Wednesday, 25 November 2015

New Era Begins: Australia vs. New Zealand "A Day Night Test Match"

27th November Friday History going to write itself in the form of Day Night Test Match. A decade long debate to make Test Cricket popular which creates lots of theories to try something different to save Test Cricket. One of the theory was to have Day Night Test, since ODI already being played hence Color Clothing and using White Ball makes no sense as its have to be with White Clothing but problem is ball, Red Ball is not visible in a flood lights and combination of White Kit and White Ball won't suit.

"How ball will play whether it will be visible or not, whether baller will ables to swing it" will be a debate among players and cricket experts but as a fan prospective either the following test match will be hit or flop. Whether it will be over in first day itself or will be cheered for 5 days. Whatever the outcome it would be will it gonna be quite excited because we never had such experimentation before in Test Cricket. Day Night First Class Match with Pink Ball did played in Sheffield Shield Season of 2013-14. Match ended in 3 days for a experimental purpose although those lucky players who did have a inaugural game in domestic circuit or those who going to be a part of the history by playing the 1st International Test will be much more excited with a brand new era.

Day Night Test Match if become successful then it would create a great benefits on Broadcasting rights which Cricket Boards sold in very lesser amounts to Asian broadcasters. Specially Boards like New Zealand, Australia will going to get a greater value from a Asian broadcasters and will value to add in a balance sheet. Normally in New Zealand Test Match starts from 3 am IST (Indian Standard Time) none from India gonna wakeup and witness that Test Match hence broadcasters interest remain dim to claim that rights with this new era they can have a test match from Afternoon or Evening so that Morning crowd from Asia who switches TV can enjoy the pleasant of Test Match. Cricket Australia too can shift 1 or 2 hours of a Test Match played in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia. 

Although every experiment should be welcome either its on the professional game or in the professional life, this is how we can come to know the good and bad of something we're about to try. DRS was a one such experiment which is now easily established but remaining in a debate even after successful adaptation. Debates are on to make it more perfect, tries to bring excellence by putting money on it and addition of some extra tool which can help the Teams to make sure that decision goes on the favour of them not against them, all experts and players will keep talking and list of suggestions will keeps on increasing until and unless that system won't become perfect, this is how a simple idea shapes up as a theory and later practically implemented. 

Day Night Test Match is also a simple ideology to make a Test Match popular although Test Match is never be a game to sell, its upto the skills and motive to play. If tomorrow's breed start ignoring Test Match then no matter Test Match being played in Night only will loose all its glory and charm because either players won't have skills or not interested at all to play 90 overs a day for next 5 days. The tradition of 134 years Test Match Cricket or First Class Cricket more then a century before never started for crowd appreciation started to show skills and bring a competition among War players in a different battleground, now when concern arises to get a crowd for game because to generate revenue for the boards hence all objectives are now to try something different to "Save Test Cricket". 

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