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[Archive Blog (18/12/2016)] 4 Day Test Match: What we will loose and can win from it ?

Its almost a half of decade talk now by the think tank of cricket to reduce 1 day from International 5 Days Test Matches. Ever since T20 came and made a big pop via IPL, voices start raising whether we actually need 5 Days Test Matches anymore or not. Some claiming its a exercise to protect the soul of Test Cricket as the viewership and response is quite less towards the Test Cricket in Modern Era. There is always a 2 flips of a coin but I sees more negativity instead of positives in 4 days test match may be people having best of interest in the game have different prospect on it, but this will ever remain controversial since as of now its remains on cold bag of MCC, the law makers of Cricket. There are certain steps already being taken to protect the game of Test Cricket and that is Day - Night Test. Australia is so far is the better team to promote the Pink Ball Day - Night Test Cricket with full wings. They played 2 test matches so far, one is last year against New Zealand, last year I also wrote New Era Begins Australia vs. New Zealand on the eve of first ever Pink Ball Cricket in the International Arena, success of that test match in Adelaide led another Test match against South Africa last month and third is against Pakistan and they're so far doing good in the dedicated record book of the Day - Night show. In Australia it is highly appreciated and got a great support from the fans point of view since whatever number Cricket Australia wanted to achieve they're quite near of it, unless people are really a cricket freaks of the city which gonna fill each and every capacity of the ground at which ever day you want.

Suddenly IPL impacted the World Cricket a lot and after the success of the league not only Test Cricket but even One Day matches saws the Heat. Sachin Tendulkar even came up with the idea of 25 Overs per Innings match as a savior of Test Cricket and ODI but that idea didn't got enough support and remains as a well wish of The Great Little Master, though black clouds are over now from ODI but still in some occasions concern on future of Test Cricket are always high. Its not like that bid in T20s too got much success despite of invented in England, England still struggling to launch a T20 league which can give them a super success, recently concluded South Africa T20 Challenge missed RAM for the title sponsorship, another promising league in Bangladesh, BPL T20 made headlines for fixing when a player claim to meet bookie rather then for a number of enthusiastic crowd to support Cricket. Many countries who started T20 Leagues never reached into the melting point, Countries like Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe started the T20 Leagues of their own but called off due to "no" from sponsors. Infact Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch pull himself from what was claimed to be a kind of a Club Worldcup for Cricket in the sense of CLT20 called off from the equation due to poor viewership in India. STAR INDIA wanted to have Mini IPL got something else which never excited the viewers because people in India never supported the T20 game but supported their favorite players and the franchisee. Currently except India and Australia no other Country are able to have a stable T20 Leagues of which Pundits considered to be a threat for Cricket.

At the current scenario Countries like Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa, England are in the favor of 4 days test matches. Pakistan has a revenue loss due to hosting the Cricket matches in UAE and their political attire is not that friendly with India which led the Boss of Cricket to help them. Countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa are expecting to put their financial cycle back on track and putting a effort from very long time and after the imbalanced social structure it is obvious to affect Cricket as well. Country like Sri Lanka not able to put on the infrastructure which can create a next aura of Mahela Jayawardane, Sanath Jayasuria, Kumar Sangakara or Muttiah Muralitharan, missing such greats from the pitch and stumbling performance in all 3 formats led the fans less interested towards the every match featuring Sri Lanka. In recent scenarios ICC planned to have two-tier format, means team will be divided into 2, 1st Division will have top 7 teams and in 2nd Division you got bottom teams with the inclusion of Ireland and Afghanistan could have increase the number of Test Playing Nation but it used to have more flaws then any plus. Surely big teams will love to compete against big team and would have reduce the number of games in FTP but it also could have kill the interest of Teams like Bangladesh who're posting the challenge infront of big Teams as they already hunted England in 2 match Test Series. Might be two-tier would have been good for some team but bad for others in many aspect. Any new rule implemented to help the game improve and grow further but thinking shouldn't to curb down the game but to develop the infrastructure. ICC also looks to reduce the number of test matches in the year citing a financial issue in small boards.

[Archive Blog (12/12/2016)] Virat Kohli is Virat "The Virat Run Scorer" Kohli

Virat Kohli has been declared "Man of the Match" for the 4th Test against England in Wankhede and why not ? Ashwin's Duck in the test match ease the work for peoples whosoever finalize the name for awards otherwise his 12 wickets and magic with his bat would have seal the trophy. But man at the moment is Virat Kohli who is keeps on cementing his legacy to be a great leader and batsman, who has worked on his flaws and set up the pace with his run machine. I always believes that a good leader is always lead with example. He don't need motivational words to proof himself but his performance, his fighting spirit on the field is enough to proof. In cricketing field we always discuss about partnerships and we have even praised many great partners who had given many memorable moments also setting up a plot for many victories but you won't found players to be comfortable batting with every player in the team now either you will say that they're not from same domestic team or not sound with each other but I feel that if one player who is capable to bat with no. 2 batsman to no. 11 is Virat Kohli only, no matter from which region they came, whichever team they represented. I think whenever Virat will be retire you will get to know about him from many players around the World and wouldn't need any Movie and Book to describe about his personality from dressing room to team's hotel and his spirit for the game. There was a incident happened when Wankhede crowd even booed Virat 3 years ago in the eve of IPL, ofcourse IPL would made you crazy when Mumbai fans become Mumbai fans, Chennai fans become Chennai fans, Kolkata's become Kolkata and our heart beat dedicates to the team we supports and rest becomes enemies in that moment Virat may got disbelief and expressed his views even in Post Match Presentation to get more boos but this what Virat Kohli for you, he's not a fake masked person and blunt whether representing India Cricket or RCB he will be the same, with his batting and leadership skill he will win your heart and not by some kind words thats why even the same Wankhede fans cheered Virat during his double century innings. 

Indeed Virat is getting matured and even more responsible, players like his talent are quite rare hence only man who can dismiss Virat Kohli is Virat Kohli himself. It is always good to accept challenges and live into it. Challenges of new goals like for Virat, challenge was 100 in T20s he conquers that then 200 in Test he conquers that as well with back to back three 200s in three series, 1st came against West Indies in Antigue, 2nd came against New Zealand in Indore and 3rd came against England in Wankhede Mumbai. Next will be obviously 300 in Test and may be one day 200 in ODIs. In 2016 Virat made runs with a average of 50.33 in Test, 52.93 in ODIs and 57.13 in T20s became a first player to have 50+ average in all three format. Its not that Kohli did something magical with his stats though he missed to broke many records the amount of potential he has. He equalize the Tendulkar's 89 innings to score the 15th Test Century, Gavaskar took 77 innings to reach the milestone. Kohli though scored 3 doubles this year but Michael Clarke scored 4 doubles in 2012 named him the only batsman to do so in a calendar year. Virat matched many players and broke many records being a leader of a team who topped in the Test Cricket, he's a gifted player who has potential to score all around the ground as per the strategy of the spinner he found playing sweep shot as well against England. There are players who was not gifted but they achieve glories with their hard work and dedication, there are players who're gifted but with their hard work and dedication they becomes conqueror. Indeed its a era where the entire team is running in the circle of Virat Kohli. Virendar Sehwag in post match show after the conclusion of 4th Test even advocated the ODI and T20 captaincy for Virat, no doubt about it that he even deserves it and if he's hungry and willing to achieve every milestone then there is no better option then Kohli.

For one thing many people criticizes about Kohli and its his aggressive nature on the field which he never hides off the camera and on the camera, I think that is his quality to admit what he is, you can't expect everyone to be a monk. We have saw many players who remains silent but and they used to reply with their ability down the pitch but not being vocal. India got very few challenging players in the entire cricketing era who got the ability to challenge down the pitch, their aggression used to be flash from their eyes to their performance as well, yes sometimes they fails and when they fails they got criticism from their own fans because aggression without performance is too unacceptable then remain silent to hide failure. I remember that our cricketing fans used to complain about aggression in Indian players when India used to tour Australia, South Africa or England where we still failed to create some history and being remember with few stunning victories, one of the famous victory was in Natwest Trophy Finals after winning the Natwest Trophy every one remember our Captain Dada's very famous victory moment when he taken off his shirt and rotated it with full of authority in the Lord's Balcony which become more famous and viral, repeating the same will not be appreciated but surely that legacy needs to be carry forward as if Cricket is known as the religion in the Country after we overlooked to our Desi games then we should have the kingdom of our most loved game in every format with full of swagger. Yes but one thing we can't ignore and that over aggression cause the team as well, there is a time of every happy ending story to get over, in last 16 years which was most important for the modern era cricket in India due to transaction of BCCI to "Brand BCCI" in this timeline we have saw many different captains and many stories, out of which Ganguly - Chappell era was one of the worst, India cricket was divided into two. Later we saw MS Dhoni to get involved with many such stories but good thing about it nor he said anything nor the opposite side people might be because of their own conflicts of Interest.

[Archive Blog (04/12/2016)] Weakness in "Go Digital" moment can push it back ?

Recently one of the leading opposition party and its leader's twitter account get hacked and voices start raising that does India is ready with "Go Digital" moment or "Cashless" moment, does India is ready handle the Digital era where our Country is far behind in literacy compare to many Developed Country. Well the thing is hacking of twitter account can't justifies the insecurity of the Digital era but indeed we're less prepare before a massive push. As I tried to bring out a fact that people who themselves chosen the digital mode for payment and shopping are basically because of some tempting offers from the company and not because they think its a future need. I remember of my time when University start taking College exam fees online without giving a proper knowledge on how to fill it, those days despite internet charges are quite less compare to today but had lots of weakness in the system like slow internet, slow respond time etc. etc. Those days forget about Internet even Smartphones was not a cup of tea for everyone and less supported. Phishing, Hacking was the new terminology and systems are not ready enough to fight the challenges. Except doing needful from Cyber Cafe a guy had no other option. Those days Banks just got a additional responsibilities without enough preparation but yes Universities and Banks was always ready to charge processing fees and annual fees for the maintenance of the system like we have opted the thing by choice and not like a rule.

For next 1 or 2 years after launching the Online filling of a Exam Fees everyone used to be like a bully infront of the system. Those days due to high traffic even University Website remain down for most of the time, the form got open to fill just days before of your exams and except to pray for the successful transaction you got no other choices. You sit to fill the form very slowly University Website redirects you to the Bank Website, Bank Website ask you to change the password those days since Online Transaction was quite less need of Online Transaction was less as well hence obviously you have to encounter the password change activity all the time during the Exam Form filling, then after doing so process would start further after all this activity you finally found out that your form didn't filled but amount got deducted those days you won't even get confirmation message many times like today you got 80 out of 100 time so what just pray and keeps on checking the University Website. Obviously a big source of traffic used to increase because of this reason as well and if University start monetizing their websites then quite easily they would have make a lot of bucks for maintaining their system and update it with superior plans, well thats might happen or may not be but saddest part was that time or even before 2 years that Engineering students used to relied on less educated Cyber Operator for this entire process, I am not sure about current scenario but if Majority of Engineering student still believing to do a online transaction from someone else who is less qualified then you then its a mockery of a push of Go Digital and mockery of higher education in the Country which is already quite a costly affair to be honest.

No way we shouldn't move towards the Digital Era but less education towards it made things quite difficult for people to handle the technology which is known to ease your work rather then making it difficult. Not everyone has mail, not everyone has internet, so its not like everyone is quite sound of implication of the new gen technology also even if organization tries to it doesn't mean it reaching to everyone meaning of phishing and hacking should also being described in a simple way in every mode of communication which will help to reach people to people. We got many changes in society like from Paper Valet elections to EVM which is highly appreciated and accepted by everyone who cast his or her votes. Decade old ATM too accepted by most of the percentage of people but accepted quite late and not all of the sudden, similarly better management can deploy the planning more smoothly and efficiently. Indeed youths are more smart and progressive towards the digital era but system needs to be as well. When I wrote Deal with DeMonetisation or Deal with Politics !! I raised the point that we yet to got E Wallet from Govt. of India. After Demonetization exercise only push towards the RUPAY card increased not before it was when things was like as always. Banks are even asked to promote cashless transaction but surely push and forcing is a two different things and opposite to each other. We got twisted system, we got supercilious system, twisted one is quite easy and the other one is not every ones gettable.

[Archive Blog (26/11/2016)] Deal with DeMonetisation or Deal with Politics !!

Whether to politize the issue of Demonetisation or not but fact will remain that to bring the life back in Indian economy someone had to make a decision to abolish the old currency with the new one. No doubt that its a beauty of democracy that every tough decision will be challenge in the people's house but when it goes beyond the boundaries or in road then things won't look good for the benefit of the people but looks to be more personally motive then fight for the change. When a Person elected to lead the Country with full majority after doing promise to end the black money and its market and later he did proves his promise with a action in reality then in that step we needs to stand with the motive rather then questioning on the decision. Its not compulsory that every decision have to be perfect and would not have any negative effect also it may not that easy to implement as its in theories but one thing for sure that Black Money and Corruption are the two major links to destroy any Country's Economy and its Growth. With Black Money not only the people are running from the responsibilities to be a participant of Country's Development but also decimating society by parting into two.

Few people got too much in the society and few are struggling with their basic needs. There is a cruel reality in the society that below poverty level peoples sustenance are drugs to remain alive, it means that forget about two time meal its hard to have one chapati itself in a day thats why consumption of drugs in extreme poverty line are more and small kids and womens are addicted towards it because of unbearable hunger but interestingly at the same time every year crores of rupees of foodgrains destroys during Mansoon because of not having enough shelters, this loss causes Farmers financially as well and literally break them down. Government surely comes forward to cure the trouble but any relief program take its own time and pace before to reach to the end person. Government then charges tax to cure their own loss which hike the prices of every need of a human to survive and at the end of the day poor remain poor which struggled to have food, Government remains busy to settle down the problem before to face another, farmer remain ignorant. But whats the moral of entire cycle ? Had system has the resort of our one basic need we could have see the all new different Country today. Still many states are yet to bring Food Security and moreover Food Security Bill once become the battle of great politics too when its motive was questioned due to its timing.

There is no harm to raise finger, there is no harm to ask question but is it right to oppose every good thing all the time ? I think that is one of the reason why India never being a super power and busying blowing a self made trumpet, when I wrote Can India become a next Super Power ? I tried to bring a very little over politics but reality is that unless politics are happening from open mind and clean heart with a vision in eyes and jobs in hand no one can stop the Country being a Super Power or to become Superior Leader of the World. I think politics's another meaning is dealing with reality as well, you have reason, if you have will to face the challenges and if you got mandate to overcome the odds then you should do it rather then waiting for the time as opportunity won't wait. There is another reason why India never drive the World rather then being driven is because of lack in unity, there is no support but have lots question behind the intentions. Yes question needs to be asked and have to be answered but will be in the cost of image damaging ? Today in the World if you're weaker inside then will be weaker from outside as well.

[Archive Blog (17/11/2016)] SurvivorSeries: Fantasy Warfare got real with Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg

Survivor Series 30 at some mean is special again because of its mega main event ''A Fantasy Warfare" Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. Last year when I wrote "The Undertaker: 25 Years of Dominance" in WWE remembering The Undertaker and his 25 years career which was completed with his breathe taking performance against Wyatt Families never thought that very next year we will get to see the returning of Gooooooldberg against Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. Surprisingly Goldberg fought his last match in WWE at Wrestlemania 20 against Brock Lesnar itself picking the fight against the beast once again. Both had fought the last match of WWE at that point of time afterward Brock conquered UFC and become more dangerous then ever before, Goldberg got busy in TV and Movies left Professional Wrestling actively. Survivor Series, Wrestlemania might be becoming the platform of Legends Return but you can't deny the one fact that whosoever returning are still got it. Goldberg is one of the icon of Wrestling Industry and was face of WCW but if he could start his career in WWE then his stats would have something different. 

WWE no doubt try to selling its 2K17 the Video Game and Survivor Series PPV by headlining Goldberg against Brock but they knows very well that one point of time they tries to mock Goldberg infact they still by a year when "Gillberg" returned to accept the John Cena Challenge for US Title. At the same time WWE knows that Brock might quit the company for UFC or MMA hence trying to use maximum of Brock to sell PPV and WWE Network. Although everyone in WWE agrees that ending the Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak that too from Brock is a big mistake who can use that image everywhere he can but regarding the Goldberg he was always behind the curtain from limelight picking the fight after 12 years. Its not that Goldberg returning for money that even Stone Cold Steve Austin too agreed in one of his interview because if at all money was the desire for Goldberg he would taken the route of TNA which was once crowded from the WWE Legends and made a lot of money.

[Archive Blog (10/11/2016)] Does "Media Blackout" is a kind of Sympathy Gainer ?

NDTV INDIA the well known Hindi News channel from NDTV Group which was first banned by Ministry of Information Broadcasting due to claim to break the guidelines made by Govt. of India on broadcasting norms decision by Ministry is now on hold it means NDTV INDIA will not be off air at 9th of November from 1 PM till next 24 hours. Victory for Journalism might be, people who questioned freedom of speech !! But honestly who wins here ? Surely the media group who might be wrong on reporting may be they crossed the line by not caring something which they should, but question arise that why such guidelines made for ? Surely not to curb down group of few peoples who might not be feeling positive towards the leadership for many reasons but the same guideline can be used to other media houses as well who might by knowing - unknowingly crossing the line which they shouldn't be. After this decision many journalist of different media questioned the outcome of it, some even compare this moment of time with emergency but emergency never supported "Ayes" either. If some destructive elements comes then it takes down everything, everyone have to pay for it whether you support for it or oppose it. during constructive build as well few good needs to pay for it.

Its not that Media Blackout will not teach a lesson but Media Blackout may not impact the main curse behind it, you will find many TRP struggler tries to fight for viewership by sensationalizing the story. Content Producer of News Time Assam called One-day ban is free publicity for the channel which is also got a suspension for 1 day for offensive story. They decides to remain shut rather then fighting against the ban till it be considered "Unethical". Many channel deal with the suspension even before as well but impact is made in Indian News channels for the first time, many Non News channels which are either shut down or is in verge to shutdown because of less eyeballs as their contents are highly censored as per our Indian Society and Culture. News Channels may forgets the certain boundaries to cover the story till any extent but there should be someone who needs to follow for the action. We does got the regulators and we does got audiences as well which actually shares the feedback as well to improve the programming level and to bring a talk in the domain that whether any show is too dangerous for our National Security or not. 

India is one such Country where despite of people having Freedom to express still peoples are not that happy with that, its always like that they have some boundaries on certain things which actually is not but even if it is then its for Nations benefits rather then for any personal grudges and if we're for our Nation then whats the problem to following that certain Norms which you actually have to follow living anywhere being anyone, there is nothing wrong to follows it and there is no individual rules and regulations made for VIPs or VVIPs or for Commoners, rules are rules and it is made for everyone. Then why so much tense faces and why so much of arguments on this ? Infact we happily follows and ready to corporate in the World where we're living for our passion suddenly not for our livelihood hence there should not be any issue on what it meant for, criticism is always good and its a good thing about the Democracy but if constitutional rights getting better of the propaganda then it should be figure out all the time whenever it requires to.

[Archive Blog (09/11/2016)] What a Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 to bowled out Black Money !!

November 8th 2016 never being thought of a day of Economical Transform, the day we always being known for the foundation day of probably the future of cashless Country. Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 which are still lying with us are in no use now, strange you go to the market and try to buy anything that amount won't be accepted instead you can use cashless. One of the strong step which is ever needs to be taken by the Govt. to curb down the Illegal Currency, Black Money and Corruption of the Country. Such bold steps needs a courage was a need of the hour as well, just imagine peoples who're holding bunch of bundles of currencies now forced to exchange the money from the bank and post office to live the day to day life. Its not that this is the end of the story but in 50 days you can't change all of them. As already Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley told to DD that this is not a immunity program for any corrupt because either bring the money back and face the consequences or burn it, that will also burn the glorious tomorrow as well whosoever believes to have one. This moment is more pleasant because there is no place of deadline, action was instant, fear for bad welcomes by good.

But its not that there is no complexities in this decision there are huge of them. Commoners have to struggle to get new Rupees first. There are emergencies, plannings all has shaken up in one moment. People who're waiting for their goods to arrive via Courrier how they will pay ? Same with Domestic Retail Market as well. Consumer need Money to buy essential goods at the same time Seller needs Money as well to get a goods for selling. Important thing is that at this stage its not a time to hit a panic button but to stand together and help each other, indeed private market can't be trusted to consume old notes hence to protect people from long queues more Govt. Agencies needs to be assign for this task. Also to make sure that more small notes like Rs. 500 distributed in numbers rather then Rs. 2000. Now commoners will surely face a issue with Rs. 2000 to consume in small market, if indeed market go cashless then its a great moment otherwise with the popularity of bigger notes will increase the inflation as well. Consuming Rs. 2000 and getting change from will be difficult and small business groups always believes to keep the change.

[Archive Blog (29/10/2016)] Can India become a next Super Power ?

Festive seasons are on Media and Organizations are busying appealing peoples not to buy any Chinese products and never to support Chinese made product. Its a effort to encircle China which is investing hugely on Pakistan for their benefit. There is nothing to hide that China is soon to become a next super power of the World along side with Russia in a state to compete with United States of America. But question arises when India will be the next super power when India will have their own technology their own source and when India will export those in other Countries to create its own list to empower ourself as next Super Power. Any struggling Country is ready to take a support from a big units if its offering the hand of friendship along with huge support, as of now Pakistan need a support and China is providing unconditionally from Outside and Inside. China's one big reason to become a super power is the devotion of people towards the Country and second thing they're far away on their investment on Infrastructure, Games and Defense similar case is with Russia. Unless you won't be devotee of your Country unless you won't think on the Country's frame of mind and its almost impossible to put a structure of United Power.

Basically problem with India is its diversity after 60 years of Independence as well we still have different point of views and ideas which causes the huge conflict of interests. We're lacking to overcome some major issues as well, we lacked to develop our research system, infrastructure of sports bodies and static defense policy are the hurdles of India's growth. At the one hand India is progressing rapidly in Space programs but at the other hand we're still behind to develop any mechanism any technique to protect our crops being a Agriculture Country, every year due to rain millions of dollars crops get wasted in some part of India due to drought not only Farmers from the region but entire Country fights from the challenges, but still we haven't got anything rather then prayers. The amount Govt. till now announces and releases for Farmers Welfare and Support if got invested in some research and implementation then might be Indian Farmers too would have the same fate like developed Countries Farmer where Farming is not only a passion but also a great career to choose for. Anyway Farmers will be more thankful if they got the announced support by Govt. and its offices at the right time.

Its not like that no one has tried and did nothing in last 60 years, strategies built written down but file waited for the approval for long time and when it overcome from all the odds its sent to reset as the earlier proposal too by that time becomes old and then for new planning a new table will set and then draft will made. We got a complex system as well from which one organization can put a hurdle of other even one Ministry of same Govt. can questions another Ministry of same Govt. and that discussion can forever closes to the seal packed file. If Govt. changes then way of working changes and strategy changes if Govt. remains then timeline increases and pace of work got slow tats why development remains the major issue of every election from Municipal to State and Center. We might never heard in the election campaign that "We did this and will do that" instead we must heard that "We miss this and will complete that". During election you can very easily found politician near you but afterwards its very difficult to find even PA. Unless we don't change the structure of the system and people involves on it we can't change the society and Country.

[Archive Blog (01/11/2016)] Big Ecom War is back with this festival

Well starting from 1st Oct. big Ecom war is back with all 3 major Ecom Websites, Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal is ready to challenge the heat and boasted the last moment financial sheet of Q3 and will going to impact the Q4 results. Such war is not new ever since Ecom Websites start emerging and dominated the market share, basically Major Indian Ecom sites have to battles because to keep getting the support of Foreign investment. Their biggest challenge is to keep the space maintain in the already crowded market. As nowhere days every Electronics Major dealing with Customer from Online itself as they have their own small mega stores. If a company ready to sell the mobile exclusive to any Ecom websites but they keeps the accessories sale exclusive to their own website. But biggest issues are logistics tats why even Manufacturer companies are dealing with Ecom websites rather then going alone otherwise would might be the better choice for them.

Price war was the biggest asset of Ecom websites when it was launched though its no more in a central stage like it was earlier before. Only thing still Ecom going strong is exclusive products which manufacturers not launch in the market and can be purchasable through online only. Its not that still Ecom covered the entire India on their Serviceable Map, still there are places where peoples are either happily shopping from the store or forced to purchase from the store. As mentioned that selling the electronics goods specially Mobiles and its Accessories kept these Online shops active and competing in the market otherwise there is huge gap between online fashion and offline fashion. Easy returns are the key though that by closing the eyes and by speaking nothing Companies took Apparels and Footwear back and no matter whatsoever the bottom line will remain like this "Acha Nahi Laga toh Paisa Wapis" with full assurance and guaranteed.

Its quite illogical to say that Online Stores can be replaces the offline stores completely. Boost of online shops in Metro cities and Sub Metro Cities is not the figure of success at all. But yes Online stores differentiated the market and its area of concentration. Still there a percentage of peoples who wants to join the era of Online Market not able to join it because of limitation of logistics of Ecom and Ecom unable to improves the service with 100% track record in their expected to grow areas. But in customer service industry you can't make everyone happy. Biggest aspect about Online Market is the product reaches at Home on time with brilliant packaging. Either one of its missing it means that perfection is missing. Now how in the scale of 100 these Ecoms measures themselves and till how much to achieves which can satisfies the record is the whole new thing to debate though but not for us to messed up with that figure as if top levels are happy then everyone are happy.

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[Archive Blog (28/12/2015) Does "Free Basics", "Free Net" supports the motive of "Independent Internet" ?

In last couple of days a new theory evolved and that is "Free Basics". Free Basics formerly known as till September by Facebook is a nice try to spread a business venture on something like charging tax for subsidies. A kind of Public Trust which is working to expand Internet but no one knows whether it is Non Profitable Trust or Profitable Trust if Profitable then who is owning it ? Free Basics looks very pure and a push to make sure everyone get online. But question arise why would any company will do so ? Whats the benefit of that company to provide a freespace which they owns and putting a constant effort on it to let that thing remains on air. Any online piece need 24x7 assistance, if you can't give then you need a venture for it and obviously it will cost you anyways. So who will bear a cost for Free Basics or ? Either the Users or Associate Company, if users then fine okey as they can demand and ask for more since they're paying for a service if Companies then either they won't let others to live or will charge from a platform who doing business by the name of Company's Services.

Business is not a easy game one have to follow a chain or cycle for survival. A Company need a B Subscribers to provide C Company's Service for that A will pay to C and will charge from B. When it comes to 1 or 2 companies then both having lots to claim but when market share divides into many then 1 have to face challenges. Spending and Earning start bothering us and we believes to gain more rather then pay extra because thats why the 1 is in the battleground of the business. No one comes to do business just because they to have to, may be some do to face challenges, may be some do to earn profit by selling it to big fish. Whatever the moral of the particular company or its boss we should understand one thing that no one will ever launch a service without profit, either its a hidden profit or on record profit. They will workout on every aspect of earning hence it can't be consider is for manhood. If want service then we have to learns to pay as well.

"Free Basics" by name can be understandable about a service which either will be Free or provide Free Access in Basic Services. But question arises that how the Selected Services joining the Free Basic Network and what if others wants to join too ? As of now only RCOM providing "Free Basic" as a part of their services means to get Free Service one should become a subscriber of RCOM !! As of now in this vast internet world "Free Basics" providing a very small subset of 38 Websites and its Services. Some are News websites, Some are Entertainment and so on. It means to get a access of those rebel websites one have to pay then whats the ideology of "Free Basics" and "Internet for all" concept ? As I said few websites may be the part of freeware how they join the network and why others are not ? And also what if Competitors decides not to be a part of "Free Basics" ?

[Archive Blog (18/12/2015)] Digitization 2016: Big Boom for Broadcaster, DTH and MSO

New Year is just 1 week from Friday and Digitization will take 1 step forward by covering the Phase III Cities under the new Cable TV Act. Although Phase IV deadline extended till 31st Dec. 2016 but for Cable Operators and DTH that phase will automatically cover up because as of now their attention is in both Phase III and Phase IV. Question arise that whats the impact of this digitization for Viewers, A simple theory Viewers have everything to loose and Operators, Broadcasters Govt. have everything to gain. Atleast 2 - 3 years ago Rs. 150 for TV looks costly to us now base pack price for Digital Platform costing minimum of Rs. 250. Its not that Rs. 150 is gone but that Rs. 150 and now is a huge difference and we need a compulsory digital box for our entertainment too means additional expend. 

Digitization is a new way to collect Tax for the Govt. may be the new Petrol - Diesel for them which won't pollute the environment but surely will become a big dump from China made Set-top Box. Delhi Govt. already imposed 40% Tax just doubled then previous may be the new "Odd-Even" Formula will let them to add few more percentile on it. But this industry is the new hope for Govt. to make revenue as after Vehicle, Entertainment is the 2nd needless but important thing in our life. We can't run from TV whether it runs any useless program to prove it as a "Idiot Box". Govt. knows the more these broadcasters and operators expand the more it will rise the value as Tax. Already we having some 800 Private TV channels in India operating, Approx. 350 MSOs are distributing their service. 6 Private Paid DTH are beaming from different Satellites to serve peoples demand. 

In Last year Service Tax of Central Govt. and State Govt. contributed a huge revenue, States having different Tax, Central imposed 14% Tax on Service then introduction of "Swachh Bharat Cess" impacting not only in our daily life but even in our Entertainment too. Entertainment may be the right of every Civilian but considered as Luxury in a Tax Book hence its a big and bold step to make sure every household contributes. For operators its a challenging industry now as they have to pay for infrastructure to content cost. In last 2 years big broadcasters expanded well atleast by launching 10 - 12 channels on their bouquet and made it distinctive as before.

[Archive Blog (09/12/18)] Virat Kohli Era: New Challenge in Test Cricket from India

"Test Cricket is real cricket and I never thought I would lead the side 1 day in this grandest format", Virat Kohli may looks hothead or play aggressive cricket but tats the series of words he made politely after he gave post match interview. In a 2 decades of modern time cricket, we saw 3 different captains of India - Sourav Ganguly, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Sourav Ganguly teach us how to lead the side outside India and how to win it. MS Dhoni ensured we won in India by playing some serious cricket and Virat Kohli's era which won all the hearts after India thrashed South Africa out in a 4 match test series by 3-0.

Test Cricket may be the real cricket but need players too who wants to plays it and performs it by considering every goal as a target to achieve. Kohli started his cricket from limited over game later secured his Test Cricket after blistering performance in ODI Cricket. No one can deny the fact that he's a class act at 1 point was holed a record to complete fastest 5000 runs in ODI cricket. Kohli made his name and fame with some magical innings which gave India a famous wins. He may not be a Little Master or Master Baster but he's Kohli 'Name is Enough'. He's will and class let his spot fixed in a side and later named captain of Test side after India's most successful Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni decides to retire from Test Cricket. 

Its not that during Dhoni Era we didn't perform well, we even ended as no. 1 Test Side in the World but we didn't made a significant mark in England, Australia, South Africa and lost a series against England in Home as well. 2014 - 2015 India's Tour of Australia remembered as Dhoni's last ever test series after disappointed performance of India continued. Kohli who led the Adelaide Test of that series showed some resistant, his Century put India inch closer to win that test match although India lost but all eyes was glued on Kohli's intensity and aggression at the 1st Test.

[Archive Blog (25/10/18)] New Era Begins: Australia vs. New Zealand "A Day Night Test Match"

27th November Friday History going to write itself in the form of Day Night Test Match. A decade long debate to make Test Cricket popular which creates lots of theories to try something different to save Test Cricket. One of the theory was to have Day Night Test, since ODI already being played hence Color Clothing and using White Ball makes no sense as its have to be with White Clothing but problem is ball, Red Ball is not visible in a flood lights and combination of White Kit and White Ball won't suit.

"How ball will play whether it will be visible or not, whether baller will ables to swing it" will be a debate among players and cricket experts but as a fan prospective either the following test match will be hit or flop. Whether it will be over in first day itself or will be cheered for 5 days. Whatever the outcome it would be will it gonna be quite excited because we never had such experimentation before in Test Cricket. Day Night First Class Match with Pink Ball did played in Sheffield Shield Season of 2013-14. Match ended in 3 days for a experimental purpose although those lucky players who did have a inaugural game in domestic circuit or those who going to be a part of the history by playing the 1st International Test will be much more excited with a brand new era.

Day Night Test Match if become successful then it would create a great benefits on Broadcasting rights which Cricket Boards sold in very lesser amounts to Asian broadcasters. Specially Boards like New Zealand, Australia will going to get a greater value from a Asian broadcasters and will value to add in a balance sheet. Normally in New Zealand Test Match starts from 3 am IST (Indian Standard Time) none from India gonna wakeup and witness that Test Match hence broadcasters interest remain dim to claim that rights with this new era they can have a test match from Afternoon or Evening so that Morning crowd from Asia who switches TV can enjoy the pleasant of Test Match. Cricket Australia too can shift 1 or 2 hours of a Test Match played in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia.

[Archive Blog (25/11/18)] Why suddenly "Incredible India" become "Intolerant India" ?

For 60 years we had a debate that "Why India is a Tolerant Country ?" now from last 60 days we're debating that "How India become Intolerant ?" couple of unfortunate incidents and VVIPs and VIPs protest was enough to burn the topic on air. From last 60 years we was quite and keeps the patience on for our country. We never be out of our mind which sets the wrong example infront of World. We never crossed our lines we remain peaceful but suddenly after local crowd comes together and join the fight against corruption in "Anna Andolan" then incident of "Nirbhaya" which shaked the doors of Ministry and was enough to make Capital of India "Noisy". Those protests may gave us Political Party and many NGOs but the fact is after Independence and that particular time frame does have sound equals to Emergency. That time period make people understand that we should comes on road and will not let our Politicians to have peaceful nights. At a chill temperature everyone played their part for a betterment of our Citizens and Country.

But now couple of voices raised from named and fame gained personalities and all attentions are on them, many of us may not even know those peoples before and the award they received when received and for what they received found them in a headline to return award. The announcement they made in Press Conference in a interview of News channels etc. A small fuel raised the fire when other personalities start condemning "Award Wapsi" incident and India divided between "Intolerant" and "Tolerant" people of India. May be this debate has anything to do with our Country's progress or not but is good enough to share limelight on this issue. Those who was quite rusty in writing will start expressing their view points on various platforms, schools will now have a topic to have a debate competition on it, political parties will now have a subject to fight election, News channels will have moment to generate TRP and International Media will have a specific object to explain India.

[Archive Blog (10/11/2015)] [Analysis] What can we learn from Bihar Election 2015 ?

Last Sunday was super Sunday as a view point of people who follows Politics or learns Politics. Bihar Election start concluding successfully altough in Multiple phases but atleast concluding there was a time when it was never be possible too because of attack in polling booth and in other word "Booth Loot". That picture is now over and Bihar atleast have a mind to choose its leader. Bihar Election 2015 concluded in 5 phases and the intensity, animosity was quite high during those phase. Every day there was a story of personal and controversial comments for various reasons which we should avoid of if our aim to win the election in more constructive way rather then a destructive matter. This election teaches us many thing which if parties start focusing off then future elections will become the most idol and if we start implementing those in our life then no one can stop us to succeed.

One of the most nasty things about elections are if politicians start making personal and irrelevant comment rather then talking to the point. In Bihar Election both Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi was having everything to loose hence the atmosphere become too hot but things become worst when peoples crossed all lines. In civilized society there is no place of trash and we should understand this, when we go outside to picture Country then don't forget that we're contradicting ourself being something in the Country and being something else outside. In a small group of few everyone is evil and until and unless its not stung you will have a face of idol. So remain idol why wants to bring the evil outside ? We can won any war by remain calm and compose.

Trying to understand people/opponents are the biggest plus to crack any deal. When you over do on your strategy then really it will cost you hard. 1st planning will be to understand the environment of challenges and what are the challenges to fulfill without knowing the battleground you can't just quite make it. Whether you're fighting election or looking to crack the interview until and unless you don't know about the ground reality then how you will be chosen for the job ? Expectations are high and you needs to fulfill the promises you do since day 1. People will choose you only when they feel that you can do it or you already have faces the challenges before hence you're the right person to make out for.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

[Archive Blog (07/11/2015)] Digital India in the cost of Net Neutrality ?

Digital India is a great concept and first step taken after Mr. Narendra Modi's visited on FB, Google Headquarters at Silicon Valley last month. Everyone changed their DP in Facebook to show their support and excitement of quite a innovative model of its own type, bringing Internet in every household is not only tough but also a rigorous job. Without Internet / Information Technology, Digital India concept is pond without water. People needs to have a basic communication platform so that they can learn and understand the future technology and a vision of tomorrow.

Today at this era still more then 40% to 50% people not having basic internet means they may use internet but not as daily basis. Smart phones in the Country deploying in a rapid pace even basic phones now having capability to open Google although how much time it will take no one knows but atleast option is there. Today we're having digital platform more then physicals. People start taking interest on E Books then actual books, good for nature also atleast 1 or 2 Tree will be save and papers can be utilized on some other important work. Overall we're getting great materials in digital platform more then we ever think about in physical platforms.

Digital Platforms having disadvantages and Advantages both, at 1 end we're getting dumb from real world but at other hand getting smarter on digital platforms who knows may be tomorrow our main earning source will be from internet only. It is always beneficial to follow up the path of new gen which would prepare us as Future ready, time won't stop for any one but we have to jump up with the time hence carries a advance knowledge make some sense. And this can't be possible without digital platforms many may still didn't accepted this concept to gain but they also knows the importance of it.

[Archive Blog (30/10/2015)] Try ! Try ! Try !

"Try" is the word which is the only key to success. If we don't try then won't lie on where we belongs. We should never chase success but we should chase "Try" which is a best way to move forward atleast you won't dry after getting fry. We never expect success in one shot we never got to but we could expect satisfactory if we try by heart. Expectation is a big time tension which we used to get from our elders free faukat tension to increase our pressure already there is no pension which heel our tension then why sanction our potential infront of someone who not realizing anything of us.

You will get many ideologies but no one gives you a idea to way forward that you have to find by our own. Thats why you called as "Lone Survivor" in a successful life. You can't drive a success but can achieve a success that is upto to you and how to ? Humans have a tendency to think many things which they shouldn't many are time wasting, blood sucking just relax and think what you actually wants to do and analyze. Analyzing is a best way forward that this is my aim and these are the options by which I can have a breather and ofcourse then "Try" to have a cry of success.

Friday, 23 February 2018

WhatsApp Payment: We got another mode to pay

When you get to know about "WhatsApp Payment" the first thing will come to your mind is "What will "Paytm" do now ?" and the reason is - before E-Wallets for youths was a fun to transact and earn a cash back from it and now it is one of the essential mode of clearing the dues. No doubt after demonetization Paytm was the front runner to motivate youths to use their platform to pay rather then standing in the long queues of Bank or ATM. Other E-Wallets despite of open battleground remain dry as they didn't wants to risk themselves for the opportunity, one of the competitor of Paytm was even promoting their brand during demonetization by organizing a essay writing competition to gift their PR agents the trophy. Recently one of the small but emerging player in Wallets shut its door and all you got now is Paytm. Currently Paytm is going strong for a reason and that is their reach among small merchant to big corporate but their push for Paytm Bank may cost their dominance soon.

Image of WhatsApp Inc.

Ever since Airtel, Paytm, Kotak etc. got the license of payment banking their business focus has been shifted to their new venture, Paytm has merged their wallet business to the Bank it means soon it will no longer remain in the shape of standalone feature. Currently RBI has extended the KYC deadline of Mobile Wallets but soon Paytm will look to reboot their idol venture. WhatsApp's inclusion on Payment business are the first threat for Paytm since WhatsApp is the most used app among Indians and far more on regular basis then Paytm. WhatsApp's simplicity and its popularity are the key of the launch of their new feature compare to other apps who already got a scratchy start. Recently Google's launch of Tez was impressive but not so due to people's fear on experimenting much. Google was offering Rs. 40 for the 1st ever transaction on Tez and like its name it proven to be a lightning fast app on money transfer.

Google may be is impressive with Tez but they needs to remain ready to answer on "Why Tez ?". Google and Flipkart is one of the dominating internet giant in India similarly Tez, Flipkart got Phonepe which they acquired way back on 2016, unfortunately even after the acquisition Phonepe yet to make out on many's phone. All the new entrant in digital payment are UPI it means in terms of feature they are very similar to each other compare to the cosmetic changes which differentiate the application with each other, application which is simple and already popular will always have the extra edge. The reason Bhim is far behind then others due to their negligence on supporting bus, movie or train ticketing services etc. Flipkart never pushed Phonepe aggressively not even via Myntra or even via Jabong. Paytm continue to be a front runner on expanding the offers all the time. It will be very interesting that how Google will react on WhatsApp Payment.

One nice step taken by Facebook is to utilize the WhatsApp for Payment rather then their social networking site. WhatsApp is quite unique and offers more professionalism in nature which let their success story continue, surely post their trial run of Payment will either shake the industry or let NPCI regulates their service which owns UPI. New competition are already arisen despite digital Payment in its nascent stage. Good thing that internet giants are taking Indian market more seriously and exploring the new opportunity. More competition means more benefits for consumers in terms of offers and service and anyone will please to know about it. Currently WhatsApp Payment is working under invitational mode which is soon to be roll out for everyone, lets find out how to enable to feature and how to access it in the video below:

How to enable WhatsApp Payment ?


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