Saturday, 26 November 2016

Deal with #DeMonetisation or Deal with Politics !!

Whether to politize the issue of Demonetisation or not but fact will remain that to bring the life back in Indian economy someone had to make a decision to abolish the old currency with the new one. No doubt that its a beauty of democracy that every tough decision will be challenge in the people's house but when it goes beyond the boundaries or in road then things won't look good for the benefit of the people but looks to be more personally motive then fight for the change. When a Person elected to lead the Country with full majority after doing promise to end the black money and its market and later he did proves his promise with a action in reality then in that step we needs to stand with the motive rather then questioning on the decision. Its not compulsory that every decision have to be perfect and would not have any negative effect also it may not that easy to implement as its in theories but one thing for sure that Black Money and Corruption are the two major links to destroy any Country's Economy and its Growth. With Black Money not only the people are running from the responsibilities to be a participant of Country's Development but also decimating society by parting into two.

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Few people got too much in the society and few are struggling with their basic needs. There is a cruel reality in the society that below poverty level peoples sustenance are drugs to remain alive, it means that forget about two time meal its hard to have one chapati itself in a day thats why consumption of drugs in extreme poverty line are more and small kids and womens are addicted towards it because of unbearable hunger but interestingly at the same time every year crores of rupees of foodgrains destroys during Mansoon because of not having enough shelters, this loss causes Farmers financially as well and literally break them down. Government surely comes forward to cure the trouble but any relief program take its own time and pace before to reach to the end person. Government then charges tax to cure their own loss which hike the prices of every need of a human to survive and at the end of the day poor remain poor which struggled to have food, Government remains busy to settle down the problem before to face another, farmer remain ignorant. But whats the moral of entire cycle ? Had system has the resort of our one basic need we could have see the all new different Country today. Still many states are yet to bring Food Security and moreover Food Security Bill once become the battle of great politics too when its motive was questioned due to its timing.

There is no harm to raise finger, there is no harm to ask question but is it right to oppose every good thing all the time ? I think that is one of the reason why India never being a super power and busying blowing a self made trumpet, when I wrote Can India become a next Super Power ? I tried to bring a very little over politics but reality is that unless politics are happening from open mind and clean heart with a vision in eyes and jobs in hand no one can stop the Country being a Super Power or to become Superior Leader of the World. I think politics's another meaning is dealing with reality as well, you have reason, if you have will to face the challenges and if you got mandate to overcome the odds then you should do it rather then waiting for the time as opportunity won't wait. There is another reason why India never drive the World rather then being driven is because of lack in unity, there is no support but have lots question behind the intentions. Yes question needs to be asked and have to be answered but will be in the cost of image damaging ? Today in the World if you're weaker inside then will be weaker from outside as well.

One of the biggest reason why India's Economical part is still struggling is because still we're far behind to adopt the E Cash facilities relying on Cash based transaction more. Cash in the market and if its not returning back into the source then surely a fall of economical structure, If in any Country Small Denomination Notes start revolving perfectly then surely that Country doing tremendously well in economical zone. Government may trying to bring the big notes from which expenditure increases and it get easily consume but does Government thinking to strengthen the source of Income as well ? Nowhere days getting Rs. 8000 job is very tough and spending Rs. 8000 in a day is very easy, money stuck in because of no job security, not a attractive package hence reason of expenditure is also quite less. If money start releasing in a weekly basis rather then in a Monthly basis then surely people will have more planning and spending as well but there should be a fix minimum amount which a person will get anyhow rather then being on hold in a system.

Today our Finance Ministry may be pushing to bring the economy back but it looks to be a one time process and that too bringing Money for their own dream projects and plannings, this move still not assuring the income of middle class and lower class family. Motionless structure means failure of economical growth which is registering its steady pace and not working towards a big moment. No income and no money led the system dried and cold. Till now Black Money impacted the Country and as mentioned still we failed to adopt the E Cash facility, India's own RUPAY card struggling to create its own place infront of International Giants. Indian Banks though providing International Debit Card but far behind to educate peoples on the usage of it, many still believes to be it as a ATM Card and many still didn't opted it because they don't know how to operate it. We still yet to have "On the Go Era" in the Country. Its not wrong to say that all the E Payment websites started in the Country with a huge cashback offers but when they become famous they brought a huge cut off now it looks like that Companies are happily able to bring investment home from past figure and stats.

To be honest today Country need Political Will, Political Support to secure Peoples life in a better way by creating better opportunities and make sure that everyone got a better lifestyle by that only industries after industries will able to flourish and we have the economical transform. This will be the only way Country will be strong on every pitch and will ables to appeal more infront of the World, its very easy to shout in every corner for everything but will it be helpful for the people who impacted from the blow ? Becoming voice of a voiceless is welcome infact we needed many in every front but becoming voice to cut another voice is quite harmful and painful because it only raise the voices which will override the actual cause. Implementations should made in a better manner but just to fear of this we can't keeps on pushing till it become more worse. Its being said that better face the heat when flames are light rather then when its in full force. If you has strength and power you can create history or you just keeps on waiting. Today we're living in the era of "Now or Never" there is no second and third choice hence its better to do and get criticised rather then get criticised by doing nothing because if intentions are clear then will be applauded but if intentions are wrong then have to pay the price of consequences.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

#SurvivorSeries: Fantasy Warfare got real with #BrockLesnarvsGoldberg

Survivor Series 30 at some mean is special again because of its mega main event ''A Fantasy Warfare" Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. Last year when I wrote The Undertaker : 25 Years of Dominance in WWE remembering The Undertaker and his 25 years career which was completed with his breathe taking performance against Wyatt Families never thought that very next year we will get to see the returning of Gooooooldberg against Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. Surprisingly Goldberg fought his last match in WWE at Wrestlemania 20 against Brock Lesnar itself picking the fight against the beast once again. Both had fought the last match of WWE at that point of time afterward Brock conquered UFC and become more dangerous then ever before, Goldberg got busy in TV and Movies left Professional Wrestling actively. Survivor Series, Wrestlemania might be becoming the platform of Legends Return but you can't deny the one fact that whosoever returning are still got it. Goldberg is one of the icon of Wrestling Industry and was face of WCW but if he could start his career in WWE then his stats would have something different. 

Pic taken from Website, Promo Pic of Survivor Series 30

WWE no doubt try to selling its 2K17 the Video Game and Survivor Series PPV by headlining Goldberg against Brock but they knows very well that one point of time they tries to mock Goldberg infact they still by a year when "Gillberg" returned to accept the John Cena Challenge for US Title. At the same time WWE knows that Brock might quit the company for UFC or MMA hence trying to use maximum of Brock to sell PPV and WWE Network. Although everyone in WWE agrees that ending the Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak that too from Brock is a big mistake who can use that image everywhere he can but regarding the Goldberg he was always behind the curtain from limelight picking the fight after 12 years. Its not that Goldberg returning for money that even Stone Cold Steve Austin too agreed in one of his interview because if at all money was the desire for Goldberg he would taken the route of TNA which was once crowded from the WWE Legends and made a lot of money. 

Goldberg's intention during the interview with Jonathan Coachman in ESPN Sportscenter was clear that he might have one more last match remaining with him but he wants to end that with Brock only. Goldberg is also cleared his intention that he wants to be the hero of all the kids which he misses to be one of them all these years, might be even Goldberg realized that the game which features Goldberg should come in real so that people whosoever selects the character can realize the guy that what Goldberg have being in reality and that too against Brock which is a unmatched giant of WWE. Any way I don't know how the match will start or how it will end. Goldberg is 1-0 up in the fight and WWE put Goldberg ahead then Brock's brand which appears in big PPVs will be in danger because a guy like Goldberg who just returned after 12 years beat the Beast. If Brock beats Goldberg then it will be like 1-1 result between John Cena and The Rock which might excites you as John Cena fan or The Rock fan but will never as Pro Wrestling Fan. Goldberg might not picking any other Legend of WWE because of one small reason and that he was never being a guy who saved WCW nor able to fought for WCW.

Anyhow whatever will be the outcome of the Survior Series its clear that 2 icons which you likes to fight are getting real, people who don't know about Goldberg will now ables to see in action Live, people who used to chant Goooooldberg during Ryback matches will now ables to chant Gooooooldberg for real Goldberg. Though I believes that only few will ables to connect with the terminology of "Fantasy Warfare" which equalize for many who thinks that they fights for the promotion of Video game only, otherwise the main event is potentially is a "Unfinished" business between two, the deserving limelight which both never got in Wrestlemania 20 just because both were leaving the WWE and WWE thought the match would be just to fill the slot of mega PPV. Any how in the last RAW when Goldberg and Brock appeared for the Face to Face it didn't ended the way it was expected despite of personal and filthy comments. Anyway WWE might have lock the end of the match after thinking best of interest as per both of the superstars and every Pro Wrestler fan will be waiting for Fantasy Warfare to get real.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Does "Media Blackout" is a kind of Sympathy Gainer ?

NDTV INDIA the well known Hindi News channel from NDTV Group which was first banned by Ministry of Information Broadcasting due to claim to break the guidelines made by Govt. of India on broadcasting norms decision by Ministry is now on hold it means NDTV INDIA will not be off air at 9th of November from 1 PM till next 24 hours. Victory for Journalism might be, people who questioned freedom of speech !! But honestly who wins here ? Surely the media group who might be wrong on reporting may be they crossed the line by not caring something which they should, but question arise that why such guidelines made for ? Surely not to curb down group of few peoples who might not be feeling positive towards the leadership for many reasons but the same guideline can be used to other media houses as well who might by knowing - unknowingly crossing the line which they shouldn't be. After this decision many journalist of different media questioned the outcome of it, some even compare this moment of time with emergency but emergency never supported "Ayes" either. If some destructive elements comes then it takes down everything, everyone have to pay for it whether you support for it or oppose it. during constructive build as well few good needs to pay for it.

Its not that Media Blackout will not teach a lesson but Media Blackout may not impact the main curse behind it, you will find many TRP struggler tries to fight for viewership by sensationalizing the story. Content Producer of News Time Assam called One-day ban is free publicity for the channel which is also got a suspension for 1 day for offensive story. They decides to remain shut rather then fighting against the ban till it be considered "Unethical". Many channel deal with the suspension even before as well but impact is made in Indian News channels for the first time, many Non News channels which are either shut down or is in verge to shutdown because of less eyeballs as their contents are highly censored as per our Indian Society and Culture. News Channels may forgets the certain boundaries to cover  the story till any extent but there should be someone who needs to follow for the action. We does got the regulators and we does got audiences as well which actually shares the feedback as well to improve the programming level and to bring a talk in the domain that whether any show is too dangerous for our National Security or not. 

India is one such Country where despite of people having Freedom to express still peoples are not that happy with that, its always like that they have some boundaries on certain things which actually is not but even if it is then its for Nations benefits rather then for any personal grudges and if we're for our Nation then whats the problem to following that certain Norms which you actually have to follow living anywhere being anyone, there is nothing wrong to follows it and there is no individual rules and regulations made for VIPs or VVIPs or for Commoners, rules are rules and it is made for everyone. Then why so much tense faces and why so much of arguments on this ? Infact we happily follows and ready to corporate in the World where we're living for our passion suddenly not for our livelihood hence there should not be any issue on what it meant for, criticism is always good and its a good thing about the Democracy but if constitutional rights getting better of the propaganda then it should be figure out all the time whenever it requires to.

I though believe that banning a News Channel is not a solution, to make them responsible let some financial penalties come into play. Banning will never justifies the cause it will all the time raising the question that its happening because News Channel is Anti rather then Pro or not like many in the same league. For some reason even if they crosses the line of any advisory then also there will be a benefit of a doubt all the time because at the end of the day they broadcasting what is best for their viewers and chasing the actual instance. There is no way to restrict the News Media houses because that is totally upto them what to report and how to report. Issues are not only with Indian Media only even in International Medias as well has some influence according to their ideology and with this they keeps on running their propaganda hence its a no reason to blame our Country's Media only. Hence either its Indian Media or International Media if they breaking any guidelines made for a benefit of a Country then rather banning it they should be penalizing with huge amount, that penalty amount should go to some charitable welfare trust so that there should be a accountability all the time, since in some news on which a benefit of doubt go towards Media, punishment should go as financial loss then blackout, any how in that case as well News Media will go to Court but you always got a point to challenge and proof that media is wrong.

But its not like that any report which hurts the country's integrity or breaking laws should also being priced. In that cases if Media Houses crosses all the borders of patience then in that case with the best of interest in the Country, Media should be punished with not only a blackout but also equally with a written justification of their reporting. The purpose anyhow needs to educate the certain boundaries which shouldn't be cross though and nothing else it shouldn't be curbing down by keeping the independence alive, power of words is good and should use in constructive ways rather then in destructive form, not everyone is perfect and surely this means that we need someone always to guide the entire cause. But as I mentioned there will be two - three scenarios we always encounter to judge the situation and we should always oppose negativism and shouldn't support for the same as per liking or not. There will be a certain cases when few stories will be a moment of proud but it can't equalize all. Its being always a welcome move to justifies the action but if found guilty then acceptance is a better way to gain respect rather then keeps on questioning and blaming.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

What a Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 to bowled out Black Money !!

November 8th 2016 never being thought of a day of Economical Transform, the day we always being known for the foundation day of probably the future of cashless Country. Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 which are still lying with us are in no use now, strange you go to the market and try to buy anything that amount won't be accepted instead you can use cashless. One of the strong step which is ever needs to be taken by the Govt. to curb down the Illegal Currency, Black Money and Corruption of the Country. Such bold steps needs a courage was a need of the hour as well, just imagine peoples who're holding bunch of bundles of currencies now forced to exchange the money from the bank and post office to live the day to day life. Its not that this is the end of the story but in 50 days you can't change all of them. As already Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley told to DD that this is not a immunity program for any corrupt because either bring the money back and face the consequences or burn it, that will also burn the glorious tomorrow as well whosoever believes to have one. This moment is more pleasant because there is no place of deadline, action was instant, fear for bad welcomes by good.

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But its not that there is no complexities in this decision there are huge of them. Commoners have to struggle to get new Rupees first. There are emergencies, plannings all has shaken up in one moment. People who're waiting for their goods to arrive via Courrier how they will pay ? Same with Domestic Retail Market as well. Consumer need Money to buy essential goods at the same time Seller needs Money as well to get a goods for selling. Important thing is that at this stage its not a time to hit a panic button but to stand together and help each other, indeed private market can't be trusted to consume old notes hence to protect people from long queues more Govt. Agencies needs to be assign for this task. Also to make sure that more small notes like Rs. 500 distributed in numbers rather then Rs. 2000. Now commoners will surely face a issue with Rs. 2000 to consume in small market, if indeed market go cashless then its a great moment otherwise with the popularity of bigger notes will increase the inflation as well. Consuming Rs. 2000 and getting change from will be difficult and small business groups always believes to keep the change.

Pic Source PMO (Prime Minister Office) to educate people

Industries which are named to be get impacted are Real Estate, Health and Education. Till now excessive of cash was full filling the industries need and unless demands are getting full filled prices have to be raise all the time. Changing the entire currency policy will obviously bring out the currency from everywhere and mostly trusts which runs Hospitals, Schools will bring out the old currency outside and then whatever they got they will use to spend from that only. It means any Cash Rich industry will not able to use the old currency and they have to go through the Banking procedure and have to register their entire bundles of money which is a one such way to tackle the out of control economy where someone got more and someone got very little. This vary step is a strike against Criminal and Terrorist Activities as well as most of the time we say that a Nation has to fight with the internal enemies first to destroy the outsider ones. Unless a country can't fix their internal issues they can't fix the outsiders as well. This step will indeed a hitch of many Anti Indian Activities which got hurt without even using any Gun and Bullets.

Pic Source RBI (Reserve Bank of India) to educate people

Its not that the entire process is quite easy but one thing for sure many have to be on long queues to collect new currencies. Lots of efforts, time, energy will be on the line lots of strategies needs to be made which can easily bypass the old currencies with new ones. As any commoner got only 50 days to have new currencies on hand. As I mentioned if ATMs start distributing Rs. 2000 straight a way then it will be quite difficult for the peoples to consume it, hence Govt. needs to work on small currencies very efficiently, there have to be a effort on all this as big amount comes in working then inflation have to get increase, if there is a need of increase in expenditure then distribution too needs to be take care of it, from hike in Salaries to Big Incentives which are still out of every youths equations. Infact today even Jobs are big priorities more then what peoples are actually expecting for. Its not easy for any youth to even search a good job without having any significant backup then how can we expect hike in expenditure despite of no savings in current scenario itself. Yes no doubt any good policy need time to get implemented as the policy have to fight from the system first to go live but if policy are reaching to end person then its a victory for those who were involved behind it. 

Pic Source RBI (Reserve Bank of India) to educate people

Step is taken but the only thing is left is a success for the entire concept and only people behind the concept can make it possible as there will be a case of panic, malaise between peoples who has lots of bills to pay, lots of dues to clear at the month start such decision is really difficult, agencies should make sure not that there should not be any cash shortage and the flow remains continuous as time limits are short and a huge demand to fulfil, they also needs to be ready to fight against any spoilers which can create a crisis, at this moment its a time to bring back a confidence among peoples as we might be positive today but with failure in planning stage we might forced to criticise the entire cause as well. As I mentioned that peoples have to give their time, their energy on this particular moment, similarly peoples from Banking sector have to be give their double to match up the expectations. There will be joy, happiness whosoever gets a new currency in very first day, there might be a faces of dishearten and disbelieve as well from the entire concept. Overall moment need everyone's contribution and support and surely since India start walking towards the path of corruption free Country victory will be achieve one day for the better tomorrow.