Sunday, 13 December 2015

Android Marshmallow 6.0.1: A Brand New "Phone" App

The brand new "Phone" App for Android Marshmallow OS bought a great makeover for Nexus, Android One and devices which are running Android Marshmallow or above that. Yes Google gave a special privilege to 6.0 users by bringing some changes in all new "Phone" App version 2.3.12. Two changes which made a headline is Caller D and Call Blocking. Now Google has extended its feature with 6.0.1 update of Marshmallow and now on the way to compete with probably the biggest competitor TrueCaller. Lets find out with the new updates. Version of the new update is 4.0.1290376693 a huge number !!

Spam Protection

Now you can check the warnings for the potentially of a spam caller like Telemarketer, fraudsters and spammers. You can now also report of these calls and save the community from those. Basically a good move and probably steps to take TrueCaller out of the equation as normally Phone Apps in the Smartphones are not that worthy unless provides the extra info of the caller. Phone App too also in the verge for the same but it needs sometime before to create a chunk of database to bring the exact status of the caller. As of now its having some bugs on reporting prospective we might see some more updates from Google in the App to make it perfect. 

Caller ID

Now you can know who's calling you with its Business Names which will now be visible on the calling screen along with their number, this will now going to simplify the contact list with ease. If your contact list have more then 1 guy named as "Michael" then you can separate them by adding further details on Contact List to avoid confusion, not every "Michael" works on same company and have same designation hence this will make a sense when you're talking with a right "Michael" too the business hence new Caller ID going to be a big saviour for you.

Call Blocking

Now receive a call of only whom who you wants to talk or wants to attend in a specific time. Block any unwanted call ? Then Block it, its that easy for the user of Android Marshmallow. We users basically get tired from useless marketing calls or spam hence a brand new feature is a kind of blessing from Android to its users. Although its too late for Android to understand the need of it many Mobile Manufacture though used to have this feature from their own, built in in the phone. Other Android Based Phones needs to take a help from Third Party tool. But since its now released no more usage of other Apps.

Visual Voicemail

Currently this new feature is available in Project Fi, T-Mobile and Orange Customers. According to official info you can now view, playback and delete Voicemail from the Phone App itself. This is will going save our time in great extend as per the details given by Android, it may be in a developing mode or since its available specifically to T-Mobile and Orange hence very few specific peoples will have a access on it.

Nearby Places 

This is quite unique, now if users allow Phone App to access Location, then it will show the present location and the nearby places during Emergency Calls. Now the search option on "Phone" make more sense, rather then just searching the name from Contact book since Marshmallow don't let the app to use Location, Camera by default but users have to enable, similarly here also users must permit Phone App to use the Location hence a button is there to explore the new value added feature.

Post updated as on 13th Oct. 2016

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