Tuesday, 10 November 2015

[Analysis] What can we learn from Bihar Election 2015 ?

Last Sunday was super Sunday as a view point of people who follows Politics or learns Politics. Bihar Election start concluding successfully altough in Multiple phases but atleast concluding there was a time when it was never be possible too because of attack in polling booth and in other word "Booth Loot". That picture is now over and Bihar atleast have a mind to choose its leader. Bihar Election 2015 concluded in 5 phases and the intensity, animosity was quite high during those phase. Every day there was a story of personal and controversial comments for various reasons which we should avoid of if our aim to win the election in more constructive way rather then a destructive matter. This election teaches us many thing which if parties start focusing off then future elections will become the most idol and if we start implementing those in our life then no one can stop us to succeed.

One of the most nasty things about elections are if politicians start making personal and irrelevant comment rather then talking to the point. In Bihar Election both Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi was having everything to loose hence the atmosphere become too hot but things become worst when peoples crossed all lines. In civilized society there is no place of trash and we should understand this, when we go outside to picture Country then don't forget that we're contradicting ourself being something in the Country and being something else outside. In a small group of few everyone is evil and until and unless its not stung you will have a face of idol. So remain idol why wants to bring the evil outside ? We can won any war by remain calm and compose.

Trying to understand people/opponents are the biggest plus to crack any deal. When you over do on your strategy then really it will cost you hard. 1st planning will be to understand the environment of challenges and what are the challenges to fulfill without knowing the battleground you can't just quite make it. Whether you're fighting election or looking to crack the interview until and unless you don't know about the ground reality then how you will be chosen for the job ? Expectations are high and you needs to fulfill the promises you do since day 1. People will choose you only when they feel that you can do it or you already have faces the challenges before hence you're the right person to make out for.

Show Off is the thing we needs to avoid from everywhere no matter whatsoever. It will work 10 out of 2 time only and it is one of the most unsafest things to do in our life. You can't just show off even gaining unnecessary sympathy is a part of show off and thats the most negative way to proceed rather then any good. When you become something then that will be your identity rather then whats your past was, if you're motivating someone from your past experience then it is quite great, where you was and what you become will motivate many for sure but using it as a tool won't work. Always stepping up with your current identity - what you're is you're either it works for you or not. 

Always compete in your competitors level don't go far from them otherwise you may be considered as from other society. In Bihar Election many helicopters fly but voters want leader from his own who can walk with them or atleast spend time with them not flyer. Our foot always be in the ground and not in the sky because there will be a great risk to fall from a sky rather then in a ground. When you walk into the ground then you able to understand about the ground reality which helps you to gain a knowledge regarding surroundings and society. For flyers everything will be small and volatile but close lookouts are the only way to make out a actual picture of our near world.

Confidence and Overconfidence are two opposite word, if you're confident then success is yours, if you're overconfidence then success can't be yours. Overconfidence makes you Arrogant by nature and pull you back from where you came, in Election NDA was overconfidence not able to click and read the mind of voter hence they did whatever they thought was right which gone against them and blew the success from them. Confidence always bring satisfaction, Overconfidence helps you to ignore the consequences for sometime. In life either you will succeed or fail its better to be ready for both. Honest work always give you a chance to cheer for something but remain ignorant and keeps on self boasting will only bring the negativity in the town and nothing else.

We all know in between 2, 1 win and 2nd looses. Surely some error made by Defeated one hence saw loss but 1 thing always to be remember that same mistake should be avoided in near future. There are many challenges we face and we always needs to be ready for it with improvement on previous errors.We can't expect success all the time but can expect it at a right time.

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