Saturday, 31 December 2016

Is Ronda Rousey leaving the Octagon for Square Ring ?

For Ronda Rousey fans UFC 207 Live was of great expectation. Finally she was returning back in Octagon after 13 months loosing to Holly Holm, she made her name and fame as women who was kind of ruthless in the octagon ring, hungry to conquer the opponent used to give the best shot to end the night as victorious with full authority, dominate like no other has defense to block her and able to survive. When Ronda lost against Holly in UFC 193, she didn't lost the fight but she lost the dominance which she had for 3 years, its like The Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak which was ended after 21 years. Ronda's this unprecedented performance led her a chance in Hollywood with some big names. All the name and fame she earned was never easy, surely her hard work, dedication and aggression paid the price to her.

  Jyane Kamin-Oncea-USA Today Sports

Usually top earning jacks used to start exploring the new payouts. Similarly like Brock who left WWE when he was in peak and moved to MMA made money and name in UFC, but he too though knocked out in his last match against Alistair Overeem and then returned back to WWE where he started his wrestling career though he isn't finished his UFC career. Also once a self proclaimed "Best in the World" in WWE, CM Punk too gives a hand on UFC but lost the bout in 2:14 against Mickey Gall but he has full time contract and company must have a best night for him. Indeed its not only about money but gets a respect back from the business for what you're doing after broken bones, injured body, appearing in a dangerous matches and taking bumps. Hence if one legendary career gets over then other will start as well.

For Ronda WWE Career must be a welcome decision at one hand WWE top Boss including Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was not only excited about her return but must have a pre mature planning too. Like Brock Lesnar, Ronda could Main Event in only Top 4 PPVs too challenging WWE's New Era Women Division or might fight for the Championship as well. But that would be excited to see for which show she would work or if she hold of the any show's Womens Title then how its mirror title stood infront of people's expectation and gain TRP in comparison !! One thing which WWE lacks about is to grab the moment to develop the potential of the division. WWE in past used to promote Womens division aka Divas Division as a tool to gain TRP, they used to focus on beauty and glamour more then ability to rock the ring. Hence in modern time they has no name to shout.

In last 3 - 4 years WWE did rewrite the history aggressively with Nikki Bella to be the longest Divas Champion in history which they still praise despite the title is retired. Last year after Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch debut, all three has quickly cemented their legacy with Becky to win 1 time Smackdown's Women's Championship, Charlotte Flair won Raw Women's Championship for record 4th time hasn't lost a PPV yet and Sasha Banks has won the PPV for 3 times, with this it doesn't mean to make a revolutionary platform which can offer legends but its a process to fill the empty gap which was created due to creative executives no confidence. 

Ronda at this moment can give the WWE Team a huge plus who are failing to excite viewers. After a Brand split Charlotte and Sasha both has headlined RAW and PPVs including some extreme matches which no other Women in the past had ever participated in. Also for a big push in WWE Network and gain TRP to crack the Record Breaking TV deals WWE have to offer something boombastic for which they able to proof their own saying that "Anything can happen in WWE", Ronda not only can make a huge crunch from WWE selling merchandise, TV promotions and even at the same time with Movies as well without risking much of her body. In Octagon it may be hard to rewrite the history but in square ring she might overrides all the records made.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

4 Day Test Match: What we will loose and can win from it ?

Its almost a half of decade talk now by the think tank of cricket to reduce 1 day from International 5 Days Test Matches. Ever since T20 came and made a big pop via IPL, voices start raising whether we actually need 5 Days Test Matches anymore or not. Some claiming its a exercise to protect the soul of Test Cricket as the viewership and response is quite less towards the Test Cricket in Modern Era. There is always a 2 flips of a coin but I sees more negativity instead of positives in 4 days test match may be people having best of interest in the game have different prospect on it, but this will ever remain controversial since as of now its remains on cold bag of MCC, the law makers of Cricket. There are certain steps already being taken to protect the game of Test Cricket and that is Day - Night Test. Australia is so far is the better team to promote the Pink Ball Day - Night Test Cricket with full wings. They played 2 test matches so far, one is last year against New Zealand, last year I also wrote New Era Begins Australia vs. New Zealand on the eve of first ever Pink Ball Cricket in the International Arena, success of that test match in Adelaide led another Test match against South Africa last month and third is against Pakistan and they're so far doing good in the dedicated record book of the Day - Night show. In Australia it is highly appreciated and got a great support from the fans point of view since whatever number Cricket Australia wanted to achieve they're quite near of it, unless people are really a cricket freaks of the city which gonna fill each and every capacity of the ground at which ever day you want.

Suddenly IPL impacted the World Cricket a lot and after the success of the league not only Test Cricket but even One Day matches saws the Heat. Sachin Tendulkar even came up with the idea of 25 Overs per Innings match as a savior of Test Cricket and ODI but that idea didn't got enough support and remains as a well wish of The Great Little Master, though black clouds are over now from ODI but still in some occasions concern on future of Test Cricket are always high. Its not like that bid in T20s too got much success despite of invented in England, England still struggling to launch a T20 league which can give them a super success, recently concluded South Africa T20 Challenge missed RAM for the title sponsorship, another promising league in Bangladesh, BPL T20 made headlines for fixing when a player claim to meet bookie rather then for a number of enthusiastic crowd to support Cricket. Many countries who started T20 Leagues never reached into the melting point, Countries like Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe started the T20 Leagues of their own but called off due to "no" from sponsors. Infact Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch pull himself from what was claimed to be a kind of a Club Worldcup for Cricket in the sense of CLT20 called off from the equation due to poor viewership in India. STAR INDIA wanted to have Mini IPL got something else which never excited the viewers because people in India never supported the T20 game but supported their favorite players and the franchisee. Currently except India and Australia no other Country are able to have a stable T20 Leagues of which Pundits considered to be a threat for Cricket.

At the current scenario Countries like Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa, England are in the favor of 4 days test matches. Pakistan has a revenue loss due to hosting the Cricket matches in UAE and their political attire is not that friendly with India which led the Boss of Cricket to help them. Countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa are expecting to put their financial cycle back on track and putting a effort from very long time and after the imbalanced social structure it is obvious to affect Cricket as well. Country like Sri Lanka not able to put on the infrastructure which can create a next aura of Mahela Jayawardane, Sanath Jayasuria, Kumar Sangakara or Muttiah Muralitharan, missing such greats from the pitch and stumbling performance in all 3 formats led the fans less interested towards the every match featuring Sri Lanka. In recent scenarios ICC planned to have two-tier format, means team will be divided into 2, 1st Division will have top 7 teams and in 2nd Division you got bottom teams with the inclusion of Ireland and Afghanistan could have increase the number of Test Playing Nation but it used to have more flaws then any plus. Surely big teams will love to compete against big team and would have reduce the number of games in FTP but it also could have kill the interest of Teams like Bangladesh who're posting the challenge infront of big Teams as they already hunted England in 2 match Test Series. Might be two-tier would have been good for some team but bad for others in many aspect. Any new rule implemented to help the game improve and grow further but thinking shouldn't to curb down the game but to develop the infrastructure. ICC also looks to reduce the number of test matches in the year citing a financial issue in small boards.

4 Days Test Matches has their own con and pros. Mostly people in weekend are out to enjoy with the family and having games in weekend will increase the number of spectators. From Thursday to Sunday the game will be live and maximum people will gather to witness the proceedings of last 2 days, it will also shorten the days of tour with 3 days time another Test Match may starts but it will led more draw games, doctored pitches to win the test match, excitement will be over since might be game will end even in 3 and the half days which will never favor the cricket but led negativism towards the game. In domestic circuit we having 4 days games because teams are actually a part of some tournament in International Circuit possibility of Test Championship are quite weak hence rather then having a 4 Days Test Matches, Boards of Test Nation needs to work out on a Infrastructure to push Day - Night Cricket Matches more. In India, BCCI organises maximum ODI games in Day - Night but still yet to debut in Day - Night Test. Also Boards needs to organises a game like this which will fall into Weekend more. Either game starts from Thursday or ended in Sunday in between Test Matches Teams could play a ODI and T20s as well. Matches should played in Small Stadiums and places where maximum peoples are having Off in Saturday and Sunday and also sports enthusiasts. No doubt many Countries at this moment are having financial crunch, income from Live Audience and Broadcasters are also reducing. Boards are not able to sign deals with Broadcasters due to less viewership which directly impacting the revenues anyways.

In recent past if take a example of India's Cricket only, you will found that people in weekdays gives a maximum support to Test Cricket, in Winter Season peoples were out to support their team from Morning session itself. Stadiums like Wankhede Mumbai and Indore was jammed pack and not a single place was kept in a Test Match during Weekends. Even places where maximum companies offers Rotational Offs during Weekend too got a maximum crowd plus students who got holidays in Sundays gets a chance to hangout with their best buddy enjoys the game. Test Matches can attract crowds due to its schedule in Day time which suits many micro families too which can end the day outing in the city after the end of Play. In summer time we can have games Day - Night due to extreme hot in Afternoon which won't suits many. Problem is not crowd attraction, problem is representation too. In India almost 80%-90% games remains houseful because fans has reason to watch cricket and reason to cheer. 20K fans definitely has a power to attract atleast 5K fans, crowd always support good cricket and good cricketers they don't need Dhoni or Kohli all the time. Currently many bottom team players of ICC Rankings are either believes to play County Cricket or do something else to fulfill the day to day need as the money and interest both are quite less. Purpose to running things is the most important part, why people should watch a game why even hang around for 4 days too and 90 overs in a day ? If 4 days test matches are the savior of Test cricket then does the domestic matches are getting good crowd ? As already I tried to conclude that Domestic Cricket since playing in a Tournament wise hence maximum draw games won't affect much due to points system but matches which are being played between Host and Away teams need results as thats what Teams are getting motivated to represent the Nation. Interesting fact is that ever since the T20 specialist players took over the National side to represent Test Cricket the win percentage of every International Series has been increased compare to what it used to be till last decade. No doubt as of now decision of 4 Days Test matches is hanging due to some personal interest of the respective Boards but if at all Organisers realises to work on the future of Test Cricket then should consider by keeping its spirit alive.

Monday, 12 December 2016

#ViratKohli is Virat "The Virat Run Scorer" Kohli

Virat Kohli has been declared "Man of the Match" for the 4th Test against England in Wankhede and why not ? Ashwin's Duck in the test match ease the work for peoples whosoever finalize the name for awards otherwise his 12 wickets and magic with his bat would have seal the trophy. But man at the moment is Virat Kohli who is keeps on cementing his legacy to be a great leader and batsman, who has worked on his flaws and set up the pace with his run machine. I always believes that a good leader is always lead with example. He don't need motivational words to proof himself but his performance, his fighting spirit on the field is enough to proof. In cricketing field we always discuss about partnerships and we have even praised many great partners who had given many memorable moments also setting up a plot for many victories but you won't found players to be comfortable batting with every player in the team now either you will say that they're not from same domestic team or not sound with each other but I feel that if one player who is capable to bat with no. 2 batsman to no. 11 is Virat Kohli only, no matter from which region they came, whichever team they represented. I think whenever Virat will be retire you will get to know about him from many players around the World and wouldn't need any Movie and Book to describe about his personality from dressing room to team's hotel and his spirit for the game. There was a incident happened when  Wankhede crowd even booed Virat 3 years ago in the eve of IPL, ofcourse IPL would made you crazy when Mumbai fans become Mumbai fans, Chennai fans become Chennai fans, Kolkata's become Kolkata and our heart beat dedicates to the team we supports and rest becomes enemies in that moment Virat may got disbelief and expressed his views even in Post Match Presentation to get more boos but this what Virat Kohli for you, he's not a fake masked person and blunt whether representing India Cricket or RCB he will be the same, with his batting and leadership skill he will win your heart and not by some kind words thats why even the same Wankhede fans cheered Virat during his double century innings. 

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Indeed Virat is getting matured and even more responsible, players like his talent are quite rare hence only man who can dismiss Virat Kohli is Virat Kohli himself. It is always good to accept challenges and live into it. Challenges of new goals like for Virat, challenge was 100 in T20s he conquers that then 200 in Test he conquers that as well with back to back three 200s in three series, 1st came against West Indies in Antigue, 2nd came against New Zealand in Indore and 3rd came against England in Wankhede Mumbai. Next will be obviously 300 in Test and may be one day 200 in ODIs. In 2016 Virat made runs with a average of  50.33 in Test, 52.93 in ODIs and 57.13 in T20s became a first player to have 50+ average in all three format. Its not that Kohli did something magical with his stats though he missed to broke many records the amount of potential he has. He equalize the Tendulkar's 89 innings to score the 15th Test Century, Gavaskar took 77 innings to reach the milestone. Kohli though scored 3 doubles this year but Michael Clarke scored 4 doubles in 2012 named him the only batsman to do so in a calendar year. Virat matched many players and broke many records being a leader of a team who topped in the Test Cricket, he's a gifted player who has potential to score all around the ground as per the strategy of the spinner he found playing sweep shot as well against England. There are players who was not gifted but they achieve glories with their hard work and dedication, there are players who're gifted but with their hard work and dedication they becomes conqueror. Indeed its a era where the entire team is running in the circle of Virat Kohli. Virendar Sehwag in post match show after the conclusion of 4th Test even advocated the ODI and T20 captaincy for Virat, no doubt about it that he even deserves it and if he's hungry and willing to achieve every milestone then there is no better option then Kohli.

For one thing many people criticizes about Kohli and its his aggressive nature on the field which he never hides off the camera and on the camera, I think that is his quality to admit what he is, you can't expect everyone to be a monk. We have saw many players who remains silent but and they used to reply with their ability down the pitch but not being vocal. India got very few challenging players in the entire cricketing era who got the ability to challenge down the pitch, their aggression used to be flash from their eyes to their performance as well, yes sometimes they fails and when they fails they got criticism from their own fans because aggression without performance is too unacceptable then remain silent to hide failure. I remember that our cricketing fans used to complain about aggression in Indian players when India used to tour Australia, South Africa or England where we still failed to create some history and being remember with few stunning victories, one of the famous victory was in Natwest Trophy Finals after winning the Natwest Trophy every one remember our Captain Dada's very famous victory moment when he taken off his shirt and rotated it with full of authority in the Lord's Balcony which become more famous and viral, repeating the same will not be appreciated but surely that legacy needs to be carry forward as if Cricket is known as the religion in the Country after we overlooked to our Desi games then we should have the kingdom of our most loved game in every format with full of swagger. Yes but one thing we can't ignore and that over aggression cause the team as well, there is a time of every happy ending story to get over, in last 16 years which was most important for the modern era cricket in India due to transaction of BCCI to "Brand BCCI" in this timeline we have saw  many different captains and many stories, out of which Ganguly - Chappell era was one of the worst, India cricket was divided into two. Later we saw MS Dhoni to get involved with many such stories but good thing about it nor he said anything nor the opposite side people might be because of their own conflicts of Interest.

Aggression is good and digestible till we're succeeding in our given job. In the Virat's era we got the most flexible team where no one has a fixed spot, any unperformed player have to proof his presence if not then will be out from the side and next have to start performing with great extend. Normally injuries are the big factor of the side and this side has yet to proof the same form outside Indian Subcontinent. Virat's team yet to prove in South Africa, Australia and England which was never a easy outing at all. Though lots of positive came up with this team after Kumble joined the camp including DRS. One thing for sure battle royale in the dressing room starts when Captain not performs and blames other, team never stood with the blow but remain talked outside. Unless Captain and Coach are not proactive we never expect our Team to be ever in a winning side. When South Africa tour to India last year our Team beat the side in 3 days - 4 days Virat didn't perform through out the series because team never felt in the situation where you need Captain's knock. But when in 1st Rajkot Test of ongoing India vs. England series when India was quite near to get a defeat Captain Kohli from one end took the guard to safe the test match and at the end Alastair Cook initiate the hand shake to end the match in a draw. Even in the 4th Test in Wankhede had England caught Kohli on 68 it would have the different scenario though like a any run machine he didn't left the opportunity to blast the innings and make sure that India remains in top of the test match. Like many Cricketing fan everyone want this India's Cricketing era to remain dominate infront of the World for a long time and Captain Virat to keeps on shining to create new records and conquers the old one.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Weakness in "Go Digital" moment can push it back ?

Recently one of the leading opposition party and its leader's twitter account get hacked and voices start raising that does India is ready with "Go Digital" moment or "Cashless" moment, does India is ready handle the Digital era where our Country is far behind in literacy compare to many Developed Country. Well the thing is hacking of twitter account can't justifies the insecurity of the Digital era but indeed we're less prepare before a massive push. As I tried to bring out a fact that people who themselves chosen the digital mode for payment and shopping are basically because of some tempting offers from the company and not because they think its a future need. I remember of my time when University start taking College exam fees online without giving a proper knowledge on how to fill it, those days despite internet charges are quite less compare to today but had lots of weakness in the system like slow internet, slow respond time etc. etc. Those days forget about Internet even Smartphones was not a cup of tea for everyone and less supported. Phishing, Hacking was the new terminology and systems are not ready enough to fight the challenges. Except doing needful from Cyber Cafe a guy had no other option. Those days Banks just got a additional responsibilities without enough preparation but yes Universities and Banks was always ready to charge processing fees and annual fees for the maintenance of the system like we have opted the thing by choice and not like a rule.

Logo belongs to Digital India (Official Website: Government of India)

For next 1 or 2 years after launching the Online filling of a Exam Fees everyone used to be like a bully infront of the system. Those days due to high traffic even University Website remain down for most of the time, the form got open to fill just days before of your exams and except to pray for the successful transaction you got no other choices. You sit to fill the form very slowly University Website redirects you to the Bank Website, Bank Website ask you to change the password those days since Online Transaction was quite less need of Online Transaction was less as well hence obviously you have to encounter the password change activity all the time during the Exam Form filling, then after doing so process would start further after all this activity you finally found out that your form didn't filled but amount got deducted those days you won't even get confirmation message many times like today you got 80 out of 100 time so what just pray and keeps on checking the University Website. Obviously a big source of traffic used to increase because of this reason as well and if University start monetizing their websites then quite easily they would have make a lot of bucks for maintaining their system and update it with superior plans, well thats might happen or may not be but saddest part was that time or even before 2 years that Engineering students used to relied on less educated Cyber Operator for this entire process, I am not sure about current scenario but if Majority of Engineering student still believing to do a online transaction from someone else who is less qualified then you then its a mockery of a push of Go Digital and mockery of higher education in the Country which is already quite a costly affair to be honest.

No way we shouldn't move towards the Digital Era but less education towards it made things quite difficult for people to handle the technology which is known to ease your work rather then making it difficult. Not everyone has mail, not everyone has internet, so its not like everyone is quite sound of implication of the new gen technology also even if organization tries to it doesn't mean it reaching to everyone meaning of phishing and hacking should also being described in a simple way in every mode of communication which will help to reach people to people. We got many changes in society like from Paper Valet elections to EVM which is highly appreciated and accepted by everyone who cast his or her votes. Decade old ATM too accepted by most of the percentage of people but accepted quite late and not all of the sudden, similarly better management can deploy the planning more smoothly and efficiently. Indeed youths are more smart and progressive towards the digital era but system needs to be as well. When I wrote Deal with DeMonetisation or Deal with Politics !! I raised the point that we yet to got E Wallet from Govt. of India. After Demonetization exercise only push towards the RUPAY card increased not before it was when things was like as always. Banks are even asked to promote cashless transaction but surely push and forcing is a two different things and opposite to each other. We got twisted system, we got supercilious system, twisted one is quite easy and the other one is not every ones gettable.

Youths are in majority and they know the usage of E Technology well, younger generation are more keen to get a hand of to experiencing something new. You will found saying many with proud that they're the BETA tester of either a Mobile App or Mobile OS, no matter BETA testing is to realize the bugs and feeling the vulnerability but getting some extra features despite its not safe compare to normal users always excites the youth and thats why the growth and development in the IT infrastructure is quite high which is now expanded and reached in every corner of Household. Indeed a start is always a necessary if you're heading to foot towards the next gen era and then a push which is equally required to make sure that a start gets its destination. With Go Digital Era we got many options like Prepaid Cards, UPI based Apps from Banks and other third party developers, Mobile Wallets, Netbanking, Debit - Credit Cards and *99#. Yes in all the given options has some flaws, from that Net Banking is considered as one of the safest of all since transaction from the Net Banking need two passwords like Login and Transaction one along with OTP in the mobile but yes if not have Laptop and Computer then through Mobile any noob will stuck into it, Gateway failure will cause people a lot and ofcourse you will get a money back after 7 to 8 biz days if amount deducted but transaction not confirmed in this method. One of the weakest link from the above given options are Credit card which can hacked and can be made duplicate as well. Mobile Wallets becoming a good option but only verified ones are the trusted one. *99# need a good development since dependent on Aadhaar Card and Less choices are equalizing it as less effective.

No doubt that Digital Transactions are not safe but does it mean we won't take any step further and won't opt in near future ? Even we're using cash transaction its quite popular too but does we stopped using it after fearing from pickpocket ? Nope we have to be smart a little to safe ourself from the trouble. Giving importance to cashless transaction doesn't mean you start doing transaction in every worst case scenario, sensible and intelligence is the key always but yes we have to be ready with the future aspect all the time. One thing is needed and I guess most demanded is the processing charge, at this moment still some services deducting the processing charge which is a kind of curt in any such revolutionary moment. Yes you need money to manage system, servers but doesn't mean the cost should be charged from those who basically making the E era popular ? There are plenty more ways to support the maintenance cost, today when you check out IRCTC website for a example then you will found that it is well monetized quite well and must be earning too as from Ads but still IRCTC charges processing fees !! infact the more IRCTC pushes the E Transaction the less they needs to worry about the Man Power in Ticketing Counters. When a Government today strengthening the Digital India initiative with full force infact our PM got his own Mobile App then is quite easy to think about to launch a Government build Mobile Wallet too and effectively connect all Agency like IRCTC, BSNL, MTNL, State Electricity Board, Corporation Boards into it, it will not only help to save Crores of Rupees of Government in Manual Effort but also from Paper Formalities.

Its a time for every citizen as well to distribute a basic knowledge towards a Cashless Transaction and Digital Technology not in big frame but atleast in small circle whenever gets a opportunity, who knows any small effort can make a big difference towards building our Nation again.