricket may be the real cricket but need players too who wants to plays it and performs it by considering every goal as a target to achieve. Kohli started his cricket from limited over game later secured his Test Cricket after blistering performance in ODI Cricket. No one can deny the fact that he's a class act at 1 point was holed a record to complete fastest 5000 runs in ODI cricket. Kohli made his name and fame with some magical innings which gave India a famous wins. He may not be a Little Master or Master Baster but he's Kohli 'Name is Enough'. He's will and class let his spot fixed in a side and later named captain of Test side after India's most successful Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni decides to retire from Test Cricket. 

Its not that during Dhoni Era we didn't perform well, we even ended as no. 1 Test Side in the World but we didn't made a significant mark in England, Australia, South Africa and lost a series against England in Home as well. 2014 - 2015 India's Tour of Australia remembered as Dhoni's last ever test series after disappointed performance of India continued. Kohli who led the Adelaide Test of that series showed some resistant, his Century put India inch closer to win that test match although India lost but all eyes was glued on Kohli's intensity and aggression at the 1st Test. 

Kohli's record so far is 100% as full time test captain. Beating Sri Lanka at Sri Lanka was kind of memorable series for him and India. Bunch of youngsters which made their mark in the limited over cricket banged in a Test Arena. Ashwin, Rahane, Jadeja are his main weapons which helped him to pass his biggest exam beating South Africa at home, no. 1 Test Side who travels best never lost a Test Series outside home since last 9 years which itself is enough to proof "Proteas" Supremacy so far in modern era cricket. Although Test Series ended with lots of questions regarding pitch but fact and the matter is South Africa lost the match in the dressing room and not on the pitch, when they realise the havoc it was too late for them.

As of now Kohli and his boys made a great impression but they have to be ready to challenge Team outside home because Pitch and Conditions will not favours them they have to adjust their technique and outperform every difficulties. Captain always needs to step up to sail his team if he won't perform then how he gonna motivate his boys ? Captain's innings is must in a crucial situation, Captain also have to see the right combination for the Team - past record and fame won't work create winning combination, Management have to work hard of it. Currently India is no. 2 side of the world have a potential to become no. 1 side too for very long time but only if Team performs outside and not in a "Poor" pitches.