Saturday, 7 November 2015

[BLOG] Digital India in the cost of Net Neutrality ?

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Digital India is a great concept and first step taken after Mr. Narendra Modi's visited on FB, Google Headquarters at Silicon Valley last month. Everyone changed their DP in Facebook to show their support and excitement of quite a innovative model of its own type, bringing Internet in every household is not only tough but also a rigorous job. Without Internet / Information Technology, Digital India concept is pond without water. People needs to have a basic communication platform so that they can learn and understand the future technology and a vision of tomorrow.

Today at this era still more then 40% to 50% people not having basic internet means they may use internet but not as daily basis. Smart phones in the Country deploying in a rapid pace even basic phones now having capability to open Google although how much time it will take no one knows but atleast option is there. Today we're having digital platform more then physicals. People start taking interest on E Books then actual books, good for nature also atleast 1 or 2 Tree will be save and papers can be utilized on some other important work. Overall we're getting great materials in digital platform more then we ever think about in physical platforms.

Digital Platforms having disadvantages and Advantages both, at 1 end we're getting dumb from real world but at other hand getting smarter on digital platforms who knows may be tomorrow our main earning source will be from internet only. It is always beneficial to follow up the path of new gen which would prepare us as Future ready, time won't stop for any one but we have to jump up with the time hence carries a advance knowledge make some sense. And this can't be possible without digital platforms many may still didn't accepted this concept to gain but they also knows the importance of it.

Digital Platform is a 1 stop place of sharing and gaining, very easily and snugly you founds the views and reviews from the sharer. Basically we're using the shared resources to gain and others are benefiting from it, this exchange of communication made the Digital World quite big and vast and to be honest Future is also depends on it. We can't imagine our tomorrow without it because we can resolve any problem of our life via Digital Media. You wants to study, wants to share, need Bride, Groom, need - rent room - house, bike etc.. anything and everything is possible because Digital World is a kind of World which is expanding and not synchronizing. 

But now Governing people who can't stop the growth but want controlling in this part of World. A gin of "Net Neutrality" came from nowhere, every enterprise who're selling Internet wants to earn with it because as per them their income goes down too. After launching OTT apps people stop calling, smsing, MMS is just now a history like Telegram as OTT is more advance then 5 to 10 second clip sender. Today Telecom companies eyes are to strike on main source of their earning and that is internet. After seeing the growth of sell in Internet packs and peoples increased demand to buy Smart Phones gave the opportunists some chance to become green. In recent past Telecom increased the prices of Internet by 100%.

Telecos creating their own packs and platforms so does Internet giants and partnering with them means we have to follows up the same platform they're offering. Internet is very vast and open source anyone who wants to follow the funda of given and take will go through its own and expand the Digital World he don't want a interference of Telecos and Govt. to put a walls on it. As I said Digital India is great concept and free internet will make sure a positive response. But only if the entire concept have positive instance rather then a hidden agenda from or for service provider and IT Giants.

According to the expert Limited and Free Internet is better then costly packs but why costly packs can't come down rather then giving it for free ? Why prices can't come down of Interent offerig rather then a hike ? Having a Data pack which can be used for everything is better then bundled free pack ? If someone is not interested with Facebook and if twitter is paid to his telecom or if someone who use twitter and don't have Facebook in that case he have to either change his/her service provider or let the Free Bundled pack dry without using it. Surely here competition will not be fair but comprise will be the only way to move. 

Every Operating System bundled up with certain Apps but that doesn't means that they will block the other developers, history witnessed that such interdiction caused the brand badly then any good. Competition arise in a fair place not in a Azoic spot. Here if Govt. came up with their own platform no matter its a scrimp one but atleast will be consider as fair rather then having platform of Million Dollar which took a signup of only paid space. As per me low cost internet is better option to go with then any freeware because of 1 limitation and that is participation of less peoples who're offering their separate small world in the universe of Digital.

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