Sunday, 26 August 2018

[Archive Blog (01/11/2016)] Big Ecom War is back with this festival

Well starting from 1st Oct. big Ecom war is back with all 3 major Ecom Websites, Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal is ready to challenge the heat and boasted the last moment financial sheet of Q3 and will going to impact the Q4 results. Such war is not new ever since Ecom Websites start emerging and dominated the market share, basically Major Indian Ecom sites have to battles because to keep getting the support of Foreign investment. Their biggest challenge is to keep the space maintain in the already crowded market. As nowhere days every Electronics Major dealing with Customer from Online itself as they have their own small mega stores. If a company ready to sell the mobile exclusive to any Ecom websites but they keeps the accessories sale exclusive to their own website. But biggest issues are logistics tats why even Manufacturer companies are dealing with Ecom websites rather then going alone otherwise would might be the better choice for them.

Price war was the biggest asset of Ecom websites when it was launched though its no more in a central stage like it was earlier before. Only thing still Ecom going strong is exclusive products which manufacturers not launch in the market and can be purchasable through online only. Its not that still Ecom covered the entire India on their Serviceable Map, still there are places where peoples are either happily shopping from the store or forced to purchase from the store. As mentioned that selling the electronics goods specially Mobiles and its Accessories kept these Online shops active and competing in the market otherwise there is huge gap between online fashion and offline fashion. Easy returns are the key though that by closing the eyes and by speaking nothing Companies took Apparels and Footwear back and no matter whatsoever the bottom line will remain like this "Acha Nahi Laga toh Paisa Wapis" with full assurance and guaranteed.

Its quite illogical to say that Online Stores can be replaces the offline stores completely. Boost of online shops in Metro cities and Sub Metro Cities is not the figure of success at all. But yes Online stores differentiated the market and its area of concentration. Still there a percentage of peoples who wants to join the era of Online Market not able to join it because of limitation of logistics of Ecom and Ecom unable to improves the service with 100% track record in their expected to grow areas. But in customer service industry you can't make everyone happy. Biggest aspect about Online Market is the product reaches at Home on time with brilliant packaging. Either one of its missing it means that perfection is missing. Now how in the scale of 100 these Ecoms measures themselves and till how much to achieves which can satisfies the record is the whole new thing to debate though but not for us to messed up with that figure as if top levels are happy then everyone are happy.

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