Sunday, 26 August 2018

[Archive Blog (29/10/2016)] Can India become a next Super Power ?

Festive seasons are on Media and Organizations are busying appealing peoples not to buy any Chinese products and never to support Chinese made product. Its a effort to encircle China which is investing hugely on Pakistan for their benefit. There is nothing to hide that China is soon to become a next super power of the World along side with Russia in a state to compete with United States of America. But question arises when India will be the next super power when India will have their own technology their own source and when India will export those in other Countries to create its own list to empower ourself as next Super Power. Any struggling Country is ready to take a support from a big units if its offering the hand of friendship along with huge support, as of now Pakistan need a support and China is providing unconditionally from Outside and Inside. China's one big reason to become a super power is the devotion of people towards the Country and second thing they're far away on their investment on Infrastructure, Games and Defense similar case is with Russia. Unless you won't be devotee of your Country unless you won't think on the Country's frame of mind and its almost impossible to put a structure of United Power.

Basically problem with India is its diversity after 60 years of Independence as well we still have different point of views and ideas which causes the huge conflict of interests. We're lacking to overcome some major issues as well, we lacked to develop our research system, infrastructure of sports bodies and static defense policy are the hurdles of India's growth. At the one hand India is progressing rapidly in Space programs but at the other hand we're still behind to develop any mechanism any technique to protect our crops being a Agriculture Country, every year due to rain millions of dollars crops get wasted in some part of India due to drought not only Farmers from the region but entire Country fights from the challenges, but still we haven't got anything rather then prayers. The amount Govt. till now announces and releases for Farmers Welfare and Support if got invested in some research and implementation then might be Indian Farmers too would have the same fate like developed Countries Farmer where Farming is not only a passion but also a great career to choose for. Anyway Farmers will be more thankful if they got the announced support by Govt. and its offices at the right time.

Its not like that no one has tried and did nothing in last 60 years, strategies built written down but file waited for the approval for long time and when it overcome from all the odds its sent to reset as the earlier proposal too by that time becomes old and then for new planning a new table will set and then draft will made. We got a complex system as well from which one organization can put a hurdle of other even one Ministry of same Govt. can questions another Ministry of same Govt. and that discussion can forever closes to the seal packed file. If Govt. changes then way of working changes and strategy changes if Govt. remains then timeline increases and pace of work got slow tats why development remains the major issue of every election from Municipal to State and Center. We might never heard in the election campaign that "We did this and will do that" instead we must heard that "We miss this and will complete that". During election you can very easily found politician near you but afterwards its very difficult to find even PA. Unless we don't change the structure of the system and people involves on it we can't change the society and Country.