Friday, 30 October 2015

Try ! Try ! Try !

"Try" is the word which is the only key to success. If we don't try then won't lie on where we belongs. We should never chase success but we should chase "Try" which is a best way to move forward atleast you won't dry after getting fry. We never expect success in one shot we never got to but we could expect satisfactory if we try by heart. Expectation is a big time tension which we used to get from our elders free faukat tension to increase our pressure already there is no pension which heel our tension then why sanction our potential infront of someone who not realizing anything of us.

You will get many ideologies but no one gives you a idea to way forward that you have to find by our own. Thats why you called as "Lone Survivor" in a successful life. You can't drive a success but can achieve a success that is upto to you and how to ? Humans have a tendency to think many things which they shouldn't many are time wasting, blood sucking just relax and think what you actually wants to do and analyze. Analyzing is a best way forward that this is my aim and these are the options by which I can have a breather and ofcourse then "Try" to have a cry of success.

"Try" let you safe, safer safest in every war it won't let you down many times. You will meet unsuccess many times but that doesn't mean you failed. When you didn't expect success then how matter of fail pass come ? It comes only when you expected to pass but fail. "Try" needs a honest try it will help you in various stages of your life. When you gonna start something new or when you gonna finish something good or bad. There is always a certain level of expectation good thing needs to be good because its level labeled high. Bad starts have no expectation and any improvement will add a value on it.

So as I said we needs to "Try" to try our level best and believe rest will pass test of success. 

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